The Final Season Vs. The Enemy Within

The last two Telltale games, both were considered a return to form for Telltale for a lot people of played it.
But which was a better game overall? Which told a better story, which had better characters, which had better choices?


  • IMO it's really not even close, TEW blows TFS out of the water. TFS was a (mostly) satisfying conclusion, but I really thought TEW was something special. Choices were handled better than in any Telltale game ever, the relationship between John and Bruce was expertly handled, and it had one of the best Telltale finales of all time.
    I know not everyone was in love with this game, but it'll always be in my holy trinity of Telltale games, right along with Tales TWD s1

  • I don't even think it's a fair comparison. Sure, The Enemy Within had a few under developed characters itself, but even they had significant moments during it's season run.

    There were so many relationships with the main character that all had a big impact on how players viewed the game even for more minor characters. The one that stands out above the others is of course Bruce and John, but Bruce had a large impact on Selena, Alfred, Tiffany, Gordon, and his actions affected Harley regarding John. The player is given more agency, and it was done so well that the biggest complaint is that it didn't expand as much as players really wanted. Considering it had aspects of what they wanted to do with Season One of Batman, I really wish they would've gone ahead with their original plan there.

    The Final Season isn't an awful game, but it's flaws are very fresh. It had such incredible potential that is a great disappointment for some that it never quite reached it.

  • If episodes 3 and 4 were as good as eps 1 and 2 of TFS Final Season would have been one of my fav Telltale games made, but it kinda fell apart.

    I liked Enemy Within enough, it def took much better steps in the right direction for Telltale in the future, but I found the story to start slacking as it seemed we were just doing the undercover stuff at all times and kinda ruining the Batman/Bruce dynamic. Plus theres a giant plot hole that the Pact had everything they needed to do their attack but didnt for some reason which still bothers me lmao.

    Im not sure which one I enjoyed more, both were kinda mediocre. If we're going off impacts TEW wins just because of the dual episode, but I feel both stories werent that great. (Batman S2 eps 1 and 5 are really great episodes though)

  • I'm probably kinda biased, but I'd say TEW.

  • Batman S2,definitely.

    TFS started off great and could've been one of my favorite TT game but it went downhill after the first episode and everything after that was just mediocre. Batman S2 also had a way better finale with 2 completely different amazing episodes,i dont know if its just me but i felt that the people working on that game really cared about it.
    Compared to TFS where the people working on it stopped trying after the first episode and only cared about pandering to their tumblr fanbase and half-way through the game you could tell they just wanted to be done with it.

    The marketing for the final episode also sucked ass,and the episode itself was rushed and didnt really felt like a final episode.
    So yeah i enjoyed TEW much better than TFS and i consider it to be the last good TT game.

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    I think they were both pretty good but I definitely think TFS was more enjoyable. Personally I thought all of TFS’s episodes were, at the very least, good. I enjoyed episodes 1, 4, and 5 of TEW, 4 and 5 in particular were absolutely fantastic and handled choices probably the best out of any Telltale game. The big problem with TEW was I didn’t really enjoy episodes 2 and 3 and thought they were ok at best, they dragged on a lot and I never felt like anything really stood out in them. That’s what really made the TFS more enjoyable for me, I thought every episode was good in its own right and had something that made it stand out and more memorable unlike TEW which had some flops. This of course is just my personal opinion though, I know their are some who didn’t enjoy episodes 3 and 4 of TFS and I understand why.

  • TEW is a really, really good - TFS isn't bad, but it's probably only good. TEW is just, man, so great. Underappreciated. Not perfect, but a real good game.

  • i really liked the enemy within, although i think that batman Season 1 is equally good, maybe even slightly better. i liked that you could form your own Joker, however, and thats something people seem to forget, in the end the Joker always turns against you, no matter how much you supported and befriended him before. thats a flaw many people blame telltale for in their other games and it's definitely here as well. but yeah, i really liked both batman Seasons and consider them to be some of the best games telltale ever made.

    i also think that the final Season of twd is a really good ending. i would rank it below Season 1 and 2 though, due to the fact that the Point and click aspect of telltale games got lost over the years. the final Season had some very strong Moments so. when youre going to the abondened Train Station and Abel appears while AJ is looking for supplies it definitely gave me some first Season vibes where you're really under pressure and have to make a quick decision to stay alive. i also thought that the decision to introduce us to a School that is relatively hidden and not easy to find and really could become a place for Clem and AJ to stay forever (or at leat a Long time) was a great choice on telltales part. im also d'accord with the way they handled clems "death". the Facts she gets bitten in an open wound inflicted by minnie and therefore being able to survive was a really good idea imo.

  • I really need to play The Enemy Within. I’ve been meaning to since I’ve played the first one, I’ve just haven’t gotten around to getting it.

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