Real Life Venture Bro Playing Cards

Just putting my 2 cents in that I would pay money for a deck of cards stylized like the Venture Brothers deck in Poker Night 2. Even without the characters, the card design really floats my goat.

I did just a brief googling for some nifty playing cards and didn't see much, though admittedly I haven't searched hard yet. But if anyone knows some Etsy types or if a Telltale person happens by this post and makes it happen, that would be swell.


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    Same here. I'd honestly shill up money for any defictionalized card deck from either game.
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    I'd love to see real life Venture bros in flesh n bones, playing cards.
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    I really don't like the Borderlands and Venture Bros deck, but i do love the others. How much can it cost to produce these in limited quantities? I'd love to have a real life deck of Sam and Max cards.
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    I want the P0rtal Cards.
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    i know this isnt the right place to put this, but why cant we just get a venture bros game. love to play as the godless killing machine brock f@#^ing samson
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