Telltale Appreciation Thread....

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This is the second snafu I'm aware of since getting TOMI. Once again telltale impressed me by giving everyone steam codes so they could enjoy the game. I understand as someone that works with servers that things can go wrong at any point with any company on any system. Telltale worked hard get it fixed and when they knew they couldn't they made sure we still got the episode before 12:01AM Pacific. So thank you Telltale for once again making a bad situation better. :)


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    I'm guessing that Telltale is going through some growing pains and is unused to dealing a game on so many formats at once. You have Steam, XBL, PS3, and their own website. Here's hoping things go more smoothly from now on.

    Plus, as a netwrok admin I feel their pain. I know server problems all to well.
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