Thanks Telltale



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    hahahahaha yup! Will try to have an epiphany on a second season for both!:)
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    I just found this thread.
    I had just sent an e-mail to Telltale about another matter but I didn't forget to thank you for this amazing experience! But I'll do it again here. :)

    Jurassic Park was the movie I watched EVERY SINGLE DAY as a kid and although I don't watch it that often anymore I still do sometimes, and I'm sure I'm gonna play this game many many times from now on! :D My boyfriend saw me playing a little and is all fired up to get a hold of it himself!

    You've put your heart and soul into this, this game truly shows your love for this franchise. I'm sure Back to the Future's the same, I haven't played it yet but I will. :)

    I love the fate you gave to Billy Yoder by the way, I hate him since before playing the game :P
    The fight scene with the Raptor is EPIC! I love classic macho movies like Rambo and the likes, so that was a perfect mix! XD
    I love the Parasaurolophus part where you can simply look at the dinosaurs as long as you want, it seemed I was right there with them! I was amazed! :o
    And Sorkin's journal was a great addition! I loved seeing all those facts (that I already knew of, but a lot of people don't) from Sorkin's viewpoint, and the art you've put there is gorgeous!!!
    Hell, I would just spend time and time just watching the dinos growling in the main menu of each episode :P

    I watched the film just before starting playing your game, which made the experience even more amazing. This is truly what I expected for a Jurassic Park sequel, I don't like the actual film sequels that much, so I had a lot of expectations for this and you did it great!

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    Zanza wrote: »
    You've put your heart and soul into this, this game truly shows your love for this franchise.

    Thank you for your kind words-- and thanks again to everyone who's been leaving us these great notes. It's great to come here to mingle with excited fans.

    Just want to let you guys know that we see this stuff and appreciate every bit of it.
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    Indeed thanks for JP!! Really enjoyed the game. :)
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    I don't comment much, that is to say at all, but I too want to thank all of you guys at Telltale. Everything in the game was stunning, especially the story. The characters had more depth than any other video game on the market, hell even most movies nowadays. Thanks for taking the time to make a great video game for the best franchise out there.
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    I hope my 6 years old nephew will enjoy this game . He likes dinos .
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