Kirkman addresses TFS timeline in the latest issue of letter hacks

In issue 192 of Letter Hacks they put a question in where someone was asking about the timeline of TFS...…...and wow at least according to Kirkman it is a lot different than what most of us figured.

According to Kirkman TFS takes place after the Whisperer War but before the introduction of the commonwealth and that Clementine is roughly the same age as Carl (he said maybe a year older).

I think Telltale stated that Clem was 17 in season 4 but there is no way that she could be that old if the game took place on the timeline Kirkman said it did. Carl is only about 13/14 currently in the comic. The timeline especially gets weird when we start looking at AJ. AJ would only be about two or three according to what Kirkman said about the timeline

Now of course this really doesn't matter because I seriously doubt Kirkman or Skybound plans on doing anything with Clementine in the future but I think it makes it even more obvious that there never was much dialogue between Kirkman and Telltale. He basically just let them tell whatever story they wanted to.

I think if Kirkman lets another series take place within the comic universe of TWD he needs to have more dialogue with the developers during the development process than what there seemed to be during the Telltale series. Because even though 'technically' this series was intended to be taking place in the same universe as the comic in reality though it was a completely separate story filled with a lot of its own world building. And the Telltale team often said one thing about it while the person who made the Walking Dead universe says something entirely different about the video game series.


  • Kirkman was just chatting out of his ass

  • Kirkman doesn't know what he's talking about. Now he's going to misinform so many people.

  • What’s even more depressing is that he said that he though about Rick’s death since the first issue, and that he knew that Sebastian would kill him since way before he was introduced. If that much thought went into a shit death then somebody needs to talk some sense into the man.

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    Kirkman doesn't know what he's talking about. Now he's going to misinform so many people.

  • I have a feeling that's a lie or a half-truth. It's fine if it's the idea of 'dying to protect civilisation' but there are at least 2 ways to argue that. 1 is what you said, and 2 is that he didn't even really protect civilisation. There probably won't be a noticeable net profit - his death leads to more war that he tried to stop, and who is to say that he had to die?! He didn't die intentionally, it was a hesitant freak accident/murder. If they really wanted him to be a hero, they should've copied his Show exit. He intentionally blew up the bridge to save everyone, everyone saw that, and he ends up being saved in the end. Something similiar. Like at least show us that there's a commonwealth civil war that will cause thousands of deaths and casualties and Rick stops it all from happening and makes the two sides work together. There's still bad blood, still fighting, he didn't want to die at that time and he didn't really make a compromise. It's all wrong.

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  • Exactly

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