New Telltale, Updated Forum Rules

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Hey guys! With Telltale being revived in 2019, they've been rebuilding the studio and hiring new staff. Over the past few weeks, we volunteer community moderators have been in touch with the new Community Manager of Telltale Games! They ran by some proposed rule/guideline updates, and we gave some brief feedback and some thumbs up.

Some stuff is expanded upon, other things are condensed or removed for brevity, but the overall gist is the same. Feel free to give the updated guidelines a read.

The new Community Manager wrote a short blurb about the rule changes, which we are going to share on their behalf...

New Telltale, Updated Forum Rules

Here's the deal: The Telltale forums are an amazing legacy. They’ve been around since the early days of the original Telltale Games and we intentionally kept ‘em running since the original company shut down in 2018. Of course, if you're still here, you already know all this!

Telltale is back - and right now, the company is small and scrappy. As part of that commitment to the Telltale legacy, we very much want to keep these forums up-and-running. That, however, is largely dependent upon you -- the folks here.

Policing these forums is done largely through the amazing work of volunteers [pause for round of applause] and the goodwill we all share.

We are formally updating policies below - nothing crazy, just some common sense stuff - and we will have a few deputized moderators here to enforce it. Our sincerest hope is that everyone here continues being the awesome people they are, posting for the right reasons (and with the right attitude).

So, with that out of the way, here's the updated forum rules...

On the forums, we've seen people anticipating new information from Telltale since the studio re-opened. With The Expanse being announced at last year's Game Awards, ongoing progress for The Wolf Among Us: Season 2, and Telltale having a new Community Manager, it's definitely been an interesting few weeks of events for the Telltale community!

If you want to wave hello, the new Community Manager is currently active over on Twitter.


  • I fully agree with all of this but i will NOT keep my feet off the couch.

  • I wish the new Telltale the best of luck 👍

  • [Blind's finger moves ever so slowly towards the Ban button...]

    iFoRias posted: »

    I fully agree with all of this but i will NOT keep my feet off the couch.

  • When will Minecraft story mode 3 come out please there needs to be more or make it a tv show or something but we need minecraft story mode season 3

  • God I hope telltale rise back up someday

  • AMONG US: The TELLTALE series.
    You are Green a not-so-bright crewmate that gets caught up in the center of a murder. you must solve the death of purple, or will you be the one to get ejected off the ship?

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