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    Having played the Steam Version now for about 30 minutes without noteable problems (some stuttering but not much) without shadows and everythin else on - I would say that it CAN be played with 1,5GB - thank god :)

    And I know that steam uses some ressources for the plattform itself so I expect the TTG version to run even better :)
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    My Laptop configurations:

    Intel Core i5 - 2410 CPU @ 2.3 GhZ
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit)
    Nvidia - GT 540M - 2 GB dedicated DDR 3 - 4 GB total graphics available
    Direct X support 11
    LED 15 inch HD screen.

    Please let me know if I can run it. I want to buy the game :)

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    That should work without problems - on max settings probably.
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    It worked fine with HD 3000 graphics. Did not see any minimum requirements before buying, but it works if anyone else was wondering.

    I played the Steam version that they sent a key for, did not try the download version from the website, yet.

    i5 2430M
    6gb RAM
    HD 3000 Graphics
    Windows 7 64
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    I have a macbook pro 13 inch with the intel hd 3000 card it runs the game just fine
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    Hi guys, quick question - has any bought the game or know of someone who doesn't have a ATI or NVidia card ? I know is states "Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics", but what does 'not recommended' mean? Will it work?

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    I know is states "Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics", but what does 'not recommended' mean? Will it work?

    It means just that... Telltale does not recommend that you use Intel integrated graphics to run The Walking Dead, as there may be performance drops, graphical anomalies, crash issues, or perhaps all of the above. In other words, there are no guarantees that the game will play acceptably (or possibly at all) on a system with an Intel integrated graphics chip.

    Will it in fact work? Possibly, but you're pretty much on your own if it doesn't. If you can live with the idea that you may be paying for a game that you can't run without investing more money in a graphics card upgrade (assuming that's an option), then you might want to take a chance. Alternatively, a demo exists for the Xbox 360 that may or may not make it's appearance on the PC sometime in the future. That would allow you to test at least part of the game on your system before purchasing.
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