Monkey Island or no Monkey Island, that is the question?

Should we return/see Monkey Island in future TOMI seasons?

As much as everyone will hate me saying this I kinda miss having Monkey Island. It was refreshing finding new things about the island with each instalment/vision of Monkey Island . And while there may not seem much to be explored now, reintroducing it isn't as hard as you might expect.

For example:

SoMI introduced Monkey Island as a topographical map with a number feature points across the island.

LCR posited a totally unexplored dimension to the island by introducing Dinky and then the theme park.

CoMI repeated the theme park motif but elaborated further and used it in a functional way (unlike LCR).

EMI unfortunately exacerbated any mysteries already established in the previous games by returning to the topographical map, laying bare the island in all its splendid boredom.

ToMI however did not reintroduce the namesake leaving us to wonder whether it will ever be seen again, or will Telltale return those simple mysterious facets of the island or uncover all of its bounty like SoMI/EMI

So how could we reintroduce Monkey Island?
Perhaps a LOST-style story arc where the island moves about, perhaps a result of voodoo forces either manipulated by LeChuck or the Voodoo Lady.

Or maybe it could return as one of LeChuck's or another main antagonists pivotal means for a Caribbean super-weapon. Volcano's are destructive, we've all see the movies, now add some voodoo cheese to a dormant volcano and hey presto!


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    If TTG can make it exsiting and fun to explore then sure why not.
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    Yes and no. Yes i would like to see more Monkey Island, but when you put it like "in future TOMI seasons" it's a big no.
    Another Monkey Island game: yes
    TOMI season 2: NO

    edit: Wait, i got it all wrong. Your were talking about the island. Not the game.....everything is so confusing these days.....maybe it's just me getting old......
    Oh and about the poll, then it's a yes.
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    as good as monkey island is i got to say no for two reason A. Lechuck has trapped Guybrush there like 2 or 3 times and he won't try it again B. well ain't the point of being a pirate ment to be explore new places and have new adventures but there is only one reason why i could think to put monkey island in tomi 2 and that is to find out the secret of monkey island which again is unlikely because the only person who knows the secret is the person who made monkey island 1 & 2 (btw i cnt remember his name)
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    I'm skeptical about Telltale doing MI6, but a MI6 must be made.
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    Yes, but only if it's made by Double Fine, so Ron Gilbert can finally reveal what the damn Secret is already.
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    So, is this thread about if we want to return to the place "Monkey Island" in the next MI game, or if we want a new Monkey Island game at all?

    I wouldn't mind either. And I wouldn't mind if Telltale made MI6, as long as it had the same quality (or better) as Tales. I certainly don't want a BttF-ish MI.
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    I would like to see a return to Monkey Island, and I would also really like to see another season by Telltale. But as Alex said, only if it's to the same quality or better than Tales, which I felt was a bit weak to begin with but got much, much better as they got into the season. Not if it's like BttF. Do not want.
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