The Most Pathetic Hero

Who would you say is the more pathetic protagonist: Mike Dawson, from Dark Seed II, or Prince Alexander from King's Quest VI?


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    I would Mike Dawson is more pathetic. I mean he just doesn't scream hero at all. He seems to blunder his way through.
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    He's not really a 'hero' either...
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    I don't see why Alexander is pathetic. Obsessive, yes, but pathetic?

    Unless you mean that you dislike KQ6 which to your mind automatically makes him pathetic for no other particular reason.

    In any case, if he were pathetic, then by that scale there are plenty of other protagonists from other games who are irredeemably worthless--Guybrush Threepwood and Roger Wilco among them.
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    Alexander is resourceful, and persistant. He has alot of his father in him.
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    Alexander is a bit prim and formal, but certainly not pathetic.
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    I was about to make a joke about Anakin's next question being about whether Graham wears boxers or briefs.... and then realized I made that joke over a year ago. <sigh>
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