Is It Me or What?!

Just downloaded Puzzle Agent 1 to Vista. The mouse pointer moves but it is not in sync with my mouse so it's no fun trying to solve a puzzle. Also, it doesn't tell me how to exit out of the game...I had to use control/alt/delete. Any advise out there? Thanks!


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    The problem is input delay.

    I'm not aware that PA uses Vsync, which is basically a command in games to lock the ammount of frames rendered per second to the monitors refresh rate. It's most likely input lag from your computer struggling to render the game.

    If that doesn't make sense, i'll explain: Basically, the way games, movies and anything with motion works is a series of pictures displayed many times a second. This is called, Frames per Second, or as it's known. FPS. A computer monitor has something called a "Refresh Rate", this is basically the same thing, your monitor displays frames per second, its physically capability to change it's pixels to a new colour or image. This is 9/10 times, 60hz, or 60 FPS. Vsync basically locks the ammount of frames rendered by your computer to the monitors refresh rate, that is of course if your computer can render over 60fps at any given time.

    This would be the cause if "vsync" was on in most games. However, I doubt this is the cause in PA.

    I believe in your case is simply a matter of your computer struggling to render fast enough, and hence causing a delay on your mouse input.

    Try turning the "resolution" down in the options setting, this will make the game look a little worse, but will probrably help quite a lot.
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