The best final combat against LeChuck?

For you, what was the best final combat against LeChuck?

Was it in SoMI with the Root Beer? In LCR with the voodoo doll? In CoMI on Monkey Island? The Monkey Combat? The battle on his ship?

Personnaly, I prefered the combat with the voodoo doll, because LeChuck always creeps me out when he enter in a room when you're looking for an ingredient, this puzzle was smart, the ending was gorgeous, we got to see Melee Island at the end, and because Guybrush doesn't really beats him if you consider that CoMI is cannon in the serie.


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    I like Tales where Guybrush is beaten to a pulp and the danger feels real cos all his lines are strained.
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    Yeah, Tales of was the second combat I prefered, because LeChuck finally beats Guybrush like a man after all they've been through, and (spoiler coming) Guybrush just help to kill him as he's to weak to do it by himself.

    I don't think anyone liked the Monkey Combat, though.
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    While I really enjoyed the ending to Tales, making a voodoo doll in Revenge, knowing that LeChuck could enter the room anytime, was amazing. The showdown with LeChuck in Secret felt kinda short, but was decent. The showdown in Curse was pretty cool, but I disliked having to go around the whole rollercoaster just to reach *that one* place I wanted to go to. Escape's ending was just horrible.
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    Lechuck's Revenge, because to this day, it still gives me chills running around to find parts of the Voodoo Doll and watching out for Lechuck at the same time. Curse just felt like a repeat of that, but easier and it was over before it really begun, IMO. Secret's ending left a lot to be desired, but Tales was good also, and is probably my second favourite of all the combats. However, gameplay aside, I actually really enjoyed the final battle between the monkey robot and stone Lechuck in Escape. It felt like an epic ending, the build-up was fantastic and the cut-scenes were used extremely well. Still, MK made it third on my favourite list, but I think it's great all the same.
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    Gotta be LeChuck's Revenge, the whole strange aspect of it, the shift of tone, the racing against LeChuck to each room to get the stuff you need, and even to this day, the slight timing panic I have when waiting in the lift for LeChuck to arrive so I can trap his beard!
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    Until Tales was released, it was LeChuck's Revenge. Now it's Tales. Just the level of brutality. Sure, LCR was creepy and stuff and LeChuck tried to send us to another world, but... in Tales he was just beating the shit out of Guybrush.
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    Hard to decide between Revenge and Tales as I, too, liked those best.
    Tales was a lot more cinematic due to what's possible animation / graphicwise nowadays, but the scene kept looping and got kinda boring / frustrating after some time.

    In Revenge, it's definitively the chill factor and the not knowing of when that zombie pirate was gonna appear next. The location of some dark underground tunnels sure added to that.

    Voted for Tales though.
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