Was Tenn at the ranch? (Flashback Prediction)

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Now I know I am probably missing some huge valuable information that will debunk my theory. If so just ignore this but doesn't anyone else find it a odd correlation or coincidence that Clem left the ranch (Due to that crazy fire she keeps having nightmares about) and eventually found Ericsons. I mean the fire wasn't evident looking back but the orange glow and AJ crying. It looks like a fire. With the ashes falling. The horse on the ground. I guess I could be way overthinking all of it.

But they stumbled onto Tenn years ago. Probably around the same time Clem left the ranch considering AJ's age in the flashbacks.

Then of course comes in Tenn's giant burn scar on his face.

Was Tenn in that fire Clem has nightmares about? Are they unknowingly correlated plot wise?

I mean Tenn could very much so not remember her out of young age or maybe they never met and the farm was really big. I'm not sure.

But the fire is going to play a huge role and so is Tenn's scar. I just don't know what role at this point.


  • Probably not, AJ and Clem probably would have recognized Tenn or the names of his sisters.

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    I think that would be a cool twist but like @Killershot107 said Clem and AJ Would have probably recognized Tenn and the names of Sophie and Minerva.

  • Wasn't there a fire at the school too? Part of the building burned down?
    Or am I mistaken?

  • I'm pretty sure he got the scar from the fire at the school. Notice how there's a burned down part of the main building?

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