Will the second season of Game of Thrones be developed?

Since the announcement that The Wolf Among Us will get a second season ive been hoping for a second season of Game Of Thrones as well. They already started with development of a season 2 but got cancelled. Does anyone knows anything about this. I will appreciate it


  • I would love to play Season 2 as well, but the new Telltale currently owns only The Wolf Among Us, Batman, Puzzle Agent and Hector: Badge of Carnage. They would have to get the rights back from HBO for Season 2 to happen, which doesn´t seem very likely at this point. There is, however, an amazing fanmade Season 2 in the comic format, if you´re interested.

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  • Didn't the TV series sort of end with a meh?

    Remember years ago saying I didn't like the show and when I explained why (it's hard to care for characters/a world where everyone just dies) I was banished (lol). With the show being over and the original Telltale game not doing that great (I imagine), I doubt we'll see season 2.

  • TV series ended badly, I doubt they'll be going back. Or at least would have a very hard time getting back the main cast to do voices again.

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