Which group would last the longest? (Part 2 "Celebrity Guest")

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Another round of which group do you think would survive the longest in the zombie apocolypse before they are killed or collapse internally. :) If 3 members die, the group is considered finished. Which group do you think would last the longest with at least 3 or more members still alive and coexisting? Which is the strongest and most poised group in the circumstances presented?

Group 1 - Make Lee Great again

Group # 2 Lil Boat God Swag Squad

Group #3 Lilly vs Jason

1st group we have a lot of leaders. With extremely conflicting personal values. Individually they all seem at face value to be leadership orientated and alpha but of course comes the elephant in the room that we have two minorities trying to survive with Donald Trump. And Carver sprinkled in the middle of it. Carver is tough and organized, Lee is a leader at heart, as is Javi. Trump is pretty old and would be shitty in combat but he might have ideas. And Louis is young and exuberant. But the odds of Carver just stomping Louis into the mud until he dies and then shooting Trump through the head is high. I think Lee is a fantastic anchor for unorganized disruptive conflicts but I think even he might be outmatched for this one. This is a tornado of conflicting people but all have potential to lead a group.

2nd group we have the swagelicious hip hop duo of Kenny and Lil Wayne and the funky bunch. The lil yolo Boat God Squad. While Lil Wayne is eccentric and most likely in good shape and capable of survival with both guns and blunt objects he just looks like someone who would be extremely conflicting with Kenny lol. Just seeing Kenny and Lil Wayne argue would be gold. Then you got Arvo. I think Kenny would lose his fucking mind between the two. And he'd most likely loathe gabe as well. 2 beta kids that Kenny would hate, a eccentric rapper to get on his Nerves and Clem. But Clem might be enough to keep him anchored.

3rd group seems like the obvious pick until you realize Lilly will end up getting her fucking head cut off in line two seconds for calling Jason a name or trying to tell him what to do. Jason would machette her in half like a piece of pork roast in front of everyone and then sit back down at the fire. But of course having Jason as an ally if you can win him over is extremely useful in this world. He's pretty close to immortal and extremely deadly. Some people have earned his effection.

Which group do you have your money on in surviving the longest?


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    Ah, one of these ooold games! I saw quite a few of these we're around back in the day.

    Of the three groups, I'm gonna have to say Group 3, for what that entails. But first, let's all of the groups.

    Group 1 here has two levelheads, a jovial young dude, a psychotic despot, and our current president-mogul on it. They would be the second most likely.
    The second to last of those is the obvious danger to the group and can ideally be dealt with if enough of the others coordinate as necessary.
    With him not being a[n active] threat, Mr. Trump seems like he'd be a slightly more formal, yet less conventionally aggressive Kenny. Which surprisingly doesn't mean much beyond having a source of strong opinions from time to time, which Lee and Javier are wise & accommodating enough to be able to handle more often than not.
    Also, Louis and for the most part Lee aren't exactly leaders themselves.

    Group 2 is interesting in that most of it's members can be a problem just as easily as they help drive things forwards. Thus, they end up being the least likely to last.
    In theory, Kenny & Gabe's similar energies and values could provide solid & united sense of direction; unfortunately, the typical result would be that the moment they disagree, everything would grind to a fuckin halt until/unless Gabe begrudgingly relents. Weezy would just be an extra ball n chain in that regard. And that's not without really considering how reckless they can be, especially the former.
    Arvo's overall reception is very context based, but just placing him in this situation with a minimal amount of the baggage, I'd say he'd be a neutral hand. Kenny might still not like him on principal, but I imagine his meek demeanor would make it easy for him to keep his head down from the very likely in-fighting--you know, unless one of them call on him to back them up, in which case shit. Plus, there's also the possibility of Gabe being willing to listen to and/or even befriend him, again, dependent on how much baggage we wanna apply.
    Oh and I guess Clementeen could hypothetically be able to break at least the first two up since they both trust her, but I don't think she'd be very effective otherwise.

    And finally, we get to Group 3: a primarily female one that arguably manages to avert both being a troupe of Amazons and one overemphasizing girl power--that's without even considering the last two members, btw.
    I think what really sells it is the fact that the afformentioned trio is objectively a stable one where the quote on quote asshole of the group is also fairly rational, organized, and beyond the very surface level brusqueness, compassionate. This is really not that different from what Violet's supposed to be. Also, this is specifically not Lilith, so that probably helps too.
    And while Brody is more openly pleasant and sentimental, she's also got a pretty stable head on her shoulders as well to act as second in command.
    Chuck almost feels out of place, not only in being a dirty old hobo, but in that his life advice isn't really necessary outside of when get particularly heated or stressful.
    So I guess the millstone by default would have to be Jason, though overall extent of his inclusion is something I can't reliably discern due to being unfamiliar with his motivations and methods beyond stabbing people.

  • Definitely group 3 because the girls and Chuck will count on Jason for everything they want him to do considering that he is immortal.

  • How dare you separate my favorite characters and make it hard for me to choose. Number 3 obviously has the highest chance of survival cause Jason alone.

    But my loyalty lies with Weezy. If they dying, they gon be lit doing so. "Mona Lisa I don painted the picture, Mo-Mona Lisa out the frame on these urbans!"

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