Of the 3 episodes right now, do you think TFS would've benefitted from a fifth episode?

We've seen both praise and criticism of TFS, particularly Broken Toys. If you know me, seen my name on the forum, you know my stance on TFS. I absolutely adore it and rank Broken Toys as one of TWD's best episodes. Saying that, I also believe this season's conflict after Done Running has been very "ANFish", which is the only thing stopping me from ranking TFS ahead of S1, a season that absolutely excelled at creating conflict.

Do you think TFS would've benefitted if it were a 5 episode season?


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    Uh, yeah, somewhat.
    Contrary to what a few people were sorta bragging about initially, there is the certain smelling of TFS getting rewrites and/or changes in priority like the other seasons/installments underneath:

    • Character's like Tenn and arguably Aasim & maybe Sullene seem like there was gonna be more to them, but subsequent episodes seem to downplay them outside of seemingly obligatory little acknowledgements here and there.
    • The Delta, while already being pretty basic villains making a borderline excuse plot before, seem to be havubg their motivations kept to informed level of development despite said informants being rather integral supports for the plot.
    • And given how Broken Toys can end with a number of it's bigger characters and/or plot points being compromised to outright removed, it kinda feels like another Joan & Max situation of them running out of room and/or material to get more out of those things.

    So having a fifth episode just might've truly helped things in theory. BUT given the repeated mentions of limited budget getting in the way of having certain things wholesale if at all, it just might've made things even more bare, just more evenly so.

  • Its going to be hard to judge that until episode 4 releases.

  • No. This has been a very small scale story from the start and small scale stories don't need five episodes. They are basically going to spend the entire season all in one location (something else you can only say about ANF (and even with that they still had to get in cars to get from point to point)).

    If all the season is going to consist of is a bunch of teenagers sitting around a campfire talking and then go to a nearby base to hopefully save their friends than four episodes is all that you need.

  • I think the final season is the best season since season 2

  • It depends. While I think that this season does have some pacing issues, I don't think an extra episode would've been super beneficial. It still has some of the better pacings of the series with ANF being the worst.

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