James Wind Chime Scene discussion (Major EP 3 Spoilers)

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Hello everyone :)

This moment and more noticably James's sacrafice for the group was very underrated imo. It was very philosophical and bordering on beautiful. James character development was incredible this episode. The scenes leading up to it, and seeing the Walkers eyes glimmer as they get happy staring at the windchimes with the sun shining through and the beautiful symphony of the dead chiming in their brains. Seeing the darkness but also the beauty and simplicity that lies within. The sun peaking through the clouds of the thunderstorm has passed and your life turned to ash but you're in the rebuilding proccess and refuse to die. Being one with them and understanding the normality of the people they were. The love they shared. The souls they possess and the people they went to bat for, died for and pushed their limits for. And now a disease pollutes their mind as the mind of any mere mortal already but the many layers that make a walker an entity and a spirtual personification of pain. The little grain left of the life their was before, the lightning in a bottle that started it all, tragic, a portrait of an artist trapped in his own drawings. Looking for a way to find happiness again. They are still in there begging to be heard. But remain voiceless.

His words hit home and I actually felt myself feeling for the grey fuckers lol. But it was more so the moment after when he agreed to literally sacrafice the things he loves (the walkers) for Clem and her friends. It showed how amazing he is as a person. What a deep moment. It's essentially him sacraficing his family for yours. He loves them and feels they are his friends. He spent his whole life protecting them. And he sent them to die for your cause. It's truly awesome. It's on a level I don't think i've seen in the franchise. Very selfless and caring to kill his own favorite beings for your friends.

Anyone else hit by this scene or feel James was amazing for all he did? He is a true hero even if he has some insane ideas about being reserved and not killing monsters. He's definitely a unique personality to observe. :)


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    I loved this scene. While it didn't really hit me on an emotional level I could see where James was coming from. The walkers were very weirdly peaceful and the music was really good.

    James may be a very strange person, but he's willing to sacrifice his beliefs when it came to helping his friends, so it kinda annoys me when people just brush him off as insane.

  • Play that scene without music and tell me you're you're convinced.

  • The music was beautiful and orchestral, I assume it does make the scene what it was. It's still beautiful though :)

    Play that scene without music and tell me you're you're convinced.

  • Agreed. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the game.

  • I did love the scene weirdly enough. If nothing else, it was just different and different doesn’t always make sense and that’s fine. He has a different perspective. A perspective that I do not agree with, but a different perspective nonetheless.

    I do however like that Clem is being offered a new perspective and that has seemed to be a recurring theme in TFS, is Clem being presented a new outlook on things. Heaven (not necessarily a new perspective, but a happier one), an era without walkers, and a subtle hint of life within walkers, all of which she is given a chance to accept or reject.

    The thing about all of those different takes on life and death are takes that Clem, in her entire lifetime, will never be able to prove. The only one that can be proven with time is an era without walkers but Clem unfortunately might not live to see that day, even if she ends up living a long life.

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