Homestar Ruiner walkthrough - get your hints here!

EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
Stuck in the game? Not anymore! :D

That's all. Continue with your lives...


  • thanks emily! Before that, all I had was the Pictures... XD
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    You stil need something. Include the SB5 Manual pages, and the clothing. I need one more clothing piece....

    Oh, and TGS. I still needs one o thems.
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    i have everything exept 2 tropies and 3 tgs cards.
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    I don't need any hints. Which was a bit of a problem for me, because I usually can extend my Sam and Max experience over a few days with short play sessions that last until I get to the point where I have to stop and think a puzzle over for a bit. I love having that moment where the solution finally clicks, only really happened once in this episode.

    I still feel like Chariots of the Dogs got the balance JUST right. But this first Strong Bad episode is much too far on the "easy" side of the scale.
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    the castle is mega hard,so i just went on the forum and found all the manual pages and tgs cards,ill try more tomorrow
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    The walkthrough is just for the critical path story. We're planning to do an "extended play" section separately... but not right away. Want to give you guys a chance to figure it out on your own, first!
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    I think this is fun, theorizing about the extra bits in the forums. ^_^
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    Oh K-K. I I'll wait. I just needs, two trophies... 1 TGS Card, And 1 piece of clothing.

    TIP: Taranchula (BLACK) Metal Detector!
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    So far need 1 TSG card (already got 211 points without it though) and 2 trophies. Have 60% on Coach Z thing and level 6 on Snakeboxer. Got all clothing.

    My formula for 211 on TSG is:
    Screen 1: Give "The Ugly One" the hairspray and "Cheerleader" the mobile ring tone. Screen 2: Give "So-And-So" the book and "What's Her Face" the car keys. Screen 3 give Cheerleader the text message

    If anyone knows where the last TSG page is I'd appreciate it as I can't find it anywhere!?! I'd also appreciate any hints on what/where/how those 2 other trophies are (I have a feeling that one is for getting all clothing/TSG parts and the other for Snakeboxing champion).

    Cheers in advance (and thanks to Telltale for an awesome game)

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    Okay, now I need 1 TGS, and two trophies.
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    The Trophies are as follows (i'm giving names only)

    Hedge Clipper award
    Annoyance Award
    "Got Strong Sad out of the House" Award
    Exploration Award

    Have fun.

    EDIT: HRWiki already Has a list of all the extra items up, if you need hints extra super bad, I would check there as well.
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    i can't find the castle on my map, how do i get it?
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    You Post this forum in the completly wrong forum section, but i'm not one to start complaining
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    You find it later in the game by the way.
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