I hope I'll be able to play the game!

I'm a huge telltale and walking dead fan...I hope I'll be able to play the game.

I have an Xbox360, Wii and an Ipad.

Will any of these systems get the game I wonder?


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    Based on Telltale's last two episodic releases (The Devil's Playhouse and Back to the Future: the Game), iPad looks like your best bet, but as Telltale employees have stated quite often on these forums in the past, Telltale's goal is to make their games available for as many platforms as they can, so you never know.
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    Nothings been announced yet.
    A decent PC/Mac so far is your best option.
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    They haven't announced any systems yet, but it's a pretty safe bet it'll come to the PC/Mac. How good is your computer?

    I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to the iPad, since Telltale's been putting more and more stuff on it, but so far they've yet to put a full episodic series on the iPad (though they've promised all of BttF will be on iPad).

    As for your consoles...I wouldn't count on it. Now, keep in mind I don't work for Telltale and can't really speak for them, but lately it seems like they've abandoned the Wii and 360 in favor of the PS3. I repeat, I don't know what they're planning. For all we know, The Walking Dead will be on three consoles. But if I were to guess, most likely it'll be PS3-exclusive as far as consoles are concerned.
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    Back to the Future is available on PSN, so having this game on XBLA is not out of the question.
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    Rasher wrote: »
    Back to the Future is available on PSN, so having this game on XBLA is not out of the question.

    Except that Telltale's given significantly less attention to XBLA (Wallace and Gromit is their only series to be originally released on XBLA, with the first two Sam and Max seasons being ported later) than they have for PSN (The Devil's Playhouse and BttF both being originally released for PSN, with Tales of Monkey Island, Strong Bad, and Puzzle Agent being ported later).

    A 360 release is still possible, of course, but what Telltale does on PSN isn't evidence for it. It's evidence against it, if anything.
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    I'd like to throw in a different opinion, but this is of course pure speculation and nothing official. TTG sais that Jurassic Park is coming to consoles "this fall". It has been stated (by Alan, I think) that the main problem with a simultaneous release schedule is that the console episodes would have to be prepared far in advance because of Microsoft/Sony's testing of the product. The console release might be pushed that far back because TTG wants to make it work this time: Every major console and possibly even all episodes at once. It's a possibility at least and this might well be the same for TWD.

    So don't give up hope yet for Xbox. But with this variety of consoles, I'm sure there will be a version for you.
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