More hector !

Would like to see another adventure of hector ! .

This is one of the best point click games ive played in a very very long time.

Would love to see the adventures to continue.

Is there some where we can donate funds towards another adventure or any news on another one.? .


  • Maybe its just my style of game play but I concur more Hector !!

  • I second that. This is the game that brought me back to point-and-click adventures after many many years

  • Loved Hector to bits, everything about it, from the gritty sleaze to the British stereotypes to the gameplay. All is not lost. I'm getting the grittiness from Fables.

  • Straandlooper seems to be currently busy with other projects. Hopefully once they have finished those we will see more Hector.

  • Lets hope we will see more Hector games being made in the near future, the Hector series had a very funny & entertaining concept with a perfect touch of classic adventure game playing style.

  • To quote the game, "bring me, Hector!"

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    I'ma gonna necro this here thread and say it once, again and also possibly a third time: "MORE HECTOR! MORE HECTOR! MORE HECTOR!..... pretty please?!!"

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