Something funny I noticed about my favourite characters in each season finales

S1 Kenny is presumably killed in a problem (the balcony or the hole)
S2 Luke dies in a problem (The Ice)
S3 Tripp falls to his death (The gap between the road)
S4 Louis dies (the gap in the bridge)
I find it funny every character I like is killed or presumably killed in a event where there’s a problem were they can fall the balcony (Ben falls) and hole (christa is trapped) , ice (Luke falls in ice and drowns) , the helicopter propeller (Tripp is trapped and falls) and Louis is unable to jump across the gap with tenn and is killed.


  • Kenny, Luke, Ben, Tripp, Vi/Lou are the only ones with this problem

  • They get screwed over?
    Again, par the course, considering it's TWDG.

  • Cause of death: Killed by problem

    Sorry, couldn't resist

  • I think part of it is that the writers want to have people die other ways - being killed by walkers or by humans are the main ones, and throwing in another is good for variety I guess.

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