Out of TFS characters. Who do you think Kenny and Lee would have liked most?

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Now as a Kenny fanboy I will be the first to admit that his outspoken and forward thinking leadership mentality can be abrasive to others at times and especially by S2 he wasn't getting along with many people. He is set and his goals and he's been through so much he doesn't have to ass kiss like most other characters. Which leads to beatens and conflicts. But the man stands by his word and protects those who need it and that's why he's boat god.

But with that said who do you really think Kenny would have opened up to and liked. Do you think he would have boarded any ship thus far?

Also i'm going to give the answers on who I think Lee would have gravitated towards too. Had Kenny and Lee still been the adult leader in the Erikson's group.

I wanted to lean towards Kenny liking Louis. At first I think he would have. The charming jokes. The bright mood. Might have sparked something Kenny was missing. He's just a nice kid. But once Louis threw Clem into the cold i'm sure Kenny would hold tons of resentment. I'm sure Kenny would get annoyed by his flirting with Clem as I think he assumed a dad type role for Clem later on.

I'm sure he would have agreed with AJ tupac'ing Marlon. Probably would have done it himself lol. Marlon would have gotten punked by Kenny. He wouldn't have even been leader 3 minutes having talked with Kenny lol. Kenny wouldn't put up with a Mullet having kid telling him what to do and would have questioned the "safe zone" from the start.

Mitch seems like someone Kenny would have beat up early on.

So that narrows down to Violet, Assim, Ruby, Willy and Tenn.

Kenny loves kids and protects them. He would most likely admire Tenn like most of us do. How could you hate Tenn? and he'd probably consider AJ his grandson. And teach him the ways of the boat.

But out of adult characters, I really see Kenny liking Ruby and Violet of all of them. I think they have the perfect balance of understanding others but also not taking any shit or being soft. I think that's the balance Kenny looks for. It's the traits Lee had.

As for the ships. I think Kenny would support Violetine. I just don't see him being able to stomach a boy taking Clem's heart or would have that level of trust so early on.

I think Lee would support both Violetine and Louine so far and maybe even Jamestine. I think so long as you treated Clem with kindness and love and would protect her. Lee would like you. Especially the whole apple thing by James. Lee will remember that.

Now to move on to Lee.

I think Lee would be cool with most of the kids. It was his profession to deal with kids in real life. I think he'd have had his run ins with Louis and Mitch as well. Especially when they were disrespecting AJ and Clem. I think he'd be more prone to forgive Louis though. I think he'd love Tenn because Tenn will remind him of his school kids and will teach him about the firefighters and stuff. The school setting and dealing with kids is Lee's atmosphere. He'd be very much so at home here.

Who do you think Kenny would get along with out of the current group and what conflicts do you think would arrise?


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    When you mentioned Kenny liking Louis' jokes, I immediately thought of Kenny's horrible one in s2: "Peaches and beans. Good for nutrition. Not too good on the way out tho I tell ya". Both him and Louis are horrible at jokes so they'd get along with that hahah. But yeah I have to agree with you that he'd get mad at Louis wanting to toss out Clem and AJ. He forgives very hard and is very determined with his opinions. And if he supported a ship, it would therefore be Violetine and also he'd be scared of Clem going Jane on Louis.

    But Lee would support Clem in whoever she prefered more(without worrying about pregnancy bs because he trusts her)
    He would also probably in general prefer Violet and other reliable serious kids because they are best at ensuring survival. So Louis is off the list, and Willy too because he'd remind him of annoying Duck.

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  • Call it a hunch but I think Louis would be scared to even talk to clem with lee or kenny around.

  • I got nothin.

  • Oh you are not saying what I think you're saying.


  • This is a really good question.

    Kenny: Of all of them, I'd have to say either Tenn or Willy. Tenn because, well like you said, no one can hate Tenn, and Willy possibly because he might see a little bit of Duck in him. As much as I want to say he would get along nicely with Louis, he would just be too angry at him in regards to his treatment towards Clem at the beginning of Episode 2. I think he would end up eventually forgiving him much like Clem can, but it would take a lot longer to win back his trust compared to Clem. I think he would be put off initially by Violet's more cold attitude, thus causing them to start off on bad terms and not improve beyond that point, and that's why I wouldn't say her.

    Lee: Probably Aasim. Lee being a history teacher, I think he would admire Aasim's desire to keep a record of things and write everything down in a sort of history book (aka diary). The two would probably be able to bond over that and discuss all things history related.

    As for the ships, I don't think any of them would really care all that much, so long as Clem was happy. It might take a little more convincing for Kenny if she were to be with Louis, but not all that much, and her being in a relationship with Louis might be what allows him to ultimately forgive Louis for his actions.

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    You know the thing is, is that everyone has a "different" Lee. Maybe your Lee will react different then mine

  • I think Kenny would like Violet a lot. She is fierce, loyal, capable, basically all of the things that Kenny admires in another person. Although initially he would be wary of her being another Lilly/Jane, when he got to know her he would likely trust her quite a bit. Kenny would likely think Louis was a huge shitbird, he wouldn't like his undependable nature and the fact that he flirts with Clem so much.

    Lee would really like Tenn, since Tenn is a lot like innocent and pure s1 Clementine. He's just a good natured kid with a good head on his shoulders and Lee would naturally feel inclined to help him and protect him.

    Ultimately Lee and Kenny were good guys and would liked all of the kids (minus Marlon) but these choices are who I think they'd like the most.

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    Oh you are not saying what I think you're saying.

  • Despite the difference in the versions of Lee, Lee did have a set personality and characteristics we can base assumptions from.

    You know the thing is, is that everyone has a "different" Lee. Maybe your Lee will react different then mine

  • I agree with you on all that. Plus, one thing I always imagine that would happen if Kenny was around would be saying to Marlon, "Listen here, Billy Ray Cyrus Jr.!" Haha.

    I think Kenny would like Violet a lot. She is fierce, loyal, capable, basically all of the things that Kenny admires in another person. Al

  • Hmmm well Kenny would hate Violet because...no reason... uh....
    Lee would like Violet and Louis but probably Louis more tbh

  • They'd LOVE Lilly

  • They sure do

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    They'd LOVE Lilly

  • AJ would be Kenny's right-hand man

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    One thing is for sure: both Kenny and Lee would've killed Marlon, much like AJ did, in a heartbeat just as soon as they'd heard he tried to kill her. Imagine how ridiculous it would've sounded if people started throwing the "but it was wrong to kill him!" in that scenario.

    Both Lee and Kenny would like Violet over Louis, though, as adults, their dynamics with all the kids would've been widely different from Clem's dynamic with them. As adults they'd take on the role of protecting the kids and most likely taken charge of the group altogether.

  • ...love to smash her head in ?

    They sure do

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