Did Reading Fables ruin parts of TWAU for you?

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Seriously, we know Snow can't be dead because she is a, if not THE main character of Fables. I love the game and am interested in seeing how Snow comes back, but all the people thinking Snow is dead is driving me crazy


  • Well, I got myself the first 121 issues and read only the first 5 or 6. Obviously some characters you see there can't permanently die in the game, prequel and all, but I doubt it would majorly ruin it for you.

    Personally I didn't like the comics at all. Unlike say The Walking Dead comics, which immediately grabbed me and I read like 100 issues in 1 week the Fables comics are just not that interesting imho. I don't like the style of it's drawings at all and the story seems to jump awkwardly at least in the first issues I have read. I will probably continue reading some more anyway to learn more about the characters.

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    Not at all. I've read all of the Fables books and all of its spin-offs (Jack of Fables, the Fairest, even Peter & Max. All that's done is make me super interested to see how it all plays out.

    I also read a lot (but not all) of TWD before playing the game. Just made me more interested in that game as well. Though I guess it's a bit different with TWD. :)

  • Not at all, but it did affect some of the choices I made.

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