broken "clearing the ice" puzzle?

Aside from non-american/canadian people recognising a "zamboni".
(i did.. thanks to Plants vs Zombies :p)

Technically every order could be "correct" as, given enough time, every situation can exist after the next one since that zamboni combined with the skaters are able to reset the puzzle in a certain way.

This could be fixed by not fixing the ice 100% but only partially, though that would make the puzzle a bit (too) easy.


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    The same thing crossed my mind while I was solving this one. But if the ice is cleared in between, any solution would be possible, which wouldn't make sense. So I decided to apply Occam's razor and go with the solution that required fewest tracks to be erased, which leads to the correct, unique solution (and starts with the immaculate ice rink).
  • It is a confusing puzzle that needs some modifications. For example, they should mention if the photos taken from one or different cameras and a hint to help us distinguish their order.

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