Question about Importing Data to Season 3 and Telltale's closure.

Hello. I've recently been replaying this entire series starting over from season 1 to the Michonne mini series. I'm almost done with season 2, and then I plan on importing my save file to season 3. Last time I had to go through this special Telltale website where you could manage the saves you uploaded from season 2 onto the new system. I'm not sure if it saves the save file on the site indefinitely, or if it disappears once it is imported, but part of me wonders how long that page will stay up now that Telltale is closed down?

Now eventually after I finish my current playthrough of the series, I eventually want to do another one where I make alternate choices to my current playthrough. I just worry that eventually this site and therefore that page will shut down. A lot of people on other boards are saying this site will probably go down sometime in May, (or at least they are estimating), and I'm just wondering if Skybound is going to do anything in regards to importing our save files into Season 3? I mean I know there is the story builder, but I like importing my older games. Just asking.

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