Puzzle Agent on MAC

I got puzzle agent yesterday, and on the main menu I ave no sound widgets, and no options to see a menu when I start to play the game... I closed the game and opened it up again, and then my cursor is now lost in the game and I cannot hit anything.

I'm using MAC OS X version 10.5.8.


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    I bought the game yesterday for the MAC played a little the wanted to leave. My cursor got lost in the black area around the game. I could not find a quit button & had to unplug the computer to get put of the game. Now I am afraid to play again. Is this a glitch or did I miss something?
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    Did you try Command+Q? It forcecloses whatever app you're in.
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    Did anybody purchased Puzzle Agent from Steam ?

    If so when in game how do I find an Options menu, only played it once
    and had to turn off my machine just to get out of it

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