Random ideas for Telltale's Batman S3



  • That would be epic, bringing him on board.

    JTKirk2233 posted: »

    Any one of these three options could work. But, I would want to bring in one of the best writers on the character in as a creative consultant, Paul Dini.

  • Dang been a while since I read any of these comments anymore and man it brings a lot of plot points I would love to see in a season 3 and to be honest what about they subtitle Batman The TellTale Series: Rebirth. It would go well with Telltale’s Rebirth and Batman’s as well but that might only work if you give up being Batman 😂. I don’t know I would love to see this series continue with similar comic book style graphics like the previous seasons or even more cel-shaded like The Wolf Among Us. But it would have to be developed by Telltale as well.

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