SBCG4AP release dates announced!



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    tabacco wrote: »
    Update! Episode 1, Homestar Ruiner, will be available Worldwide on the PC and on WiiWare in the US on Monday, August 11. The release on WiiWare for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will follow very soon thereafter.]

    so, in the end, you do end up releasing the PC version before the wii version comes out. (well, for some us >.>)
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    Emily wrote: »
    If you buy the full season on PC from Telltale's store, you are eligible to get a free disc for the cost of shipping at the end of the run (same deal we offer with Sam & Max). This does not apply to the WiiWare version.

    More details.

    One final query: after the first episode is out, will there be an upgrade option available as well? I can't afford entire season at this time, but Tellltale will get my money eventually...

    And will you accept pencil shavings as legal tender?
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    Hmm what kind of pencil? If its a #1 graphite, we'll talk.
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    I cant believe tomarrows the big day.

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    Hey! I've had a bright idea! In episode 5 of SBCG4AP (WiiWare Version.) Once you've completed that episode, you get a unique gift code, to access the donwload from the TTG shop? How about that?
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    that's like Telltale saying, yeah all our games are free!
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    No, it's not. It's coming free with the PC version, so why not WiiWare? Huh? Huh?
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    it's not free, nothing is fre
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    Gman5852 wrote: »
    i cant believe tomarrows the big day.


    pizza orgy!!!!!

    EDIT: oooh, caps filter, kind of reminds me of KoL ;)
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