Telltale I want to give you money, but I can't (Puzzle Agent music)


I loved Puzzle Agent 1 and 2, and I absolutely loved its soundtrack!

So I am really sad that no matter how much I throw money at the screen I can't find the buy button for the puzzle agent 1/2 soundtrack.

I would really like to buy the music and have it in CD quality or better, instead of the mp3 quality I get from ripping the music from the game. The music deserve much more that mp3 can provide.

Please let me give you money Telltale. I would truly appreciate it if you spent the short time it takes to put it on bandcamp so I can throw some of my hard earned cash on you.

Ps: here is a random picture I made that hopefully will make you so happy that you will let me throw money at you.


vegard Johansen


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    I want to give them money by buying PA 2 and Hector 2&3 but it won't come on DVD, so I'm holding off till they announce a DVD version!
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    Sadly, the only soundtracks they put out on CD were for Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2. They put OSTs for at least Bone, SBCG4AP, and Jurassic Park on the physical releases, but they're all in mp3.
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    You can get the soundtrack to Puzzle Agent from The Humble Weekly Sale! And you can pay what you want!
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    Where does it say you get a soundtrack?
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    It just says that you get two soundtracks on the page but in the e-mail newsletter it says that the soundtracks are Hector and Puzzle Agent.
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    A little more info on this bundle:

    - The Puzzle Agent soundtracks are available in both FLAC and mp3 (And are collectively known as 'Music for Puzzle Agents').
    - The Hector soundtrack is available in mp3 only.
    - I believe the bare minimum payment you can make is 1 cent.
    - The minimum for getting Steam keys is $1.
    - You only need to pay over the average if you want The Walking Dead.

    Also, I find it a little silly that anyone who already owns Hector and/or Puzzle Agent has to essentially rebuy those games in order to get access to the soundtracks, although, as I mentioned above, they can be had for 1 cent.
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