Need help !!!

Few weeks ago i finished PuzzleAgent2. As a reminiscence last week i visited the gamehomepage. So far so good. But suddenly i swear i heard something...
sounds like this:


I shut down my computer as quick as possible. And yes i get my pants a little wet.

Later in the evening in my lovely outhouse during my mission i heard it again:


Please don't misunderstand. This night i can't sleep anymore.

Last but not least yesterday at a hunting trip on a high seat i armed a roe deer. And what did you think i hear right at this moment ?

"............" Right.

Now my questions are:
Is there an explanation for this events ? Can anyone translate or interpret or transmit these whisperings ? Should i shoot myself or is there another option to stop those things?


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    i dont know dear for this problem ....
    but i i'll try to help you ...
    i'll ask to my big brother for this problem ...
    if he know to about this...I will tell you.
    ok bay t.c
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