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Figured I'd make this thread in advance, especially seeing as the final season ended last month. You can discuss the series in other threads, but I felt like this would be a good thing to have, especially for anyone who goes through the series for the first time and feels like posting their thoughts.


  • I've actually been checking the first couple episodes out on Amazon Prime after the announcement; I'd love a series discussion if others also wanna join in!

  • I was very surprised when they announced it, I had already watched all the seasons, I was like "really?". Anyway very good series, I just havent watched the last season yet, but I will soon. It is a mix of star wars but with a lot of politics like GOT. And the series improved heavily, the first season is my least favorite.

    I would like to be more excited about the game but since this is from a character from the show it might feel too limited like Michonne, thats what I am worried, I would rather see totally new characters in this universe. But I hope to be proved wrong and somehow this turns out to be great. I think the partnership with Deck Nine has potential.

  • Drummer is one of the favourite characters from the show. As like other characters, a combination of several from the books. But definitely can be expanded on outside of what we know. The game is a prequel apparently, but the game will hopefully expand our knowledge of her. The show itself, I would disagree with the star wars comparison. It's more reality based, even down to the physics of the ships and space travel. It's a believable future world. It does take a few episodes to get into, give it a chance and you'll be hooked, the first episode is a bit clunky with so much world building to explain. Given the series has now ended, I can't wait to return to the belt via this game.

  • I just finished watching the whole series and I'm obsessed now. I don't even play video games and I'm excited to get this one and play it. Hopefully it'll be manageable and fun for a noob like me!

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    Watched the first two episodes of The Expanse TV series, an interesting start, with some adaptational changes I'm interested to see in how they get handled, since I did like the setup the books had for the entire space crew agreeing to investigate the distressed ship and sending out the message afterwards, the adaptation instead puts it all on Holden's shoulder as something he might have to feel guilty about which... basically fundamentally changes the character setup. I do like that they introduced Chrisjen Avasarala early and injected her into the first book's events, though I'm sad they removed just how much she constantly swore, because it's a great running gag, though I get why for TV standards.

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