Bug: Multiple ways to solve a puzzle, but only one is programmed to work.

In the second bug-boxing puzzle in the diner, I found a correct solution given the rules (I think, tell me if I'm wrong), but the answer was rejected. I had to use hints to find the solution the game was looking for, which met the same criteria as mine.

Anyway, if there ever is an update to the game or anything, it might be good to include this.2m361ae.png



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    The goal of the puzzle is to group the bugs in the smallest number of boxes. Your solution uses 7 boxes, whereas the working solution uses 6.
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    That explains that then. I was about to post exactly the same thing thinking it was a bug. I'll go back and try that puzzle again to see if I can get it in six.

    However, when you do try and solve the puzzle with that layout, the REJECTED screen tells you the reason you failed is because you haven't given each bug the correct amount of space each (which isn't true), not because you've used too many boxes. That's probably why there's some confusion.
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