no download link?

Hello, i just purchased the game (for pc) through the Telltale website and i am un able to download the game. i go to the "my games tab" at the top of the page and all it says is: "The Walking Dead - Season Pre-Order" with no download link or anything. its just greyed out. this is kind of frustrating seeing as i just paid for it and anyone else having this issue or better yet can anyone help me resolve it?

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    omg, you must be kidding right? we've all been waiting for the game and some are starting to get steam keys.... i'm not sure but you can't get it from the site and apparently they have a horrid webmaster.
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    Telltale found a server issue that existed only in the build that was intended to be uploaded to the Telltale website. They've been trying to fix the issue all day, but it doesn't appear that they'll be able to fix it tonight.

    Thankfully, everyone who pre-ordered the game from Telltale's site will be sent Steam codes to their e-mail addresses so they can play the game via Steam (and get the extras like Steam Achievements that go with it).

    So, just be patient. They've been sending out keys for the past hour. You'll get yours soon. I'm in the same boat in that I just pre-ordered today. We'll be the last people to get the codes in our e-mail inboxes, but they'll be coming. :)
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    ah okay thank you both i miss read the face book post: "UPDATE: Episode One is available for download right now for PC and Mac from Steam. The Telltale Store will follow shortly and we can confirm that The PSN version will go live late tonight (US Pacific Coast Time). We will be able to confirm availability on Xbox LIVE for Xbox 360 soon!" i didnt bother to read past the part where it said "from steam" lol
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