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  • Disclaimer: All that I, (this alias Crematoria) post on this thread is my intellectual property. All that is posted here by me means any theories, suggested story lines and opinions are owned by me. These ideas are not meant to be used without my express permission.

    (However, If Telltale reads this and finds some promise in here if they haven't already taken off in a direction, I'd love to work on Batman story. I'd do my best to work with what I got and am great in teams, or solo. I have a more than average knowledge, but not expert yet on the DC universe. I am a breakout writer with a full time job but passionate about the Batman franchise as well as multiple choice stories. Anywho, bat to work. (get it, 'back to work' only 'bat to work' ...Nevermind.)

    Working title for Season 3 "Split Worlds"

    What I am calling season 3 in my head canon :) Apologies for how long this might be. I'll post three segments.

    SEASON 3 THEME SPECULATION- Split Worlds and a City of Masks

    I think Telltale has created a interested plot within Gotham on splitting Batman and Bruce. It’s unheard in DC history to have the dark knight choose between ripping his mask off (be Batman), or fuse it on forever (Bruce Wayne) and continue the story- they always end when he 'chooses' one or the other.

    I think it’ll be very possible that players will get to see two experience two very different Gothams of their creation.
    Support for the theme of Splitting worlds are:

    1. The season 1 menu screen which displays phasing in between Bruce and Batman.
    2. Season 2 opening when Telltale makes a interesting posit in season 2 which I think is foreshadow season 3: "If a man stays in a mask long enough, does he forget who he is?"

      1. Alfred forces Batman to make a choice to stick to his mask, or rip the mask off once and for all because he can't handle the duality anymore, and he’s worried to death that Bruce is going to get killed trying.

      2. Representations of what Bruce and his consequences for keeping the mask on, or taking it off.
        -Bruce and Selina so far have been the only people who are able to stay sane and balance both lives while constantly switching between their 'masks'.

    How i saw the story was display character masks, and what they foreshadow for Bruce and Batman:

    Batman/Bruce mask representations as possible outcomes for him living both lives:
    -Harvey represented constantly switching masks- it was very confusing to tell who was the real him.
    - Oswald represented a mask of friendship but revealed a face of hatred. Will that change in time?
    - Lady Arkham destroyed her human face and put on the warped version of her. Can she undue the damage she's left in her righteous crusade?

    Bruce mask representations as possible outcomes for living as Bruce:

    • Amanda and Gordon show how Bruce Wayne could be if he chose to stick to his mask, only he can go down the path of compassion (Gordon), or the path of Unquestioned authority (Waller).
    • Harley represented Bruce as a liar and a manipulator. If he kept lying to people to save face.

    Batman Mask representation as possible outcomes for living at Batman:

    • Riddler was the fading mask of a living legend- Will Batman encounter the same fate?
    • Bane was the absolute reflection of Batman's kindness and loyalty to his family- but what will happen if Bane(batman) looses family and can't avenge them- or does?
    • Avesta wore the mask of a investigator, but later you find how human she is after all- will Batman later start questioning his actions?

    Finally no face or mask-

    • John doe was the only character to be unique in not having a mask. Instead he was the reflection of his best, and worst.- Could Bruce/batman change his fate once he decided to be that person?

    These make me think that Season 3 story line will be focused on either Batman or Bruce's decisions are at the center of the web of the daytime and the nighttime.

    For the Bruce path: (I chose this story line in my game because who else couldn’t leave Alfred behind??)

    I can see....
    Bruce Wayne’s story line just MIGHT be that he’ll…

    1. He’ll continually have to make choices to ignore his basic instincts to run head first into danger.
      2.. He’ll have lots more time to visit regular people, like your pal Harvey, or Oswald, his dead parents in the graveyard, allies and JOHN DOE-POSSIBLE-ROMANCE-COUGH.
    2. Maybe he’ll tell Alfred he’ll do one last investigation into his parents murder because some things don’t make sense.
    3. Different villains will come up because of Bruce.
    4. Maybe you’ll get a choice to create Bruce Wayne- Will he represent himself as the playboy-slosh? The criminal following in his father’s footsteps? The mourning son who follows in his mom’s footsteps? His own man?
    5. IF Government path- Maybe he’ll be continually tempted to help with just this one case?
    6. It’s my secret hope that Akrham Knight survived and has been watching him this entire time. If he kept choosing good choices, her warped mind will be open to a new reality that people can be good to other people for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. (PAY OFF little choices like giving the homeless man some change, being nice to her adopted brother- small things like that that add up) thus becoming the new batwoman and possible a romantic choice. ^_-

    Batman Path :

    1. He’ll continually have to make the consequences of missing time as Bruce, as well as sustaining injuries.
    2. He’ll have lots less time to visit regular people, but maybe more time to visit more tactical people such as the government captives, his dead parents in the alley way.
    3. He'll always have another case to work on
    4. Different villains will come up because of Batman
    5. Maybe you'll continue building the legend- will he be ruthless to all? Known for his compassion? Never seen? Having no time for anything but work?
    6. IF Government Path- IF you worked them, will they call upon batman for a favor to help bruce wayne out to free up Batman's time?

    So basically I think season 3 will be a city of masks, two different worlds.

  • Part two of speculations:

    Where season 2 left off-
    Choose Alfred: Keep his mask on (being Bruce wayne from now until forever)
    Choose Gotham City: Shed the mask and embrace who he is

    How I understand the story thus far
    In this case, I can just see two very different Gothams happening. I just KNOW that Alfred is going to eat his own words once he realizes the world needs a batman. That Batman isn't the cause of the stronger and badder enemies, but the cause of a equal reaction to the lost and hopeless. (minus his )

    There are eight main paths and 8 major path considerations which are split between Bruce Wayne and Batman
    (At least how I understood it):
    Batman Path:
    Batman allies with Government: left on good terms with Amanda
    Batman not ally with Government: left at a stand still against Amanda
    Batman Good: Known for his compassion and Friends with everyone and is regarded as a good person.
    Batman Bad: Known for his ruthlessness and may or not have friends (depending how you played) is regarded with fear.

    Bruce Wayne Path:
    Bruce allies with Government: left on good terms with Amanda
    Bruce not ally with Government: left at a stand still against Amanda
    Bruce Good: Known for his compassion and Friends with everyone and is regarded as a good person.
    Bruce Bad: Known for his ruthlessness and may or not have friends (depending how you played) is regarded with fear.

    The 8 major choices for the paths considerations:

    IF supported Akrham/support GPCD
    IF revealed Identity to save Alfred/ or not
    IF romanced Catwoman or not
    IF Rumi/or not
    IF Befriended Jack/not
    IF Harvey/Dent or Penguin choices
    IF Tiffany partner/outcast/Agency
    Fund Akrham/GCPD

    Plots to consider:
    Criminal father?
    Retaliation from anyone you wronged
    Help from people you've helped
    Coping with B's dual identity
    Project LOTUS

    Okay. :) claps hands lets get started

    1. Clear the Wayne name (but that's just me because I grew up on that B-mans parents were one of the last good people in Gotham.)
    2. Exploring split worlds, the divergence of how different world Bruce Wayne and Batman both live in
    3. tie up loose ends. (at least what I considered loose ends)

    2. Vikkie Vales body and would the foster kid Vale call upon Batman to make him honor his life debt? (the kid we helped) become a reporter like his older sister, or the newest robin like people suspect?

    1. Would Selina kill Tiffany if she's a fugitive to payback for Riddler thus putting a gap between Selina and Bruce/Batman?

    2. The Pact and Lotus loose ends- what happened to each of them? And why did Riddler stir the pot and bring attention to his personal war against the AGENCY?

    In another thread Poogers555 brings up a good question and I quote: "So what the hell was going on with the Pact exactly? Everything they do is unnecessary. They had all 3 things, but didn't just go and attack Sanctus like the plan was? Instead Riddler is trying to kill Batman to "prove his worth" to the Pact even though he is the one who should have all the leverage?"

    What Poogers555 said makes me think: Huh, so Why DIDN'T the PACT just get to SANCTUS while they could? Why have Selina get the Phalex key if the Agency had one?

    Why did Riddler bring Batman in on their plans? Why Riddler was always about the long game, and to me he did things this way to advance his plans and to get the AGENCY off his heels. He's not stupid and thanks to LOTUS, he just might be immortal. (which unfortunately would attract even more attention for those seeking immortality coughs-COURT-OF-OWLS-ETERNAL-TALONS-cough)

    1. It would seems Joker has a strong sense of justice, but just a twisted sense of dealing it out. In the vigilante path, John tells Amanda that there is one crime that can NEVER be forgiven: Murdering the Riddler. (AND pinning it on him. He really doesn't like it when people call him a liar) This makes me wonder how important was Riddler to him and why was he so broken up over his death? (Or maybe I got it wrong and he was )

    2. ACE Chemical fire. Did Riddler have something to do with it? Was John a chemist who caught Riddler trying to make something but ended up in a fire? Or is this just a red herring and in this timeline John origin is elsewhere. (The only reason I think that Joker and Riddler have a connection is because IF John was torn up about Riddler is because in DC lore, Joker has stated that Riddler was present when he was born. I don't think Riddler is his father, but Riddler MIGHT'VE been there when 'Joker' was born.) Are we expecting Creeper?

    So all in all, my main focus for season 3 would be figuring out why would RIDDLER use a plot device LOTUS just to toss it away?
    Could Telltale have been trying to say that Riddler is pointing Batman to a corrupt government?
    Is he pointing to Batman that it's a bigger world out there and that Batman is not prepared for what's out there?
    Maybe being captured humbled RIDDLER and he sees know that even if he was 'a king with Gotham at his feet', he realized that a king is nothing without alleys. Does the game reflect the importance of allies?

    But then again, if LOTUS is out of the window, then what will drive the plot and what does the government have anything to do with Gotham?

    Crematoria posted: »

    Disclaimer: All that I, (this alias Crematoria) post on this thread is my intellectual property. All that is posted here by me means any the

  • POSSIBLE PLOTS and my suspects from DC history (I hope what i write are coherent to read and If not, I can clarify..)

    I think that season 3 will be quite the project, but can be so worth playing if done right.

    Possible Plots:
    1. LOTUS: What becomes of LOTUS victims? Who, what, when, where, why and how was it created? Did Riddler figure out how to fully utilize the drug he was accidentally exposed to?
    2. Allies & Enemies
    3. Clearing the Family Name: Is Bruce's father truly a criminal, or is this a meticulous plan to destroy Wayne through slander and supposedly damning evidence? (I half hope that Dent can redeem himself by joining Bruce's Waynes team by defending the Waynes family name- or maybe even Bruce if he's ever called to trail- Dent if anything is a hell of a lawyer.)
    4. Suspects for who would smear the Waynes.

    How I hope the charterers come back as:

    1. My speculations would be maybe LOTUS will be reused again because, like the government is just going to walk away from a drug like that? Or maybe I am focusing way too much on that season's 2 plot drive?

    I quote from Alfred about LOTUS:
    "Project LOTUS's effects could vary, depending on the person used on and the strength of the dosage. In most instances, the victim would bleed furiously before succumbing to the virus and dying. However, there was only one known survivor, the Riddler. According to Victor Fries, LOTUS was capable of healing most medical and psychological problems, depending on whether the victim survived. It seems these included addictions to substances and seemingly incurable diseases. However, as Alfred Pennyworth pointed out, it would, in return, cause severe damage to the chemicals in the brain, resulting in permanent damage and driving the person insane. "

    I can imagine if the Vales latest foster kid would call in a favor from the batman, but if you are Bruce, you can't help?

    1. ALLIE'S & Enemies:
      Both Bruce and batman have collected a array of allies and enemies depending on his choices. I hope the allies actually make a different to the plot in considerable ways.

    3.Clearing the Family Name
    I hope there is some glimmer of hope that Bruce's parents are not corrupt. Because the only time line his parents were corrupt was in the Owlman timeline. (Batman had become 'Owlman')

    1. SUSPECTS for who'd want to besmirch the Wayne name.
      It was one of the unique factors of the Telltale series, a part of me that grew up on the fact that Bruce's parents were good people. For me personally, I'd like to see the Wayne names cleared- they surely have lots of enemies, and or people jealous of their good fortune.
      I am hoping that video they showed of Thomas Wayne injecting Ms. Cobbletpott wasn't what it appeared to be. Frequently in Batman's history the culprits could be (arranged by whom I think the strongest suspects are):


    Simon Hurt (the original Thomas Wayne ancestor who has ties to the occult) Simon is a 300 year old Wayne who wishes to destroy Bruce's identity by destroying his legacy. Simon has tried to smear Thomas and Martha's good names in the comics. Once he destroys Bruce's identity, he can sacrifice Bruce to free the Deamon bat under the city. (that is a long story to explain) But he'd be close in appearance and could act like Thomas wayne. Simon Hurt knows how to change


    The Dumas Family

    The Dumas Family was actually the 5th family out of the Gotham Founding families. By order of wealth: Wayne, Kane, Crownes, Elliots and Dumas.

    Dumas had a falling out with Waynes and the Waynes made sure to destroy the Dumas family.

    3 The Crowne Family, or better known by their other two names: the Cobblepots and the Crownes- so dubbed the 'light and dark side of Gotham'. The crowne family history split into two factions to rule Gotham since their competition was the Waynes and Kanes.

    However the Crowne side of the two factions then split into another faction: The riche Crownes which hid behind the limestone, and the other half became what is known asThe Court of Owls. I seriously wouldn't put it past them if they were the ones who threw Esther Cobblepott under the bus to generate hate for the Waynes. Plus Regina is not to be trusted. :<

    Carmine Falcone
    According to DC lore, Carmine Falcone was a lad at the time when Carmine's father came to the Wayne house in need of surgery. Thomas Wayne operated on him on the table due to his doctors oath of healing all.

    I am thinking that the ''family picture' was Carmine spinning that picture out of context, especially when Bruce says he doesn't ever remember him coming over. I don't think Carmine would have anything to do with that Arkham thing, however I don't think Thomas, Hill and Carmine 'ran' the city how he tells it.
    Thomas might've loaned his name to a charity , but only to find out that were really fronts- that has happened before in the Wayne Family. Thomas Wayne would also often go undercover to search for the truth. I wonder if Bane will find out that it was Thomas Wayne who delivered him in Pena Dora? and that it was a corrupt sector of Wayne Research that was producing venom?

    If anything, it's a little known fact that Martha Wayne actually would've been pegged for death anyway because she had a secret detective sideline where she would look for missing children.

    Now I got that out of the way, what I'd like to see, or speculate is...


    Riddler options:

    My theory is that Riddler had faked his death by dying to get away from the Agency, because he knows no one can run forever. I'd like it if Riddler is still alive due to LOTUS because he's the Riddler and he always survives. (Just look up when the war of Jokes and Riddles when Joker shot him point blank and somehow he still lived to get the hold covered up)

    I think how this was done was that Riddler planned everything (minus Tiffany's execution- or maybe he planned it for his death, but just not in that order. I know he must've had some fail safe in the event of his death)
    My theory is that Catwoman injected him with his own blood to activate the LOTUS while she was saying her last goodbyes. Maybe she didn't think him killing himself would work, so she lost her temper and left. Only to come back and see he really killed himself. She did her part but vowed revenged because Eddy, her friend didn't deserve to finally be free from the darkest sector of the government be free just to die.

    I also think if Bruce didn't free Selina from the Agency, Riddler will. I can't help but wonder why Riddler got caught in the first place, was it in inexperience he got caught at the time? Or was it on purpose to get free access to the governments darkest secret sector like a Trojan horse.

    I'm sure while he was there at the Agency, they turned him into a jigsaw personality, I wonder how that'd play out? Would he have amnesia and go straight only for history to repeat?

    I hope Selina and Riddler get together. I ship them. To me, they always were a couple that were intellectually romantic with each other but not monogamous. It’s more a romance of the mind than anything I’d say. I think they both need that freedom.

    Would Telltale say Riddler has a split personality? What's his connection to John Doe, Harley and what not? how did that all start by the way?


    IF relationship with Bruce, I wonder if we'd see Maggie, her sister? Will she just run away like she always does in the comics and movies?

    IF relationship with Batman, like always, will they part ways because he can't stop being Batman? Ally? Does she owe him one for having him use Waller's athority to release her ?

    IF in agency, I bet she'd escape because she's Catwoman.

    I'd love to see how Bane reacts to his friend coming back (IF he does :P).
    I mean, to me it's kinda boring Bane only exists to try to break the bat, so It'd be interesting to see if this was some kind of plan to get the inside scoop of the most secret of Government organizations. Maybe Bane is truly a good guy in this timeline who really wants to be rid of his addiction.


    For Tiffany, i had her go down the Agency path because she killed my Riddler. It'd be interesting to see if Amanda waller would bond with Tiffany since Amanda's daughter met a horrific fate with the CandyMan.
    I'd wonder if Amanda would treat Tiffany with respect and teach her everything she knows to take her place since her daughter would've been her age, or would Amanda manipulate her with the story of her daughters fate and make her into a relentless monster with her technological advances?

    If she's a fugitive- would she end up in black gate to face her crime of killing Riddler, or get deeper into the hole?

    Thoughts on Joker:

    Good Joker options:

    It'd be great to see Bat-Jokes even if I wanted to be the first to officially make them a couple when I finally get on with releasing my own Batman story. If not, at least good friends. Maybe Telltale will go deeper into his seemly split personality, or inconsistent joker is from Season 1 and season 2.

    John could be in recovery from his mental breakdown. He really seemed to be torn up about Riddler's death, they are always close, or have respect for each other in their history. Maybe he show Bruce his collection of pictures and B finds out his parents were innocent because of something. (I'm just hoping because I grew up on his parents being the last of the uncorrupted in Gotham.)

    Bad Joker:

    So much has been done with Joker, I wonder what Telltale would come up with next.


    He hasn't been introduce, but I'd like to think he'd be in the game somewhere. I'd like him to be an ally for Riddler since he always seem to be friendly with the Riddler. I wonder if they'd meet? That'd be cute to see Crane as a possible ally or foe.

    Crematoria posted: »

    Part two of speculations: Where season 2 left off- Choose Alfred: Keep his mask on (being Bruce wayne from now until forever) Choose Go

  • Jeeze louise that's a lot to read. :O

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