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I know what you're thinking. Another interactive fanfiction? Damn, that is low. But I've read few myself and I think I can handle something like that myself. It's my first, wait, it's my FIRST project on this community and I hope you'll be cooperating with me here, brothers and sisters. ;>

So here's the story:

TWD: Angels of Death is about Martin. Martin is a young man. He finished 18 years last month and he thinks he's ready for being an adult, but it's not really true. It's thanks to his rich parents that he's liked in school, has good grades etc. According to him, money is a major thing in Los Angeles, the place where he lives. But now, when zombie apocalypse started, will he be ready to encounter more cruel world, where money won't do him any good? Will he learn the amazing skills of survival? Or will he die miserably, trying to count on other survivors? No one knows.

...Or actually, we do know. Martin died, seeing his parents as walkers, eating other people. He snapped and died, leaving his group alone. But there was his sister, Martha, who happened to hate her parents. She had good leadership skills. She returned to LA after great escape from the forced wedding, just right before the apocalypse. Seeing her little brother die changed her. She understands that she needs to lead Martin's group to safety. Will the community they found be safe? No one knows.

The story is tailored by your choices. You choose who has to die and who can survive, you choose where to go if you have two options. There won't be a decision where your choice isn't important at all. That's some serious stuff going on here, brother.

You won't choose dialogue options (there won't by any, I'm too lazy), only the more important things.

Submission box will be opened in a bit, I need to make a new one, so I won't confuse myself.

You'll soon be part of Season 2 Episode 1.

Link to the submission box will be here: LOCKED BECAUSE SO MUCH CHARACTERS. All of them will be introduced in upcoming Season 3

Introduced: Margareth, Eddard, Brandon Coleman, Winston Tsao, Katherine, Robin, Pyrra, Lucy, Henri Orleano, Spencer Drake, AC, Adalbert, Patrick, Kaden Foxe, Malcolm Ward, Elizabeth West, Kareem, Jonathan, James, Fredo, Artie, Brent, Jean, Zaphaeus, Kami, Devyn, Charlie, Lars Gaffner, Tony, Sonya, Stef, Usui Ousawa, Nick Ramsey, Friedrich Malcolm, Emma, Reyna

Waiting to be introduced: Emily, Jeremiah King, Ian, Gia, Zack, Martin Daniel, Mateo Rodriguez, Jefferson Mclannon, Ursula Frost, Bump the King (just kidding with this one), Seamus, Irvin Monroe, Fiona Roberts, Zafir Elverson, Blake Keith Elverson, Don Storm, Valery Storm, Nozomi Minami, Lara Martinez, Marina Martinez, Lloyd Montgomery,





  • Can I submit two characters - mother and her son?

  • Yeah :)

    Can I submit two characters - mother and her son?

  • When we reach 5-6 characters, I'll update the 'Waiting to be introduced' list and then start writing first chapter, you can still submit tho, the more the better.

    Ahh, I always loved roleplaying :D

  • I submitted my character.I have a feeling this will be a good story :)

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    Submitted my both characters. Excited for the story!

  • Ok, we have 6 characters counting Martin so that's good enough for starting a story. Here's a schedule:

    I will post two or three chapters every day, because I have lots of time lately.

    Every episode has 6 chapters, but if some episode needs to be shorter/longer, it will have more/less.

    Thank you for your interest! Writing won't take me much! :)

  • Cool

    Crips posted: »

    Ok, we have 6 characters counting Martin so that's good enough for starting a story. Here's a schedule: I will post two or three chapters

  • Count me in!! submitted ;)

  • I will! I'll update everything after finishing 1st Chapter. I'm reading all the submitions in the meantime

    Domingez posted: »

    Count me in!! submitted

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    This is kewl'! Hopefully this turns into a sweet potatopie ;)
    Anyhow, I submitted a character.

    Winston approves.

  • Well since your story takes place in L.A. I feel kind of obliged to make a gangbanger character. Maybe he'll be a member of the Crips. (Pun intended)

  • I submitted a character too

  • Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6)

    Pant, pant... Pant, pant...

    Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely lost my mind after what I saw. Running through the streets full of THEM, trying not to look behind. What a horror...I still remember how it happened.

    It was Friday. I loved that day of week, but again, who didn't? Almost immediately after waking up, I went on Facebook to see is there some party today that I can go to. There were some boring posts about upcoming apocalypse - that a weird laboratory exploded and weird infection started to spread since then, 'cause lab guys were working on something dangerous and it failed. I've read some of these, but I didn't really care, seeing how I 'survived' the apocalypse of 2012. So, I did speak up with some of my friends. Today's goal was a bar named Golden Horns. Little bar for everyone, in the corner of the district, so why couldn't we go there? I told my parents that I'm going out with my friends and they accepted it, though their faces didn't have happy expressions.

    My God, they listened to this crap about apocalypse...Those folks will believe in everything..., I thought.

    Without care in the world, I later went to the Golden Horns. I was so excited! Lots of alcohol and cool girls! I opened the main door and entered. Music already went on. Oh man, time to start the party! Hell yeah!

    My friends were here too, so we quickly sank into the dance. It was awesome and fun, just like every friday party. I met few cool and sexy girls and they gave me their numbers! Each one of those girls didn't know about another, so they weren't jealous about things or anything. But instantly, something started to happen...

    Bar's owner turned off the music. He was terrified.

    -Ohh, c'mon dude, turn it on! - I yelled. I was clearly not happy from lack of dancy music.

    -Shut up, kid! Look what's happening outside - He responded. I wasn't really happy being named 'kid' but I looked outside. I thought maybe he'll turn it on when I do. What I saw...My God...

    I saw rotten bodies walking, being alive and eating other people! Jesus Christ! Some military was there, but they didn't do much. There were hordes of them, doing nothing but eating. Everyone in the bar started screaming. It wasn't a good idea.

    -Shh, shh, shh, we're safe here, goddamn it! - Golden Horns owner clearly tried to calm people down, but it didn't work. Then, a group of those...those walkers came, being attracted by screams! They destroyed the windows and door and started to crawl through them! Some of people who were standing too close, were eaten...eaten alive. The rest of people escaped through the rear exit. Not seeing where they ran, I escaped in another direction. And here I am, on the streets, walkers everywhere.

    I think I runned through two streets without being caught, but one of them finally managed to catch my hand through the fence of some house. I thought he'll bite me, but two people came from another direction. One of them was young man with black hair and blue eyes, having a bag with him. The second person was an older, tall woman with ginger hair and green eyes. She was really pretty and didn't have any freckles for a ginger lady.

    The woman took her handgun out of the pocket and shot the walker trying to eat my arm. I started to breathe really deeply and loudly.

    -Hey, Adalbert, we need to take him to our group! - the woman said.

    -Uh...Are you sure? Our leader might not like it...-Adalbert spoke. He had sad expression on his face.

    -Come on, it's always two more helpful hands! - woman spoke again. She sounded like she really cared about me, even if I was a stranger to them.

    -He looks like one of those famous Los Angeles gangbangers! Maybe he's even a pedophile....-Adalbert spoke. -I don't know, Margareth. I don't know will he...

    -...Will he be useful? I'm sure he will. - Margareth interrupted him. I started to follow them even I wasn't really sure can I trust them.

    -Without weapon, you'll be useless here, but we'll try to protect you. - Adalbert said. I was really happy to see good folks here. Then I reminded myself about my parents...but I'm sure they'll be okay. They barricated whole house by now, I guess.

    Adalbert took out the handgun outta his bag. He, with Margareth, started shooting. We started to push ourselves through the horde of enemies, it wasn't that easy though. One bad move and they could get you right away. I didn't have any weapon, so I was working for them as a scout and was telling every dangerous walkers positions and such. After 10 or 15 minutes, we found ourselves on the crossroad.

    -Shit. There weren't so many of them before! And our hideout is on the other side! - Margareth said. She was rather scared.

    Well, I wouldn't blame her. Big, BIG group of walkers was messing around on the middle of the crossroad. There was a slim chance of getting on the other side though.

    -We can wait for them to split up. Look, the garage next to that house over there is opened, we can wait safely there! - She said. I looked in that direction and yeah, there was an opened garage with no walkers nearby.

    -We need to get back to group. They'll be looking for us, but splitting up is very dangerous! Think about your son! - Adalbert said. Margareth's face got sadder.

    -You have a son...? - I bursted out. No idea why did I come up with that question. She ignored that.

    -There's no getting to them. We have to wait. - Margareth said.

    -We NEED to get past them! Now or never! - Adalbert said. I was afraid he'll alert walkers, but he didn't, Thank God.

    -Let's ask him. Okay, boy, you have a swing vote here. What do we do? - Margareth said.

    I became silent.

    [Wait in a garage] [Push through the walkers' group]]

  • Oooh, I love the way you portrayed Margareth! I already love her.

    Let's [push through the walkers' group] so I can regret it later.

    Crips posted: »

    Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6) Pant, pant... Pant, pant... Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely

  • Tough one.
    [Wait in a garage]

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    [Push through the walkers' group]]

  • [Wait in a garage]

    Crips posted: »

    Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6) Pant, pant... Pant, pant... Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely

  • Aah, such yellow.

    [Wait in a garage]

    Crips posted: »

    Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6) Pant, pant... Pant, pant... Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely

  • Thanks for the votes. I'll close it...hmm...I dunno when, we'll see.

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    [Push through the walkers' group]

  • [Push through the walkers' group]

    Crips posted: »

    Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6) Pant, pant... Pant, pant... Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely

  • Mhm...Who submitted Jonathan? I have a question for him

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    Can I submit two characters - mother and her son?

  • Ok, voting ends in twelve minutes and later I'll start writing Chapter 2 because why not!

    You guys will have more time voting because idk will I do third one today.

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    Chapter 2 coming out in few minutes!

    Pushing through the herd won

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    lol, sry, i wont count yours

    Pipas posted: »

    Just submitted a character. :-) Also, [Wait in a garage] Edit: Oh well, too late.

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    Just submitted a character. :-) Also, [Wait in a garage]

    Edit: Oh well, too late.

  • Let hope we won't lost in the woods or ending camp there

    Crips posted: »

    lol, sry, i wont count yours

  • Hm, okay, Pipas, I decided. I won't count yours. Sreh :D

    ualexen92 posted: »

    Let hope we won't lost in the woods or ending camp there

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    No problem, was late anyway. Next time I'll try to vote in time. :-)

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    Hm, okay, Pipas, I decided. I won't count yours. Sreh

  • Submitted an old army veteran.

  • [Wait in Garage]

    Crips posted: »

    Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6) Pant, pant... Pant, pant... Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely

  • [Push through]

    Crips posted: »

    Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 1/6) Pant, pant... Pant, pant... Oh my dear lord, how long have I been running? I completely

  • I'm literally addicted to these things. Every single one I see I enter a character. Really looking forward to this series and good luck!

  • Alright. Kareem the reformed gangbanger has been submitted.

    Enjoying the story so far.

  • Ok, I submitted my character :-), he's Spencer Drake.

  • Episode 1 - Through The Streets (Chapter 2/6)

    (?) You chose to push through the walkers

    -I, uh, I think we should try to go on. I mean, guys, you have a fucking guns with you. They won't do much. - I said after silent while.

    (?) Adalbert will remember that.

    -But you don't have a single weapon with you, boy. By the way, what's your name? - Margareth asked me.

    -Martin. - I replied.

    -Let's...Let's just go, alright? Martin is right about what should we do, but we shouldn't do that by standing around, talking about people's names. - Adalbert said. I agreed with him and we started our jorney.

    First shot was Margareth's. She shot one of them in the head and he fell. I smiled, seeing how well a woman can work with a handgun.

    Adalbert shot too, but he missed the head accidently and hit walker's chest. He didn't die though.

    -Son of a bitch...-He mumbled.

    So they can die only when you hit the head...that's nice to know, I thought.

    And so we were attacking. Everyone from their side was dying. And another, and another, and another...It looked really cool from my perspective, but I didn't have a gun and they had. They should give me something, goddamn it...

    Suddenly, Margareth fell and screamed. I thought she's being eaten alive, but thank God, I was wrong. She just tripped over a silver motorcycle laying on the road. Someone was probably grabbed while riding it...Poor thing.

    -Shit! Shit! SHIT! - She was screaming outta fear. The situation was crazy. Really crazy. Suddenly, Adal came to me and gave me his pistol.

    -Cover me, I'm gonna help her! You know how to use that, right? - he said.

    -Of course I do. - I replied. Hours spent at Call Of Duty and local shooting range didn't go to waste. I grabbed the gun, pointed it at the closest enemy, took a breath and shot. Beautiful. He fell. That's what happens when you mess around with me! I smiled, but the surgeon wasn't really happy. I covered them. He took her on his arms and couldn't shoot. She and I could though, so we were doing that until our fingers were red like some American guys necks.

    We get out of this shit. On the other side of the crossroad, there were almost no walkers. I followed Adalbert, who ran into clothing store. He kicked the front door and opened it that way. There were some people inside.

    A man with black hair, short beard and green eyes approached us. He took her into his hands and tried to help her get into the nearest chair, so she can sit. I thought he's gonna make her dirty for a while, because he had blue denim jacket and white dirty undershit on himself. Well, I guess you don't care about hygiene in zombie apocalypse anymore...

    -What the fuck happened, Adal? - The man said. He looked angry at him.

    -She tripped over...We walked through the herd, and, uh...- Adalbert tried to explain, but got interrupted.

    -Who the fuck is he? And was she bitten?!

    -She WASN'T bitten, I swear! And I know you told us 'no more people' but look, he can be helpful, and...Come on, Patrick...You have to believe me we had to help hi--

    -Okay, shut up, shut up. Listen, kid, if you're gonna be a problem, then I'll kill you right away with my Desert Eagle.

    -I...I can help you guys. My name is Martin, by the way. - I said. I was scared by him.

    -Patrick. - he replied. I got a bit happier when he started to trust me.

    Also, I noticed a silent guy sitting in the corner of the room. He had a black hair with ponytail, hazel eyes and puny little mustache. He had an orange T-shirt with hamburger drawn on it, not forgetting about shorts and sandals with socks. His clothes were bloody, but I guess that's not a secret why.

    Suddenly, three people came down from the stairs being at the back of the room - a 12 year old, I think, kid, an older kid and a young lady. Younger kid was kinda tall for his age and had dark-brown shaggy hair and bright green eyes. She ran over to Margareth and hugged her.

    -Mom! - he yelled. -You're back!

    -Yes I am, Eddard. How are you? - she replied.

    -I'm fine! Ms. Katherine took a good care of me! - she said.

    Older kid, who had his left eye replaced with a glass eye had also brown eyes and black hair. He rolled his eyes and said:

    -Don't be hyped, kid. If it wasn't for me, you'd be long dead by now! You know, I have no slightest idea why I helped you guys when I did, but be more fucking good to me! - I immediately thought there's gonna be troubles with him.

    -Ha, you're so great, Brandon. I wonder why aren't you a fucking president yet. Maybe go back to playing Lego upstairs, when there will be an adult conversation over here. - The young lady said. She had curly, dark brown hair and hazel eyes with freckles all over her face. She wasn't really gorgeous, but she wasn't the ugliest girl ever. I guess her name is Katherine, because she's the only lady besides Margareth.

    -An adult talk with a fucking 12 year old kiddo? - Brandon said. I swear, I didn't even talk to him and wanted to punch him so hard. Patrick's angry look scared him though and he went upstairs.

    -Okay, Martin, that was Brandon and he's really annoying at times but you'll get used to it. - Patrick said.

    -Yeah, and I see you've met Adal and Margareth. My name is Katherine and I'm kind of a traveler. - The girl said. I smiled and repeated my name.

    -Okay, so who is he? - I pointed at a silent man sitting lonely in a corner.

    -That's Winston. Winston Thao. He's from Hong Kong. He's mute and because we don't know sign language, we communicate with him by writing sentences on a sheet of paper and then he replies the same way. - She replied.

    -Okay, so, as I said, I'm Martin and I'm just looking for a safe place when I can survive. - I said.

    -Don't worry, you'll be good. I sent Adalbert and Margareth to look after a place that can have food. We're not starving yet, but we gotta think about future. - Patrick said with a sad expression on his face. I understood him. There's gotta be thinking about future.

    -Uh, guys...? - Margareth asked quietly.

    -What is it, doctor? - Katherine said.

    -I...- She sobbed. -I lied. I was bitten.

    -WHAT?!?! - Adal screamed. He looked like he saw a ghost.

    -I didn't want to raise panic, but yes, I was bitten in the wrist...On the crossroad...I killed the culprit of it before Adal or Martin saw it. - Margareth said.

    Well, I was shocked. I just stood there silently, having eyes wide open. What now? She seems to be a nice person. I don't want her to die, but there's no cure to getting bitten and I think that's how it works - you get bitten or eaten alive and you become one of them.

    -We can cut her arm of...-Adalbert said. He looked like he was about to cry. Come on, man, you gotta be tough.

    -...I know it worked for my colleague I was communicating with few hours ago. He was bitten and he cut his arm off in time. Saved his life. - He continued.

    -What's going on? - Eddard started to panic. I took him at the side of the room. I tried to be subtle, but not too subtle, so he can understand what's happening.

    -Your mommy got sick and she needs an operation. She can loose her arm, so you don't wanna see that. You can play with me and Brandon upstairs. What do you say? - I told him. I had a good approach with kids, I once babysitted my cousin's daughter. I wanted to have kids myself sometimes, even if I like friday parties.

    -I don't wanna leave mom! I wanna be with her through this! - He said with loud voice. I didn't want him to see that, yet I didn't want him to scream and attract walkers.

    -We'll figure something out...-I said and started to think. What should I do?

    [Let him watch] [Don't let him watch]

  • [Let him watch]

  • [Don't let him watch]

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