Can we get an approximate timeline of the series?

If Season One of the game takes place in the same universe as the comic, then it starts in 2003 right? Mid-late July. I think it was then worked out that Lee makes it to day 105/6 making it around early November of the same year when he passes and Season One ends.

The prologue of Season Two takes place around a year after the outbreak started give or take a few weeks going off the wiki timeline. So call it July 2004. Omid dies and we then jump I believe 16 months is it to some day in November 2006 when Christa and Clem get seperated. The rest of the season takes place inside a little under a month leaving off in very late November of 2006.

The wiki believes Season Three starts in February of 2008, almost 450 days later. And that season runs on probably over the length of a week to the end of that month. When Clementine leaves to find the ranch.

All this is basically a long winded way of me asking what information we had on when Season Four is set and how long it lasts. I am pretty sure we did get information or near-specifics, but I can't find them anywhere. Someone help me out?


  • I think you’re right for the most part regarding all of this. I think season 4 possibly takes place sometime between mid September-early December 2011 judging by the foliage and how it kinda looks like an Autumny atmosphere, I’d wager sometime in September judging by some of the trees still being somewhat green, on top of the fact that Clementine wears a jacket, AJ wears a sweater, Louis wears a coat, etc. So by this evidence we know that the weather is cold, so basically any month in Autumn in the year 2011 (2011 obviously coming from Clementine’s age, with her being 8 in 2003)

    Hope this helps a bit

  • I think there was a timeline including stuff from the games on the wiki.

  • Kirkman never really disclosed when the Walking Dead takes place, but I think everyone decided that it takes place the year the first issue was released. So we just go up from the first issue. So if the final issue came out in 2003, then TFS would take place in 2011-2012.

  • I always wished there was a juxtaposed timeline list of events for the video game and comics. Like perhaps Glenn was murdered around that time Clementine got up to Wellington or returned to Howes hardware.

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