The Expanse - TV Series Discussion

Figured I'd make this thread in advance, especially seeing as the final season ended last month. You can discuss the series in other threads, but I felt like this would be a good thing to have, especially for anyone who goes through the series for the first time and feels like posting their thoughts.


  • I've actually been checking the first couple episodes out on Amazon Prime after the announcement; I'd love a series discussion if others also wanna join in!

  • I was very surprised when they announced it, I had already watched all the seasons, I was like "really?". Anyway very good series, I just havent watched the last season yet, but I will soon. It is a mix of star wars but with a lot of politics like GOT. And the series improved heavily, the first season is my least favorite.

    I would like to be more excited about the game but since this is from a character from the show it might feel too limited like Michonne, thats what I am worried, I would rather see totally new characters in this universe. But I hope to be proved wrong and somehow this turns out to be great. I think the partnership with Deck Nine has potential.

  • Drummer is one of the favourite characters from the show. As like other characters, a combination of several from the books. But definitely can be expanded on outside of what we know. The game is a prequel apparently, but the game will hopefully expand our knowledge of her. The show itself, I would disagree with the star wars comparison. It's more reality based, even down to the physics of the ships and space travel. It's a believable future world. It does take a few episodes to get into, give it a chance and you'll be hooked, the first episode is a bit clunky with so much world building to explain. Given the series has now ended, I can't wait to return to the belt via this game.

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