Can we please Have Puzzle Agent 2 on PS3?

I recently bought my first telltale game Puzzle Agent on the ps3 and became hooked to it.
The art style,voice acting, and puzzles are GREAT!!
I even got my closest friends into playing the game on psn and they all agree that its a hit!

Now i hear that there is a sequel available to play but its on on ipad and pc.

Please telltale, Release this fine game on PSN for us ps3 gamers.

The Playstation MOVE would work perfectly for the point and click adventure. The dual shock was kinda stiff to use for the first game.


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    oooH! THANKS jeff!
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    Does anyone know when the official release is of puzzle agent 2 for the ps3? Can't wait!!
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    Just pushing the question: When will Puzzle Agent 2 be released on PS3? My wife doesn't like playing games on the PC...
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    Im hooked on the 1st PUZZLE AGENT on the PS3. telltale, please bring PUZZLE AGENT 2 to PS3.:o
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    I'd like to throw in my request for PA2 on PS3 as well.

    I'm more concerned, however, about the fact that this question has been asked by a few different people over a few months now, and no one from Telltale posts to say yes, no, maybe, "It's up to Sony," or anything at all.
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    Me too. It would be nice to know some time frame for the release.
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    So since our question about if/when PA2 is coming to PS3 is being ignored by Telltale, I guess we can take it as a "no/never?"
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    I would really like any answer from Telltale on whether or not we'll ever see PA2 on the PS3.
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    While I think most PCs could run it, I am glad to see more platforms getting the game.

    It is really good.
  • ye….definately would hope it to be on psn!!!! plz telltale!

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