iPad bug - TWAU

After purchasing the full game on iPad (Air, 4th gen, iOs 16.6), the game wouldn't let me download the episode 2-5. At first, it said that it can't connect to the internet but switching wifi networks and turning the wifi off didn't help. After turning the device off, closing all other apps and trying the wifi again, I was left at first with the episodes saying 'coming soon'. Now, it just shows two texts on top of each other. Nothing from the internet forums helped so far. Is there anything I can do to make it work?


  • It's the same issue being reported elsewhere, including this thread: https://community.telltale.com/discussion/124673/coming-soon-bug-ios-apple

    The new TellTale isn't responding to inquiries about this, nor providing any information on whether this will ever be fixed. They continue to allow purchases of the full game, but aren't providing access to download Episodes 2-5.

    I can imagine scenarios where access to the episodes is broken on their end (e.g. not having credentials from the original TellTale to fix the app), but the audacity of fraudulently "selling" when they know they can't deliver makes this truly gross, and likely illegal.

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