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  • Could Vivian's crooked belt indicate she works for the Crooked Man?

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    Everything about Vivian sounds fishy as hell but i don't think she is the one making the killings. I think she's either helping the killer or working for him.

  • She probably works for whoever is behind those ribbons/no talk magic.

    Could Vivian's crooked belt indicate she works for the Crooked Man?

  • She's Romanian

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    What country are you from? If, you know, that's not a creepy question to answer. Oh jeez. This got awkward. I'm sorry, don't answer if you'r

  • Ah. That's cool!

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    She's Romanian

  • Also she smokes huff and puffs

    All I know is that she's "Georgie's girl" and works as a hostess instead of getting involved in stripping and prostitution. Hopefully we see her in the next episode to get more on her back-story.

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    Also, the fact that the crooked man was in the car and told her it was okay to spare Bigby kind of hints at that too, lol.
    But I doubt he would be so unprotected if he really was the master mind behind the events. I mean, Bigby could have thrown the Tweedle at his car fairly easily. Unless it was protected with magic.

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    She probably works for whoever is behind those ribbons/no talk magic.

  • There is a tale that is believed to have dated back to the French Revolution, but like Vivian, it's true origins are unknown. The tale has been adapted many times but the most well known titles are "The Green Ribbon" and "The Velvet Ribbon" which was black. Though there are many adaptions, the story is always the same.
    A boy falls in love with a girl who always wears a ribbon. He intends to marry her (in one version before the next full moon in autumn) & he does. On their wedding day he notices that she's still wearing her ribbon. He asks her why she's still wearing it. From this point it slightly varies most notably in the Green version where there's more sympathy for the husband.
    She replies, "I'll tell you when the time is right"
    So he doesn't bother with it & they lived happily married. Years later after they've grown old, the wife grew deathly ill. The man stayed by her side.
    She says to him, "Now I can show you the truth" She removes her ribbon & her head rolls.
    In the other versions, it's slightly darker. Let's rewind to the wedding scene when the man asks about her ribbon.
    She replies, "If I do, you'll be sorry. So I won't."
    So he doesn't bother with it & they continued the wedding. She is the perfect wife... except for the ribbon. The sight of it drove him mad. He couldn't stand the sight of it.
    He would ask "Won't you please take that ribbon off?"
    But her reply was always the same, "If I do, you'll be sorry. If I do, you'll be sorry. If I do, you'll be sorry."
    This truly tested their marriage.
    "Either take that ribbon off, or I will," he said one night to his wife of only four weeks.
    He received the same response, "If I do, you'll be sorry. So I won't."
    He felt all around her neck to find the knot, but he was stunned to find there was no end. After one night when she had drifted to sleep, the husband went to her sewing kit & removed a small pair of sewing scissors. He delicately slid the blade behind the ribbon & snipped. Along with the ribbon, her head roll off the pillow, off the bed, into the floor.
    She muttered her last words, "You'll be sorry... you'll be... sor... ry..."

    I remembered this story back in episode 2 or 3 & wasn't sure this would be a possibility because I thought it was copyrighted by someone, but after seeing Nerissa in episode 4, I felt this was actually the possible source material. So I did research & it turned out to be adapted many times. So I believe the ribbons may be a type of spell in the Fables universe, being able to be any color (like the many versions of the story being black, green, & yellow) & also making the wearer repeat a key phrase or 2 like "You'll be sorry if I do. So I won't." but in Wolf Among Us it's "These lips are sealed." & possibly a second phrase that follows "You like my ribbon?" Much like how "So I won't" follows "You'll be sorry if I do" but isn't required as often. Then of course the obvious side effect of the beheading. It's thought to have originated during the French Revolution due the grand terror & beheading by guillotine. This feature of the ribbon can be used to practically enslave the wearer with the threat to remove it. So Faith & Lily's murders were (unfortunately) quite easy & not require a lot of strength or force to do so. So Mary possibly would not have been needed for the hit & who's not to say she helped with the dirty work of ridding the body & been the one "laughing" that TJ heard.

    Decapitated by a ribbon. I like the idea. Magic ribbon will keep your mouth shut, don't try to take it off, you'll lose head. But why Faith'

  • with all the old fables in fact too many to count..there will be a few that not many have heard of, which makes the Wolf among us great to play and talk about

  • Yes and yes.

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    Who is Vivians boss then? Georgie? Who is his boss? Crooked Man?

  • You are absolutely, definitely right, and thank you for your diligent research!


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    There is a tale that is believed to have dated back to the French Revolution, but like Vivian, it's true origins are unknown. The tale has b

  • WOH!
    EXCELLENT, Lily! She has her own real story

  • Things I want to bring into here are:
    1) We assume Vivian isn't glamoured, when she could be not human in appearance.
    2) It's ASSUMED she is Georgie's favorite, but he could not send her to do "jobs" at Open Arms, because she could be lethal to clients.
    3) Whoever dumped Lily's body could hear someone no one else could. Might well be Vivian, and that's the clue to her fable.

  • Nerissa doesn't smoke Huff 'n Puffs, as seen in Episode 4. And she can't tell Bigby it was Crane's room because the ribbon, she smartly pointed Bigby at the Open Arms.

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    Also,when she ask you at the funeral "did you find anything".If you reply with it was Crane's room you say "but you already knew that,right?And Nerissa just nods,so i think it makes sense

  • Well, everyone that was close to her according to Snow was at the funeral, and all the fables there are based off of Nordic culture. Trolls are Nordic, that's where Lilly and Holly come in. Grendel was a monster that terrorized the mead halls in Scandinavia until the Nordic hero Beowulf killed him, Nerissa (The Little Mermaid) was a Danish fairy tail. Snow is even Germanic. These are all based off of Norse culture, leading me to believe that Vivian is apart of a Norse tail as well.


    just curious still going through this article, what do yall think

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