Who's your favourite character? (Possible Spoilers)

Now that the Final Season has been finished, who are your top 10 favourite characters and why? (Excluding Clem and Lee because they're too obvious.)


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    1. Kenny- Loyal to his friends(Lee) and protective of his family(Clem and AJ)
    2. Violet- Smart, hardened survivor. Gets shit done. Doesn't take shit and kicks ass when she needs to.
    3. Louis- Funny. Great personality. Always sees things on the lighter side.
    4. Luke- Very friendly and charismatic. Only wants what's best for his friends and puts his ass on the line to protect them.
    5. Nate- Doesn't give a shit about anything, but can get serious and dangerous when he needs to.
    6. Carver- A good leader who lost his way. Knows what's best for his people and takes his position extremely seriously.
    7. Javier- Has a good heart but not afraid to bust some heads when he has to. Loyal and protective of his family and drops pretty good one-liners.
    8. Tripp- Funny personality and gets his hands dirty with no complaints.
    9. Abel- Mostly because of his voice. He's one of those villains you want to kill but kinda miss when they're gone.
    10. AJ- Because he can be a big help when you let him. He does the right thing even if it's the hardest decision, but takes on that burden for the good of others.
    1. AJ (Great character development all the way through. Biggest complaint is that since he's about 6, it becomes hard to imagine such great lines of dialogue and insight coming from this literal child)
    2. Louis (Great enthusiastic character who lived his best life and ended up being arguably the most developed character of TFS. Went from "I just prefer to think of survival as more of a day to day task." to "Having a home means defending it." And it never felt off putting at all.)
    3. Violet (I loved her debut, albeit a bit cold at first, but she gradually allowed herself to have one of the biggest hearts of the season and shared that heart with Clem. Love her for that. Though her develop is off putting at times)
      Top 3 are very close. I almost put them at 1a, 1b and 1c
    4. Marlon (Great tragic character. Done Running did so much justice for him. He's only 4th cause he was only in Done Running.)
    5. Javier (Great charismatic MC in the likes of which we hadn't received before. But he got a raw deal because everyone wanted to play as Clem (which I firmly believe should've never happened until S4))
    6. David (David's an asshole. A complicated asshole and reminds me a lot of my own father, whom I love but is also a complicated asshole. (Gemini's man...) Still. When most hated him, I thought he was pretty cool. But ANF had a tendency to double down on what made certain characters frustrating to be around without giving them the likability needed to root for them and their safety, which is what TFS excelled at.)
    7. Minerva (People hate her. If not for the development of her character then because she's a psychotic bitch. But I view her as more tragic than Marlon. Due to Marlon's choice, she was dealt the hand she was given and it changed her for the worst. Would of liked it to see walker Minnie and Tenn together at the end, but that'd be so forced and clichéd really, so maybe it's for the best that didn't happen. One more thing for people to complain about, lol.)
    8. Omid (A funny light hearted character and at the same time very responsible. I hated his death, but I hated Christa's disappearance more because it wasn't necessary.)
    9. Tenn (His afterlife philosophies aren't new to Clem but an age without walkers was. I loved Tenn for that reason. He presented hope as well as a new outlook on life for Clementine, who's been somewhat desensitized to hope over the years.
    10. James (Was higher, but the cave scene was too frustrating to give him a pass. But I have him here for the same reason as Tenn. He presented a new outlook on life and death that Clementine wasn't accustomed to. He took his ideology too far though and stopped making sense. It's crazy and dangerous, but nonetheless, I loved that Clem was able to learn something new.)
    1. Sarah - Please don't kill me for saying that. I liked her character because there is something in common between me and her, her personality is what I can pretty much relate to. I never understood why people gave her so much shit, like what the hell? She never hurt anybody.
    2. Kenny - He always cared for Clementine and all he wanted was her to be safe. Why the hell would I kill him for a selfish bitch like Jane?
    3. Louis - Charming, funny and cute. He was always more fitting to be Clementine's love interest than Violet.
    4. Chuck - This character is so underrated, he is like the main reason Clementine is still alive in the first place. His death was soo garbage and retarded. That's my biggest problem with Season 1.
    5. Javier - As much as I hated A New Frontier, at least I played as someone who was interesting, funny and relatable. He is the ONLY good character in that game.
    6. Nick - He was treated like shit just after being saved in Episode 2. He made bad decisions but that doesn't mean he was evil. He lost a lot and deserved better.
    7. Omid - His personality was golden and probably the best for the second half of Season 1. His death was plain stupid.
    8. Pete - Why did he have to die right from the beginning? He was the one who didn't have trust issues with Clem.
    9. Violet - I don't ship her with Clementine but I'd rather have her alive instead of Tenn because she apologized Clementine and became friends again.
    10. Mariana Garcia - She has only been in one episode and I had more attachment to her more than the rest of Javi's family. Her death was nothing but a retarded move from Telltale.
  • Not gonna lie, some of these were hard to pick, nevermind in a particular order. Okay, let's see if we can shake this up in a decent manner:

    Alvin Rebecca Carver Jr.
    1st Lieutenant Ava
    Gabriel "Gabe" Garcia
    Katie Dominguez-Garcia
    Conrad the Bartender
    Lieutenant Max
    Larry the Veteran

    Honorable Mentions:
    Crazy Jolene In the Woods
    Junior Scavenger Michelle
    Head of Diplomacy Joan
    Mr. Campman The Stranger
    Ben Paul
    Lilly the Receptionist
    Mike the Scavenger
    Head of Medicine Dr. Paul Lingard
    Brenda St. John
    Randall Monroe
    Alvin Sr.
    Danny the Prisoner
    Alex Fairbanks

  • It’s 9am so I’m just going to list my top 10 and not the why.

    1. Kenny
    2. Javier
    3. Kate
    4. Carley
    5. Rosie
    6. James (Season 4)
    7. Marlon
    8. Ruby
    9. Molly
    10. Ben
  • 5:Molly

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    Luke : There's just something i always loved about him and that made him so memorable to me, he's just so..iconic ? his voice actor suits him perfectly his character design is cool.
    And he's just nice in general,it's refreshing,i guess what i'm trying to say here is that it's easy to relate to him,so yeah he's the first on my list.

    Kenny and Jane i put them in the same place they both care about Clementine for different reasons,one could say that they're both obsessed with her because they need a replacement for the ones they loved (Duck and Jaime). And yeah they're both fucked in the head.
    But hey they're great and really memorable,i don't think i'll ever forget that fight at the end of S2.

    Marlon : He made a very strong impression on me that none of the other characters did after he was gone,complex and tragic i put him in third place.

    So these are my three favourites that made a very strong impression on me,the others are just characters i liked more or less,i don't want to waste my time talking about them.

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