Greetings from Monkey Island!

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"BEHOLD! My undead armies will rise again and overtake ALL iOS devices! We shall rule the App Store once more…oh, wait. The new iOS update won’t let me track where you are on the Seven Seas? Damn.”

Tales of Monkey Island is BACK, landlubbers! ($14.99 for whole season)

If you’re hanging out here in the forums, we’re going to take a wild guess that you might’ve played the game at one point or another. If you’ve already got in on PC, enjoy! If you previously plundered the adventure on your iPhone, check the iOS App Store, you are able to jump back in right now.
And if you’re having any issues, just drop our support team a line (hit the blue button on and we’ll get you sorted.

This is all a part of our ongoing effort to get the games we still have rights to back out on digital store. If you want to learn more about what games we still have the rights to, check here on the Telltale site: Player Support – Telltale Games

Thanks to all of you here for hanging with us – and for being fans! Because, frankly, we’re fans as well.


  • Will the series continue?

  • Happy_MODHappy_MOD Verified

    As of current, we do not have any plans to continue the series. That may change in the future. Right now, we don't currently have plans to do so.

    Will the series continue?

  • Any plans on recompiling the games in 64-bit so we can play them on Mac OS again?

  • Any chance this will ever rerelease on PlayStation? The page still exists but is unavailable for purchase.

  • Would be really cool if the game was available on the PlayStation store, specially for the new gen as a remaster of some sort, would be a perfect way to firm a new audience rediscovering such a classic.

  • Do you have plans to do another season of the walking dead?

  • Ahoy there, matey! The return of Tales of Monkey Island is a cause for celebration among fans of the swashbuckling adventures. It's fantastic to see classic games making a comeback on digital platforms. The nostalgia of sailing the Seven Seas and engaging in pirate escapades brings back fond memories for many. Kudos to the team for keeping these timeless tales alive for both seasoned players and a new generation of adventurers. May the wind be in your sails and the pixels on your screen shine bright! Arrr!

  • Awesome series

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