Youtube doomsday talk

As we all know y now what’s going on on YouTube that the terms of service has become tyrannical and those YouTubers who don’t have their monetization enabled you will not have access to your YouTube account .

I guess 2019 has been getting terrible in certain things edits better end of the year.

What do you guys think?


  • I am back on the TTG forulms. Yeah this info has made my head spin, ve sign a prition and got some friends to sign as well we dont want the channels to be shut down. i like the matura content and dont want it to get removed. youtube run by the USA govenment is way too much

  • I really hope the COOPA thing gets shut down. i hope the 10th of Dec rolls aroujd and they finerally say "yes we have listen to your complains, we have decied that we will do thing othher thing to protect children and younger people on our site."

    If not i very much lose my channel and my email. :'( >:)

  • I've read somewhere that YouTube is being constantly run by Google at a net loss, and imagine the uproar if they just deleted youtube for losing money.

    I want to say they're trying their best to keep YouTube well and good

  • Shucks, and I had so many cringy video ideas to create for people. I guess it wasn't mean't to be since none of it could be monetized. If this takes down Skinny Sun's channel I swear to god-

  • I fucking hate youtube. I don't even understand why it's a company now. A lot of people post videos on it because it's their hobby, most of them don't even care about making money. Their copyright system is broken, they ban youtube users in stream chats for no good reasons and they consider all the videos to be for kids to watch when the whole site is basically for everyone in all ages.

    I'm hoping for some popular youtubers to do something for the fanbase and convince Youtube to get its shit together and leave everyone alone.

  • I agree 100% Youtube was for people of all ages. if a parent lock needs to be enforced to protect younger people ok sure no problem but that doesnt mean every should be removed. like you said its a site where people enjoy their hobbies and post videos for other reasons and for the most part people dont make money. Shutting down thoes channels would make he site a ghost site. Some people do rely on 100% for their income and its sad that those people will most likely lose it

    AronDracula posted: »

    I fucking hate youtube. I don't even understand why it's a company now. A lot of people post videos on it because it's their hobby, most of

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    Yeah, I hope this coppa thing goes away. I don't why Google would let some organization in to run things like that. They're just going to completely ruin the website.

  • Youtube has been going downhill for a long time but this is fucked i hope this doesn't happen.

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