A New World-Interactive story,(Accepting Characters)

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Just a little fan-fic i'm starting,you can submit your characters so they appear in the story

2 months into the zombie apocalypse

Marcus: Keep running, they’re getting closer.

Jack: I’d be easier without all this bags, what’s in them?

Marcus: Some things i took from the camp, weapons, food,you know things that i thought would be useful.

Bandit: keep searching they have to be somewhere around here!! – a voice in the distance shouted-

Marcus and Jack got to the road, the men were not to far from there.

Jack: Fuck, where’s Erik? He said he’d be here.

Marcus: There he is –Marcus said pointing at a car driving their way-

Erik quickly opened the car’s doors.

Erik: Come on get in! Quick!

Marcus and Jack got into the car as fast as they could, Erik pressed on the accelerator and the car drove off.

Marcus: My god [heavy breathing] that was a close call

Erik: What did they even wanted with you Marcus?

Marcus: Those fuckers where seriously sick, they wanted to exchange me for fuel with some fucking cannibals down in Macon!

Jack: Cannibals!? Da fuck?

Erik: Are people already eating each others? Damn

Jack: Good thing the A-team was here to save your ass.

Marcus: Man, i’m glad you arrived, i thought you had forgotten about me

Erik: What’s in those bags?

Jack: I don’t know but it better be worth the risk, this fool here made me infiltrate on a tent to get them, it’d have been a perfect stealthy scape if it wasn’t for these bags

Marcus: I saw them put lots of guns and food in there, thought it’d be useful!

Erik: We sure need those Marcus, but we need you more, I don’t know what we’d do without you, don’t risk your life next time.

Jack: I didn’t know you two were lovers, [in a mocking tone] I don’t know what we’d do without you Marcus.

Erik: Shut up Jack, you know what i mean, he's the only doctor in the group

Jack: Just joking man, or did I touched some soft spot there?

Erik: Shut up!

Jack: Ok,ok I’ll just look through the window and keep my mouth shut

The guys arrived to their destination, everybody got out of the car

Jennifer: Oh god, I was scared you guys wouldn’t return

Jack: Come on Jen, you know you’re dealing with professionals here

Jennifer: The same professional that chased a rabbit with a stick for 15 minutes a couple of days ago?

Jack: I already told you that rabbit was some kind of super-secret experiment from the government.

Jennifer: Anyway, how did the rescue go guys?

Erik: Well I think we’ll have to get out of here ASAP, we’ve some pissed off bandits after us.

Jennifer: I thought this would be a super stealthy ninja kind of rescue

Marcus: Well, we got a little ambitious and took some of their stuff.

Jennifer: Well I hope they’re worth it.

Erik: I’m looking at them, just guns with no ammo.

Jack:Well, I think now we have 5 bags full of baseball bats, thanks to Marcus.

Marcus: Some food in there?

Erik: Nope

Jennifer: Ok, I’ll go get the stuff ready to go

Everyone put their things on the vault of the car and then got on the car, Erik started driving.

Two hours passed.

Erik: I think we should stop here, I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep, there’s a gas station over there.

Marcus: Ok, we’ll need some good rest too, sleeping in this car isn’t too comfortable.

The car stopped and everybody went to inspect the gas station

Erik: Ok Marcus, you and Jen go inspect the bathroom over there, Jack and I will go inside.

Erik and Jack entered in the gas station.

Jack: Wow, something really wrecked this place.

Erik: It looks empty; I don’t think there’s walkers around here.

Erik opened a door; it seemed like some kind of storage, when he opened it he saw three beds and two people sleeping in there, a woman and a child.

Jack turned around; he saw Jen and Marcus with their hands raised and a man pointing a gun at them.

Man: Are they with you too?

Jen: Yes, look we’re good people, there’s no need for violence

Man: I don’t know who you’re, but you better leave now.

Erik: We…we thought it was abandoned, we’ll leave don’t worry

Man: I’ll count to three and you better be outta here when I finish. One, two, three BANG

A bullet smashed the glass of the gas station and went right through the man’s shoulder.


Jack: What the?!

Marcus looked through the window.

Marcus: The bandits!!

By now the woman(Man’s wife) and the child (Man’s Daughter) were already awake.

Man: [on the floor with his hand on his shoulder] There was people following you?

Jen: We thought we had lost them.

Man’s wife : What’s happening?

Man: It’s okay sweety, close the door and don’t let Anna (Man's daughter) get out

Everybody got their guns out and started shooting.

Bandit: You motherfuckers, we’ll kill you.

Jen: Well they don’t sound too happy.

Erik: Jack go look for an exit in the back

Jack ran to the back of the gas station and opened the back door.

Jack: Oh shit!

Erik: What happens?

Jack:There’s walkers coming

Marcus: Shit,we’re fucked

Jennifer: Clam down there has to be a way, I got it, Jack close that door and don’t let it open , let the sound draw the walkers to them.

Erik: It…might work, Jack close that door and don’t let it open!

Man: Give me a gun, I’ll help too.

Marcus: No way you’re injured.

Man: Give me the fucking gun; it’s my family I’m protecting here.

Marcus gave Jack’s gun to the man.

Marcus: Ok, but don’t shoot unless it’s necessary, you heard the plan.

Bandit: The walkers they’re getting closer!

Jack: It’s working.

The bandits stopped shooting at them and concentrated on the walkers.

Erik: I think I can reach the car without being shot.

Jack: You sure?

Erik: Just cover me!

Erik ran to the car while, Marcus and Jen covered him, there were just about ten bandits, 3 of them had been bitten.

Man:Jessica, (His wife) Anna (Man's daughter)we're getting out of here!!

The man’s wife and his daughter came out.

Erik stopped the car in front of the gas station.

Erik: Hurry up!

Marcus: I’ll carry the girl.

Marcus grabbed Anna and ran to the car,

Jack let the door go, and ran to the car

Jen ran to the car and then the man and his wife, but a bullet reached his leg.

Man: ARRGH –he felt to the floor-

Bandit: I hit one! -a walkerbit the bandit- AARGH

The man's wife ran to him

Man’s wife: Sweety, are you ok?.

Man: I’m fine, jus help me

A walker sneaked up on them and bit his wife.

Man:No, No –The man got up and hit the walker-you fucker.

Another walker came and bit him.

Man: AAAH – the man felt to the floor and the walker started to eat him-

Jack: Oh shit!

Jen: Let’s go, there’s nothing we can do for them.

Erik drove off, Marcus was still carrying Anna on his arms, she was crying.

The bandit’s shoots were still heard in the distance.

Choices will start on Chapter 2



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    Two hours after the incident on the gas station, Anna had already fallen sleep; there were still dry tears on her face.

    Erik: What’re we going to do?

    Marcus: It’s my fault, this girl’s parents are dead and it’s my fault –Marcus said with an agitated tone-

    Jen: It was no one’s fault.

    Marcus: If I hadn’t had the idea to steal from those guys we’d be ok!!

    Erik: Calm down Marcus you didn’t know what was going to happen

    Jen: Instead of blaming yourself, you should be thinking how you are going to take care of her

    Erik: We don’t have enough food we should find people that want to adopt her

    Jen: What? No, we should take care of her, we can’t give her to some random person that we find on the road.

    Marcus: I… I can’t take her of her, every time I look at her she reminds me that her parents died cause of my fault.

    Jen: It was not you fau…

    Jack: CAN WE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT HER LIKE IF SHE WAS A THING? we can’t decide for her, we can’t give her to the first person we find, but we can’t force her to stay with us either!!!

    Jen: Then what should we do?

    Jack: I don’t know; let’s give her some space she’ll decide by herself

    Jack was always the one doing jokes, but there was something different in him this time.

    Jen: And what if she doesn’t want to stay? Do we just let her go with a random stranger? Don’t you remember that there’s fucking cannibals out there?

    Jack: We’ll make sure they’re okay people if she wants to leave with someone else.

    Erik: I think we should discuss this when we have found somewhere to stay the night, I didn’t have time to fill the gas tank, and we can’t stay the night inside this car.

    Jack: Ok, I don’t feel like discussing this right now either

    Everyone shut up, the rest of the trip remained silent.

    Jen: There!! We could pass the night in that dinner.

    Erik: Sounds like the best idea, I’m running low on gas

    Everyone went out of the car, it was dawn already, but everyone was sleepy from the agitated night, as soon as they checked that there were no walkers they all fell asleep.

    6 hours later.

    Jen woke up, Anna was staring out of the window.

    Jen: Hey…uh what’re you thinking about?


    Jen: [sigh] Look, I know this must be hard for you, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.

    Anna: You can’t bring my parents back.

    Jen: I know honey, but unfortunately we can’t.

    Jack had already waked up.

    Jen: We’ll find somewhere else to live, and you’ll be happy there

    Jack heard the conversation.

    Jack: You can’t convince her like that, it’s not that simple.

    Jen: Uh? Oh Jack you’re awake

    Jack:I’m sorry about how I shouted to you back in the car.

    Jen: Don’t worry Jack, but I was surprised by your reaction.

    Jack: Let’s go somewhere else I’ll explain you

    Jen and Jack entered to the dinner’s kitchen

    Jack: I also lost my parents when I was about her age.

    Jen: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

    Jack: Yeah, like everybody else, It was on a fire, police couldn’t determinate how it started, my dad died on his room, he had a headache that day so he went to sleep, my mom carried me out of the house, but it was too late for her she had suffered third degree burns on her face, arms, legs and most of her body, she was never the same again, she died from drug abuse 2 years later, after all that everyone was sorry for me, they tried to make me happy with expensive toys and all that kind of stuff, then a rich couple adopted me, she was sterile, that’s why they adopted orphan kids from over the world, they also tried to give me expensive things, but they soon realized that I only wanted one thing, my parents, after that they treated me like a normal child , I went to school, I graduated from college, and i'm thankful with them for all that, they were the closest thing i had to a parent after the accident.

    Jen: Why are you telling me all this?

    Jack: Why? Cause she doesn’t want your pity, you can’t comfort her with words, she want her parents back, and we can’t give her that, we have to let her be herself, chose by herself and let her be a normal child. Well she can’t be a normal child in this world, but you know what I mean.

    Jen: Yeah, I know what you mean.

    Erik: Wow, I didn’t know that from you

    Jack: Could you announce before you come in next time?

    Erik: Sorry, I woke up and heard you two talking, I thought you were having a “happy time”

    Jen: What? You perv, me and Jack are just friends, right Jack?

    Jack: Yeah just friends…just friends.

    Jen: Anyway, I think you should speak to her, since you know how she feels and all

    Jack: Eh, I don’t think that’s a good idea

    Erik: No it’s an good idea.

    Jack: Ok, I’ll try

    Erik: Jen while Jack does that, could you come with me to search for some gas? Marcus is kind of unstable right now.

    Jen: Yeah of course, just let me get ready.

    Jen got ready and Erik and her departed to look for gasoline.

    Meanwhile Jack had already talked to Anna, Marcus was already awake by that time.

    Jack: Oh hey Marcus, I just talked to Anna.

    Marcus: And what does she said?

    Jack: She doesn’t want to be with us.

    Marcus: Oh thanks God

    Jack: What?

    Marcus: No, nothing, you know I heard about a settlement where she could be safe, maybe she can stay there.

    Jack: I’m not sure, we should take her there, and if she likes it we’ll let her there, does is sound safe?

    Marcus: Yeah, I heard it from some guy right before joining you guys.

    Jack: Was he going there?

    Marcus: Was

    Jack: Oh…and where’s the settlement?

    Marcus: Down in Savannah, it’s called Crawford.

    Jack: I’ll ask Jen and Erik what they think about it when they come back, anyway it’s not like we have too much options.


    Jen: Hey look, a gas station

    Erik: Yeah, I see it.

    Erik filled two gas cans.

    Erik:Ok, that should be enough for now, let’s go back to the dinner.

    Suddenly they heard a car coming down the street.

    Jen: Oh shit, there’s someone coming

    Both of them hided on the forest right behind the dinner

    Erik: Ok, I think they’re go…

    Before Erik was finished talking a crawling walker grabbed his ankle.

    Jen rapidly stabbed the walker on the hand, it released Erik and he shot the walker on the head.

    The sound attracted mote walkers, three of them who were hid by the forest’s vegetation stood up.

    Erik: Oh shit

    They started running further into the forest

    Jen: There’s a cabin over there!!

    Erik: Come on let’s get in!!

    Both went into the cabin and closed the doors, as soon as they turned around they had three men with guns, pointing at them.

    Man 1: Oh what do we got here?, hahaha

    Erik: Don’t shoot we’re nice people

    Man 2: Give me your guns now, or I’ll shoot

    Erik: I’m sure we can negotiate this

    Man 1: Give him you fucking guns now!!!

    Erik: Ok, just don’t shoot.

    What should Erik and Jen do?

    [Don't give their guns to the men]

    [Give their guns to the men]

    Also remember that you can submit a character, so it appears on the story

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    Good Job so far

  • Good Job so far :)

  • [Don't give their guns to the men]
    Great Chapter!!!

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    Two hours after the incident on the gas station, Anna had already fallen sleep; there were still dry tears on her face. Erik: What’re we

  • Name: Ivan Myles

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Sad , Depressive , Suicidal , Caring , Smart

    Apperance: black short heddle hair , brown eyes , 4,1 feet tall , caucasian

    Name: Julian Myles

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Caring , Helpful , Dumb , Happy

    Apperance: brown short curly hair , brown eyes , 3,2 feet tall , caucasian

    Name: Jessica Myles

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Nervous , Shy , Caring (she has an anxiety disorder)

    Apperance: black long curly hair , brown eyes , 3,8 feet tall , caucasian

    All of these are brothers :P

  • Name: Nicole Woylman

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Agressive , Sarcastic , Mean , Caring

    Apperance: red long heddle hair , blue eyes , 5,1 feet tall , caucasian

    Name: Shouna Woylman

    Age: 1 Month

    Gender: Female

    Personality: it´s a baby XD

    Apperance: blue eyes , caucasian

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    Sorry for taking so long to post this part, but i have had some problems with my internet this past couple of days. [Don’t give the guns

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    Sorry for taking so long to post this part, but i have had some problems with my internet this past couple of days.

    [Don’t give the guns to the men]

    Man 3: They have gas too.

    Man 1: Yeah, it seems like we won the lottery here, they have gas, guns and the girl has a nice ass.

    Erik: Don’t speak of her like that!!

    Man 2: SHUT UP!- he said as he hit Erik with his gun, Erik felt to the floor-

    The first man started beating Erik with his rifle.


    Jen started planning something.

    Man 3: Give me your guns.

    Jen: Ok, just let me…

    Jen quickly stabbed the third man with her knife in the neck, and at the same time threw one of the gas cans to the second man, the first man raised his gun and was about to shot her when Erik shot him on the chest. The second man stood up, and Jen shoot the gas can, it got on fire, Erik shot him on the head.

    Jen took her knife from the third man’s neck, and both ran outside, the were able to hear the scream of one of the man who was still alive, as the cabin started catching fire.

    Jen felt to the ground, she had been shot on the leg

    Jen: Aaah

    Erik: What happenes?

    Jen: I was shot I didn’t even notice.

    Erik: Oh god! Let me help you

    Jen: I’m okay just…Arghh… yeah I think you should help me

    Erik: Don’t try to act though, you already showed me that you’re not a weak girl

    Erik helped Jen to stand up, they got to the gas station and put some of the gas on the car, he turned the car on and both drove off.

    Jen: We … we just killed three men .

    Erik: They had it coming, those men where fucked up.

    Jen: I guess, but I thought I’d feel guilty, and i…I don’t

    Erik: Haven’t you ever killed someone? After this thing started I mean

    Jen: Not really

    Erik: Just try that it doesn’t become something natural, that’s what I do…or try at least

    Jen: My father used to support death penalty; I wonder what he’d think about me now that I’m a murderer.

    Erik: You didn’t do it cause you’re a bad personl, it was in self-defense.

    Jen: It’s just that I’m trying to get used to the fact that we’ll never live a normal life again.

    Erik: Don’t say that, I’m sure someone out there is making a cure right now; this will be over in less than a year you’ll see. And what happened to your parents? if you don’t mind me asking

    Jen: I was on college when this happened, I don’t know what happened to them.

    Erik: I’m sure they’re fine, don’t worry we’ll find them.

    Jen: I hope so.

    Erik: How’s your leg doing?

    Jen: It still hurts like hell

    Erik and Jen arrived to the dinner.

    Erik: Marcus!! Come here!!

    Marcus went out.

    Marcus: Hey, how was it?

    Erik: Jen is shot, we need your help.

    Marcus: Oh god, what happened?

    Jen: We found some bastards on a cabin

    Marcus: What were you even doing on a cabin?

    Erik: It’s a long story, could you focus on her leg ?

    Marcus: Yeah ok.

    Marcus took Jen inside the dinner and started taking the bullet out. Erik went into the dinner too.

    Erik: See Jack? This is why meant, without him I don’t know what we’d have done with Jen shot.

    Jack: Come on don’t tell me that you two wouldn’t make a nice couple.

    Erik: sigh¨ Anyway, how it went with Anna?

    Jack: She doesn’t want to stay with us, she says that

    Erik: What do we do then?

    Jack: Marcus told me about a settlement in Savannah, he said it might be safe there

    Erik: If it sounds safe we should give it a try, even ww can stay there if it’s actually safe.

    30 minutes later

    Marcus: Ok, I did what I could.

    Jack: Will she live?

    Marcus: Yep, she was lucky the bullet didn’t do too much damage

    Erik: Those are good news, cause we’re leaving tomorrow.

    Jack: Don’t you think it’s better to wait for her to heal a little?

    Erik:Anna is our priority right now, plus that settlement must have better equipment to take care of Jen.

    The rest of the day was normal, well as normal as a day in the zombie apocalypse can be.

    4:00 am

    A shout woke everyone up.


    Jen: uh? What?

    Erik, Jack and Jen came outside where Marcus was, Jen was limping cause of the shot.

    Jack: What the hell is going on? It better be important

    Marcus: The forest is on fire, and it's getting close to the dinner

    Erik: Oh no! The cabin

    Jack: What cabin?

    Erik: Remember the men we found in the cabin?

    Marcus: Yeah

    Erik:Well we had to lit the cabin on fire

    Jack: Wow, you two had quite an adventure.

    Marcus: At least you two are safe.

    Jen: Look! I don’t think the fire is the worst of our problems

    Jen pointed at the forest, lots of walkers were coming out of the forest.

    Jack: Well they’re intelligent enough to escape from the fire.

    Erik: Anna! Where’s Anna?

    Jack: Oh shit she’s still in the dinner!

    Jack went inside the dinner.

    Jack: Anna! Where are you?

    The walkers were getting in the dinner through the back door.

    Anna was in the kitchen crying.

    Anna: They’re getting in!

    Jack: I know, I know we have to get outta here, come on

    The walkers started getting into the kitchen.

    Jack: Fuck, they’re surrounding us

    Jen: Jack where’re you?

    Jack:Over here!

    Jen: Oh shit!

    Jen started shooting at the walkers, the dinner started catching fire

    Anna went with Jen, Jack was fighting the walkers

    Jen: Anna go outside I’ll save Jack.

    Anna : No, I’ll stay with you!

    Erik and Marcus were outside .

    Erik: Jen hurry up!

    Marcus: She was injured; we shouldn’t have let her go inside

    The dinner was smoking, the interior was full of smoke, walkers were surrounding Marcus and Erik too.

    Marcus: Fuck, we don’t have too much time left.

    Erik:JEN HURRY UP!

    Marcus:We… we gotta go there’s too many of them

    Meanwhile inside.

    Jen : Anna go with Erik and Marcus, now!!

    Anna: No! I want to help Jack, he’s my friend

    What should Anna do?

    [Stay with Jack and Jen]

    [Go with Erik and Marcus]

  • [Go with Erik and Marcus]

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    Sorry for taking so long to post this part, but i have had some problems with my internet this past couple of days. [Don’t give the guns

  • Hmm we need a tie breaker, i'll wait 24 hours if there's no new votes for then, the first vote that was submitted will be the way to go

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    Sorry for taking so long to post this part, but i have had some problems with my internet this past couple of days. [Don’t give the guns

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    Since there wasn't a tie braker the first both submitted won

    [Stay with Jack and Jen]

    Jen: Anna go with Erik, you’re not safe here.

    Anna: I want to help Jack, I won’t !!

    Jen kept shooting to the walkers attacking Jack, the whole place was falling apart cause of the fire.

    Jack hit the last walker in the head.

    Jen: You ok?

    Jack: Yeah let’s get outta here, come on Anna.

    Anna fell to the floor.

    Jen: She passed out, it must be the smoke.

    Jack grabbed Anna and quickly ran outside. Marcus and Erik were nowhere to be seen

    Jen: Dammit, they are gone, what do we do?

    Jack: Come on this way!!

    Jen and Jack ran as fast as they could.

    Next morning.

    Anna woke up, she was lying on the floor, next to some bushes.

    Jack: Jen! She’s awake!

    Jen: Thanks god, you’re ok

    Anna: W…what happened?

    Jen: You passed out, I told you to go with Erik and Marcus.

    Jack: She can be with whomever she feels right, remember?

    Jen: The place was burning; she could have died inside there.

    Jack: Yeah you’re right I guess, Anna next time we tell you to do something do it, ok? We want you to be safe.

    Anna: Ok

    Jen: Now we should focus on getting to Crawford as fast as we can, I’m sure Marcus and Erik are going there too.

    Jack: We need to find a map or something we’re in the middle of the fucking forest.

    ? : Stop right there! – a voice in the middle of the bushes said- I have a gun

    Jack and Jen raised their hands, with a surprised look on their faces

    Jack: We don’t want trouble!

    A boy came out of the bushes holding a gun, he was about 14 years old.

    Jack: You seriously send a kid to do the dirty work? ! –Jack shouted-

    Kid: There’s no one els… no, I mean I have three other guys with guns ready to kill you if you don’t give me your stuff.

    Jack: Calm down little guy we won’t hurt you.

    Kid: I’m not little I can kill you if I want to.

    The kid approached to them holding the gun.

    Jen: Why’re you doing this? Who’re you with?

    Kid: Give me your stuff I said!

    Jack: Lower that gun kid! –Jack made an angry look-

    The kid stared back at the kid, after a while he lowered the gun and sighted
    Kid: I’m not even good for this

    Jen: He might have lost his parents just like Anna- Jen whispered to Jack-

    Jack: What’s your name kid?

    Kid: Ivan.

    Jack: Ok Ivan, we don’t have any food, but we know a place that has, we’re heading toward there right now.

    Jen: You can come with us if you want to.

    Ivan: I don’t trust in you.

    Jack: We’re good guys; we’re helping Anna over there to get there too.

    Ivan: Why is she with you?

    Jack: Cause she doesn’t have anybody else, the place we’re going to is really safe.

    Ivan: Ok, but I have some things to pick up in my camp.

    Jen: A camp? Ok, we’ll go with you to pick up your stuff.

    Marcus and Erik

    Erik and Marcus had driven back to the dinner to search for Jack and Jen

    Marcus: They’re nowhere to be seen.

    Erik: Well at least we know they escaped, they should be heading towards Crawford right now, we should go there too.

    Marcus: Yeah, let’s head back to the car.

    They drove for about 3 hours.

    Erik: Dammit, this thing Is running out of gas.

    Marcus: We still have one can of gas

    Erik: How do you think we burned the cabin?

    They kept driving for about 5 more minutes before the car completely stopped.

    Erik: Yep, it’s out of gas, let’s go find some.

    Both of them got out of the car

    They walked down the road for a while.

    Marcus: Come on I know there has to be a gas station somewhere around here.

    Erik: Look at that sign, there’s a train station 3 miles from here, there might be some fuel there.

    Marcus: There better …

    Erik: There’s a car coming, hide!

    Both of them jumped to the bushes on the side of the road, and crouched.

    The car passed by.

    Erik: It’s gone

    Marcus: You know, they could have helped us

    Erik: Or killed us Marcus.

    Marcus: Yeah,I guess it’s better to be … AAAH

    A walker grabbed Marcus from behind

    Erik: Shit, Marcus!

    Erik hit the walker on the head and another walker grabbed him too.

    Marcus stabbed the walker over him and killed the one over Erik

    Erik: Phew, that was a close call.

    Marcus: E-E-Erik, I-I’m bitten –Marcus said showing the bite on his hand-

    Jack and Jen

    Jack: Are we there yet?

    Ivan: Just a few…

    Ivan saw various bodies lying on the ground, there was a lot of blood and a tent next to them

    Jen: Oh god what happened here?

    Ivan: It was them

    Jack: Them? You mean the dead dudes?

    Ivan: No, we saw some people searching the forest two day ago

    Jen: We? You said you were alone

    Ivan: Jessica! Julian!

    Ivan starter running as fast as he could until he reached a cave, he entered in it.
    Ivan: Jessica where are you?

    A girl and a little boy went out of the cave the girl was about 12 years old and her brother 10

    Jessica: Ivan you’re ok!

    Jack: Who is she?

    Jessica: Who’re these people?

    Ivan: They’ll help us

    Jen: Wait, a sec these’re you brother and sister?

    Ivan: Yeah, about that…

    Jen: And you have been living alone all by yourself in this cave?

    Ivan: Yeah, I’m the older brother so I have to take care of them

    Jessica: Van, we heard shoots and then those people were dead there in the forest.

    ?: Yeah the bodies are, around here.

    Jessica: They’re back!

    Ivan: Go hide in the cave, I’ll take care of…

    Jack: No way you’re just a kid.

    Ivan: I’m old enough already.

    Jen: Ivan we know what we’re doing.

    Ivan: No, I’ve been taking car of them all this time, I can take care of this.

    Jessica: Julian go inside the cave- she said to the smaller brother

    Jack: Jen go inside with the kids, I’ll take care of this

    Jen: You sure?

    Jack: Yeah, I’ll just see if they look like nice guys.

    Jack sneaked behind the men, they were looking at the bodies on the floor.

    Man: Michael Stevens, white male, 32 years old, status dead –he said while writing on a notebook-

    Man 2: Any signs of a progress?

    Man: Nope, everything looks the same

    Ivan: What the fuck are they doing?

    Jack: whispering Ivan what’re you doing here?

    Ivan: Being a good leader

    Jack: Ivan go inside the cave right now.

    Ivan: No! you don’t…

    Man 2: What’s that sound?

    Man: It comes from the bushes

    Jack: Shit we better go.

    Jack turned around and he had a man pointing a shotgun at his face.

    Jack: Dammit!

    Man 2: What do we got here?

    Jack: Don’t kill us, we were just curious.

    Man: Don’t worry we’re nice persons

    Ivan: You just killed all those people

    Man 3: You should learn to close that mouth child.

    Jen was watching from the distance

    What should Jen do?

    [Help Jack and Ivan, stealthy approach]

    [Help Jack and Ivan, loud approach]

    [Escape with the kids]

  • [Help Jack and Ivan, stealthy approach] Amazing Chapter!!!!!!

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    Since there wasn't a tie braker the first both submitted won [Stay with Jack and Jen] Jen: Anna go with Erik, you’re not safe here.

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    [Help Jack and Ivan, stealthy approach]

    Marcus and Erik

    Marcus: Erik I’m dead, I’m fucking dead!!! We know there’s no cure

    Erik: Don’t say that Marcus, we just have to think of…cut the arm, you’re a doctor, would that work?

    Marcus: Well, if it spreads through the blood it should, but…I’m not sure I can do it.

    Erik: Come on we gotta get to the car asap.

    Marcus and Erik, ran all the way to the car, it was about 700 meters from them

    Marcus: There’s a saw in my backpack…but are you sure this is a good idea?

    Erik: We don’t have to many options.

    Erik took the saw

    Erik: Are you ready?

    Marcus: Just give me a sec.

    Marcus took a deep breath

    Marcus: Do it!

    Erik put the saw on Marcus’ arm

    Erik: I’m really sorry for this Marc, but this is for your own good –he started cutting-


    Erik: It’ll be over in no time.


    Marcus passed out,

    30 minutes later

    Erik: Marcus wake up, tell you’re not dead

    Marcus:Uh, shit, why isn’t there more morphine in the zombie apocalypse?!

    Erik: Man you lost too much blood, you sure you’re ok?

    Marcus: Yeah, I’m okay, i’m kinda glad I’m passed out

    Erik: Come on get up, I’ll help you

    Marcus: Wait, I just have to get used to this, I can still feel the arm

    Erik: Do you think this will work?

    Marcus: I hope so.

    Man: Hey there! Are you ok?

    Erik: What?! Who’re you? We have guns don’t dare to come closer

    Man: Hey, I’m friendly, I was just checking on you guys, since I see your friend right there isn’t doing too good. My name is Michael.

    Erik: What do you want?

    Michael: Well, I was just exploring the forest with some friends, I come from a community, it’s not that big but it’s safe

    Erik: Do you have meds? My friend’s arm could use some

    Michael: Yeah, we have an infirmary, we have lots of meds and even a surgeon

    Marcus: I’m fine, I just need some rest

    Erik: No Marcus, we need help, you could get an infection

    Michael: We always have space in case you want to go

    Man: Michael!!

    Michael: Brad I’m here!!

    Brad: Hey, who’re these guys?

    Michael: They’re coming to the community, his friend need help

    Brad: Hey, my name is Brad.

    Erik: Hey, I’m Erik and he’s Marcus

    Brad: Are you sick?

    Erik: What? Eh no

    Brad: Sorry for the strange question, is just that our leader is very careful with illnesses

    Erik: Yeah, ok

    Brad: How long ago were you bitten?

    Marcus: About 45 minutes ago, but we cut the arm just 15 minutes after the bite, wait how do you know I was bitten?

    Brad: Wild guess, there’s not too many reason to cut your own arm out there

    Marcus: Yeah I guess

    Michael: Anyway, we better get moving before it gets too late.

    Brad: through a radio we’re taking new people, one of them need medical attention

    They walked to the community; Marcus was weak because of the blood loss

    They arrived to a gate, it opened revealing a woman.

    Woman: Hey Brad, didn’t find food again.

    Brad: I got something better, more people

    Woman: Yeah I guess, ok before you enter I need your name, age, occupation before this thing and health status

    Erik: Eh, ok, Erik Anderson, 30 years, I was a lawyer, and I guess I’m healthy apart from lack of sleep.

    Marcus: Marcus Haywood, 35 years, doctor and other than this arm, I think I’m healthy too

    Woman: How did you lose your arm?

    Marcus: I was bitten, just a while ago

    Michael: He’s going to the infirmary

    Woman: I see, you can come in

    They walked in, the community, consisted in about two blocks, around them there was a wall made of pretty much any resistant material.

    Michael: That woman in the door was Nicole; she is the boss’ “favorite” so if you don’t want troubles, you better not fuck with her

    Erik: Where is your leader by the way?

    Brad: He is hunting in another area of the forest, he should be back soon.

    Michael: Ok, this is the infirmary, Erik you should go take a nap, there’re some free beds in that building.

    Erik: I should, you think you’ll be fine without me Marc?

    Marcus: Yeah, you should go to sleep you deserve it

    Erik: Ok, I’ll go have some sleep then.

    Jack and Jen

    Jack: Let us go, we will get out of here immediately, I promise

    Man: Are you sick?

    Jack: No, I’m not infected

    Man: No, I mean common illnesses

    Jack: Uh, no, that’s kinda a weird question

    Man: Sorry, it’s just that I have to be sure with the people that I take to my community, my name is Peter.

    While everyone was looking at Jack, Jen sneaked on some bushes, she made a sign with the hand to Ivan.

    Ivan ran towards the bushes.

    Man 2: Hey where do you think you’re going?!

    Jack: Run!

    Ivan and Jen ran as fast as they could.

    Man 2 : I’ll go get them

    Peter: No, let them go-he whispered something in his ear- Let the most obvious trace that you can, they’ll most likely follow us


    The three men took Jack.

    On the cave

    Jessica: We have to go.

    Anna: No, we’re going to save Jack!!

    Jen: Yeah, you’re right we can’t let Jack behind.

    Ivan: It was my fault I shouldn’t have ran, I was scared.

    Jen: No, don’t worry, stay here, I’ll follow them, I’ll be back in a while.

    Jen started following the men footprints, although the men didn’t seem too heavy, the footprints were really deep. She heard a sound

    Jen: Who’s there?

    Anna: I want to go with you.


    Erik was awakened by Michael and Brad

    Michael: Erik, we have news from Marcus.

    Erik: Oh, is he ok?

    Michael and Brad looked at each other

    Brad: We’re sorry to tell you, but Marcus died.

    Erik: What?!

    Michael: Apparently the amputation didn’t work

    Erik: Marc… can I go see him?

    Brad: No, the infirmary is unsafe for non-medical personal.

    Erik: I just want to see him.

    Michael: But you could touch something infected and you could become also.

    Erik: What?! The infection doesn’t spread by touch

    Erik noticed that everyone in the room was wearing gloves.

    Michael: It does, Peter told us about how his best friend turned after touching a biter.

    Erik: Who is Peter?

    Michael: He’s our leader.

    Erik: Well tell him that that doesn’t make sense, I have touched dozens of walkers, or biters however you wanna call them and I’m still humane

    Michael: Really?! You- you might be immune!!We should tell Dr. Owens.

    Brad: No, it might be…uh…maybe you didn’t touch them enough time.

    Erik: I have had their blood all over my hands, your leader is a liar, let me see my friend.

    Brad: No, you can’t is forbidden.

    Erik: LET ME SEE HIM!!

    Brad: Even if we want to, we can’t! his body was burned to prevent the infection from spreading

    Erik made an angry look.

    Erik: Ok, let me go out at least, I have to take some fresh air.

    Michael: Ok, I hope you understand our rules, also here’re some gloves.

    Erik put the gloves on; he still didn’t believe what they said.

    Erik went outside.

    Erik: Marc…- he said with a melancholic tone-

    In that moment the gates opened, three men holding another entered.

    Nicole: Hey Pete!

    Peter: Hey, darling.- he kissed her in the cheek

    Nicole: Who is he?

    Peter: He’s Jack he’ll be joining our community.

    Erik heard the name.

    Erik: Jack!?

    He recognized him immediately, and ran towards him.

    Erik: Jack!

    Jack: Erik!?

    Peter: Who is he?

    Nicole: Another newcomer.

    Peter whispered on Jack’s ear.

    Peter: Not even a word about what happened with your friends, we know where to find them.

    He let Jack go.

    Peter: Hey, I’m glad we could get two friends together again, you see people? This is why I made this community, cause we never should lose hope

    Erik: I’m sorry, we left you, but we had to go

    Jack: Don’t worry, I understand.

    Erik: Where are the other ones?

    Jack: I –he looked at Peter- I came to inspect the community before we definitely moved here, where’s Marcus?

    Erik: He-he was bitten.

    Jack: Oh no Marc, I’m sorry, I know you were close friends.

    Erik: We amputated his arm, to try to save him, but it didn’t work

    Peter: Well guys, I think I’ll let you two talk alone. Nicole, wanna go inside?

    Nicole: You know I always have time for you

    Both of them entered to a big house.

    Erik: To be honest, I don’t trust these guys, they don’t let me see Marcus’ body, their leader had told them that the infection spreads by touch, we know that’s not true, and when we first met they asked me if I was sick.

    Jack: Yeah, they asked me that too, where is Marcus’ body?

    Erik: They said they burned it, but i think it's still In the infirmary, they don’t let anyone in there, they take people in there when they’re “sick” apparently.

    Jack: Let’s get in!, I’ve got the feeling they’re hiding something really fucked up in there.

    Erik: Yeah, me too, but I’m not sure, it could be dangerous.

    What should Erik and Jack do?

    [Get into the infirmary]

    [Don't get into the infirmary

    What should Jack do?

    [Tell Erik about what happened in the forest]

    [Don´t tell Erik about what happened in the forest]

    What should Jen do?

    [Let Anna go with her]

    [Tell Anna to stay in the cave]

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    [Get into the infirmary]

    [Don´t tell Erik about what happened in the forest]

    [Tell Anna to stay in the cave]

    Amazing Part!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [Help Jack and Ivan, stealthy approach] Marcus and Erik Marcus: Erik I’m dead, I’m fucking dead!!! We know there’s no cure Erik: Do

  • Name: Valerian Avery

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Nate-ish

    Apperance: brown dark short hair , brown eyes , caucasian , 4,9 feet tall

  • Name: Zara Farrell

    Age: 57

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Helpful , Caring , Fearful

    Apperance: white short curly hair , brown eyes , african american , 4,7 feet tall

    Name: Herman Farrell

    Age: 54

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Overprotective , Sarcastic , Friendly but Distrustful at first.

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    Thanks! :)

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    Name: Valerian Avery Age: 35 Gender: Male Personality: Nate-ish Apperance: brown dark short hair , brown eyes , caucasian , 4,9 feet tall

  • Thank you for doing this fantastic story!

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    [Get into the infirmary]

    [Don´t tell Erik about what happened in the forest]

    [Tell Anna to stay in the cave]


    Jen: No Anna , you can’t come with me, it’s too dangerous, remember what we told you?

    Anna: Yeah but…

    Jen: I’m doing this cause i want to protect you, now go back to the cave, no one know what those guys must be planning

    Anna: Ok…

    Anna went back to the cave, Jen continued walking for about an hour until she saw smoke on the distance.

    Jack and Erik

    Peter: And like this we say good bye to these wonderful people, they’ll be always remembered.

    Peter was holding a bible, while everyone was sitting on chairs praying apparently at least two people died on that community per week, today there were 3 including Marcus, Erik was sitting next to Jack and Brad.

    Erik: I still don’t understand why can’t I see his body

    Brad: His body is burned it wouldn’t be a nice sight.

    Erik: He’s still my friend, I have the right to see his body if I want.

    Brad: Not in this world, it could infect you from just being in contact with his body.

    Erik: I already told you that’s a fucking lie!

    Man: Could you please be quiet? We’re paying respects to our dead here

    Erik: Yeah, sorry

    Erik watched how Marcus coffin descended down into the earth and then was buried, there were about 20 other tombs in next to Marcus.

    After the funeral.

    Erik: Jack do you still want to get inside that infirmary?

    Jack: More than ever.

    Erik: We will then, but we need a plan first.

    Jack: We can always grab some shotguns and storm the place

    Erik: No if there’s nothing in there we would look like bandits and we’d be kicked out of the community.

    Jack: What do you propose then?

    Erik: I don’t know but there has to be another way.

    Jack: Someone who has lived here more time might know another way to get in.

    Erik: Yeah, but who? We can’t ask the first person we see.


    She got closer to the community, she started watching possible entrances, there was a vent, but she was too small for it, she stayed there for a while watching, she started to look around the place, she found that the right side of the settlement wasn’t too guarded, in part because there was a 6ft electric fence protecting it, if she managed to turn it off, that might be her way in, it was already getting late, she had to get back to the cave. When she felt the point of a gun in the back of her head.

    Peter: What’s a beautiful girl like you doing around a place like this?

    Jen: Fuck you

    Peter: I’m not a bad man you know? ,otherwise I’d have ordered my men to shoot you in the spot.

    Jen: Where is Jack?

    Peter: He’s alive if that’s what concerns you, but you’ll see him soon so don’t worry.

    Other two men were accompanying Peter.

    Peter: Take her to my house, don’t let anyone see you with her, and prepare another expedition too, we’ll go get the kids.

    Jen: Son of a …

    One of the men covered Jen’s mouth with a rag, and took her to inside the settlement, it wasn’t the bandit’s liar that she thought it would be instead it was a very peaceful community, a nice place to live excluding it’s psycho leader.

    Jack and Erik

    It was dinner time everyone was eating in a big building, that they have turned into a communal dining room, almost like the one that schools have.

    Erik: I got it, when you return to tell Jen about the place you could ask her for help!

    Jack: Yeah, about that, I don’t think we can.

    Erik: Why not? These men think you want to move here, they won’t suspect of you.

    Jack: Well…

    Brad: Erik sorry to interrupt your dinner but the boss wants you to help me with some boxes in his office.

    Erik: Yeah of course I was just finishing.

    Erik got up and went with Brad.

    Jack: Phew, save by the bell.

    Michael: Hey Jack, the boss want to talk with you.

    Jack: Uh? Me ?

    Michael: Yeah, come on , it seemed important.

    Jack got up, he was worried, he didn’t tell Erik anything, but Peter could be unpredictable.

    After a little walk they arrived to his house, when Jack entered he saw Nicole feeding a baby in the kitchen, then he was taken to the living room, he sat on the couch.

    Peter entered the room; he took a chair and sat in front of him, Jack was trying not to show fear.

    Jack: The factory works fast, uh?

    Peter: It’s not mine; it’s her husband or was at least, he died on the first days of this thing.

    Jack: Yeah that’s what I supposed.

    Peter: But we’re not here to talk about Nicole.

    Jack: I didn’t tell Erik anything about Jennifer.

    Peter: So that’s her name. But, no we’re not for that here either, well kinda, look Jack I’m a lucky man, I have a beautiful girlfriend and baby, a fantastic community, and soon I’ll be remembered in history like humanity’s savior, but like every successful man, I have enemies, obstacles to overcome before I can reach my goal, and unfortunately your friend Erik is one of them.

    Jack: I won’t kill him if that’s what you’re asking for.

    Peter: No of course not, I want this to be as peaceful as possible, but Erik doesn’t seem to understand this, I know he’s planning something against me, and you as his closest friend will be the first to know right?

    Jack: He isn’t planning anything.

    Peter: Maybe not now, but I know he will, that’s why I want you to tell me when it happens.

    Jack: Hahaha, why would i?

    Peter: Because our dear friend Jennifer is visiting us tonight, Harry where’s she?

    One of his men opened a door that seemed to be the basement, after a while he took Jen out of it, her arms and legs were tied and there was a rag on her mouth, she tried to hit Brad but I was in vain.

    Peter: Bad things happen in this world Jack, don’t let one of them happen to your dear friend, Jennifer, I think it’s clear now right? Will you tell me if Erik, starts planning something?

    Jack: You son of a bitch…Ok…I’ll tell you.

    Peter: That’s what I wanted to hear Jack, I knew you were an intelligent man.


    Brad: Look, I know what you should be thinking, we’re one of those evil towns that always appear in those horror movies, but don’t worry we’re nice communities, I’m really sorry about what happened to Marcus, he seemed like a good guy.

    Brad and Erik were talking while they moved some boxes in Peter’s office.

    Erik: Yeah,I’m sorry about how I behaved , I was just so sad about his death.

    Suddenly they heard someone hitting a door Erik opened, the door and saw that the noise was coming from another door, on the hall.

    Brad: Don’t worry is just her again.

    Erik: Who?

    Brad: When people lose loved ones they get a bit crazy sometimes, that’s why we also offer psychological help, but that guy, he has been here about 5 times and he still doesn’t get over it, that’s why he is in solitary confinement, if you’d have continued like that we might had have to get you in there too, hahaha

    Erik: Yeah…haha

    2 hours later

    Erik got into the office through the window as stealthy as he could, he only had a piece of paper and a pen, there was something written in the paper, he went to the door where he heard the noise coming from, it was locked, he passed the paper under the door, he knocked the door and received a knock back
    The note asked if she knew something about the infirmary.

    Man:thought he door Who are you?

    Erik: One of my friends was taken in there, he never came back, I know they’re hiding something.

    Man: I see, what’s your name?

    Erik: Uh, eh Marcus.

    Man: Ok Marcus, my name is Valerian, I know a lot of stuff about the infirmary, but I can’t help you right now, talk to my friend Amelia, she will be able to help you.

    Erik: Ok thanks.

    They heard footstep coming.

    Valerian: You better go, oh and if you ever have the opportunity, look in the boxes, they seem really suspicious.

    Erik: Alright.

    Erik hurried to get into Peter’s office and was about to get out through the window when he saw the boxes that he and Brad had been moving earlier, he remembered what Valerian said, but was it worth the risk?


    Jessica: I don’t like this, she should have returned hours ago

    Julian: Why don’t we go look for her like Anna said?

    Jessica: it’s too dangerous, especially at night

    Ivan was guarding the entrance

    Ivan: I see people getting closer.

    Anna: It’s she?

    Ivan: No they have guns! It must be those men.

    Jessica: Oh my god! What do we do?

    Ivan took out his pistol.

    Ivan: I’ll kill them.

    Julian: No! we should run.

    Jessica: Julian is right Van

    Ivan: No I’m gonna stay here and fight them, Jess there's another gun in my backpack get it.

    Anna: Ivan, they’re not walkers, they’re people with guns!

    Ivan: I don’t care; I’m being a good leader.

    The saw lights getting closer

    What should the kids do?


    [Fight the men]

    What should Erik do?

    [Look in the boxes]

    [Escape through the window]

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    [Run] [Look in the boxes] Excellent Chapter!!!!!

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    [Get into the infirmary] [Don´t tell Erik about what happened in the forest] [Tell Anna to stay in the cave] Jen Jen: No Anna ,

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    [Look in the boxes]


    Erik quickly opened the box, the footsteps stopped for a while, inside the boxes there were tubes full of a red substance, they had tags on them.

    Erik: Blood! What the…

    Erik heard the footsteps again they were really close now. He put the tube on the pocket of his jacket and a box in the top of the one he opened. He quickly jumped out of the window to an alley , when he landed he felt a sharp pain on his ankle.

    Erik: Argh…

    He tried to suffocate the scream, he heard the door opening, and ran as fast as he could but he limped because of the pain.


    Peter opened his office’s door, he could have sworn that he heard a little scream, but it must have been just his imagination, he opened a drawer on his desk and took out a lighter, he had forgotten it, he took out a cigarette and started smoking, he noticed the window was open, he remembered closing it, but it might just be the stress he thought, e looked through the window and then closed it.


    Ivan prepared his gun.

    Jessica: Ivan I’m serious let’s go!

    Ivan: sigh Ok...

    The kids ran as fast as they could outside the cave, they heard the men yelling


    Man 2:We don't wanna hurt you, come back

    Man 3 : Shoot the bigger one in the leg

    One of the men shot Ivan but intead of hitting him, he hit Jessica in leg

    Jessica: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Ivan: Jessica!!

    They stopped running and went to help Jessica

    Ivan: Jessica, are you alright?!

    Jessica: Yeah i'm fine, but this hurts way too much!

    The men reached them.

    Ivan shot one of the men in the stomach, the man felt to the ground.


    Another man extended his arm and quickly shot Ivan in the shoulder, Ivan screamed and released his gun, he was shocked, he held his shoulder with his other hand, he felt the warm blood pouring out of it, he then felt to the ground and passed out.


    Jack heard the door opening it was Erik, everyone else in the room was asleep so he entered very silently.


    Jack: What happened, why’re you limping?

    Erik took the tube out of his jacket and showed it to Jack.

    Erik: They had this in boxes… blood

    Jack: What would they possibly use it for?

    Erik: I don’t know, you think it’s infected?

    Jack: Maybe, you better go put that where you found it.

    Erik: No, it’s a clue, also I might know how to get into the infirmary.

    Jack: How?

    Erik: I met a guy, named uh…Valeria?, something like that, he told me to talk to a girl named Amelia; she knows how to get into the infirmary.

    Jack: And you think we can trust this guy?

    Erik: Yeah, he was locked inside a room, apparently he doesn’t like to follow Peter’s laws.

    Jack: We should go to sleep, we don’t want someone to see us, do we?

    Erik: Yeah you’re right.


    Next morning.

    Everyone was taking breakfast the tables were full and some people were eating on the floor, Erik was looking for Amelia, he was asking everyone, he saw a young black woman eating on a corner.

    Erik: Excuse me, do you know who Amelia is? Peter wants to talk …

    Woman: I’m Amelia, and can you tell Peter AGAIN that I have nothing to do with fucking Vlerian?!

    Erik sat on the floor next to her.

    Erik: No I’m actually not one of Peter’s men, I’m interested on getting in the infirmary, Valirian told me to talk with you .

    Amelia: Valerian and how do I know you’re not an spy.

    Erik: Well I have this.

    He took out the tube.

    Amelia: Where did you get that from?!

    Erik: It was in one of the boxes.

    Amelia took the tube from Erik’s hands.

    Amelia: Let me see that. Valerian and I have been planning to get outta here for weeks.

    Erik: We could help you if you help us get in the infirmary.

    Amelia; No, we already tried, we discovered that there’s an exit through the infirmary, we managed to get in there , and discovered the truth.

    Erik: You know what’s in the infirmary?! Please tell me!

    Amelia: They take a friend of you there?

    Erik: Yeah why?

    Amelia: And he died from the virus?

    Erik: Yeah how do you know?

    Amelia: sigh let’s go to more private place, I don’t want someone to hear this.

    Amelia and Erik went to the dormitory, there was no one else, everyone was eating.

    Amelia: I wouldn’t say that Peter is a bad person, his intentions are kinda noble actually, he wants to find the cure, but … he infects people with the virus, so he has subjects to test it on.

    Erik: What?!

    Amelia: If you get sick, no matter if it’s just a cold or something like that, they say you’re infected so they can take you to the infirmary, they inject you with this infected blood and test the antidote in you, of course it hasn’t worked yet.

    Erik: That means that the amputation worked?! Those fucking bastards killed Marcus?!

    Amelia: Shhhh, they’re gonna hear us…. and yeah they used your friend as a test subject.

    Erik: Fuck! But then what are the gloves for?

    Amelia: He needed an excuse for the infection spreading so easily so he simply told everyone that it was transmitted by touch.

    Erik: Fuck those motherfuckers; imma kill them!

    Amelia: Look I also want to stop them, they did that to my parents too but we have to calm down.

    Erik: Yeah…yeah sorry,. Why haven’t Peter just killed you?

    Amelia: Well on the escape attempt they only captured Valerian, he told them that he once saw a man cured by a plant, I know it sounds fake but Peter doesn’t want to lose any change to get the cure so he kept him in that room to interrogate him, and I well I barely managed to get back here and acted like if I was asleep they know two people tried to escape, they have been trying to know who the second was ever since.

    Erik: So what’s the plan?

    Amelia: I haven’t’ make one, I think we need at least three people to start making a plan.

    Erik: Well, I have a friend he also wants to get out of here.

    Amelia: Good, but we need to think a way to free Valerian, escape and if we can show the people what Peter’s real plan is, all of that has to be done at the same time.

    Erik: Yeah that’s gonna be a little complicated


    Ivan woke up on a basement, he had a bandage in his shoulder and his arms and legs were tied, he saw Anna.

    Anna: You’re awake!

    Jen: Oh my god, I thought you were gonna die!

    Ivan: Uh, Jen you’re here! Where is Jessica is she alright?!

    Anna: Yes they took her and Julian upstairs.

    Ivan could hear someone talking upstairs.


    Peter: Are you 100% sure that wasn’t your friend Erik?

    Jack: Yeah I’m sure.

    Peter: Then who took the tube?

    Jack: Look, I don’t know, I was sleeping.

    Peter: Jack, if I somehow know that Erik or you is making a plan, these kids and your girlfriend are dead understood?!

    Jack saw Julian and Jessica they were kneeled next to Peter, blindfolded and with their arms and legs tied.

    Jack: Yeah…understood.

    What should Jack do?

    [Tell Erik]

    [Don't tell Erik ]

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    [ Tell Erik ] Great Chapter!!!!!!!!!

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    [Run] [Look in the boxes] Erik Erik quickly opened the box, the footsteps stopped for a while, inside the boxes there were tubes fu

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    Sorry for taking so long

    [Tell Erik]


    Jack was conflicted about if he should tell Erik or not about Jen and the kids, he finally decided to do it.

    Jack: Hey Erik i…

    Erik: Jack good thing I see you, I already know how to get outta here.

    Jack: Really? How?

    Erik: Well I met this girl named Amelia; she told me what really happened inside the infirmary.

    Erik explained Jack what Peter does inside the infirmary and what most likely happened to Marcus.

    Jack: Oh shit! So these guys killed Marcus.

    Erik: Yeah, and a lot of other people, fuck them! But, we have a plan, a plan the out of here!

    Jack: Yeah…but there’s a problem…Peter has Jen and Anna.

    Erik: What?!

    Jack: Yeah…I didn’t came here to make sure this place was safe, they kidnapped me, and would have taken me inside that fucking infirmary if you wouldn’t have been there, Jen, Anna and other kids we met managed to escape, but they caught them, and now Peter says that if I don’t tell him about whatever plan you have, he’ll kill them.

    Erik: Fuck that dude! How many are those kids you said you met?

    Jack: Three, he has them in his house along with Jen and Anna

    Erik: Our plan was to burn Peter’s office so he gets distracted and we could get out by the infirmary, apparently there’s an exit there, but I’m not sure if that’ll give us enough time to go and rescue Jen and the kids.

    Jack: Burn his office? What if the fire spread and burns other people’s houses? We would let these people with nothing.

    Erik: If it destroys the whole community that’s fine by me, no more people would be killed by that fucker!

    Jack: And how are you even planning to burn it?!

    Erik: There’s gas on their storage Amelia told me.

    Jack: And what about Jen and the kids?

    Erik: You’ll go to Peter’s house and tell him about a fake plan, and then the night of the escape you’ll go rescue her while we’re rescuing Valerian

    Jack: Who the fuck is Valerian?!

    Erik: He’s Amelia’s friend, Peter has him on solitary confinement in his office we’ll rescue him and then burn the place, after that we’ll meet at the infirmary and escape. Simple enough?

    Jack: Yeah, but I’m not sure about this, if something goes wrong, we’re all dead.

    Erik: Don’t worry Jack, everything will be ok, just go and tell Jack ‘bout the secret plan.


    Peter: Jack, I didn’t expect to see you here this soon!

    Jack: Yeah…I spoke to Erik and…he has a plan…

    Peter: Yeah? And what’s awesome plan our friend Erik has come out with?

    Jack: He’ll escape on Monday (today was Thursday) while you’re on your hunting trip.

    Peter: Really? Well it seems like he’s not as intelligent as I thought, escaping on the middle of the day, well thank you Jack, you made the right choice, once he’s dead you and your friends will be able to go.

    Jack: Yeah…thanks, I better go.

    Peter: Yeah…oh and Jack, be careful when choosing friends…make sure they’re not like you.


    Thursday, 10:00PM

    Amelia: Ok, you guard the place; I’ll enter and take the gas, understood?

    Peter: Yeah, just be careful.

    Amelia entered the storage by a window, she crouched and started looking in the boxes, she couldn’t find any gas. Suddenly she heard two voices, she saw two men taking a lot of weapons out of a crate, she hid behind some boxes

    Michael: Wow, this is some heavy artillery.

    Brad: Yeah, but you can never be sure with biters.

    Michael: Do you think this horde will just pass by like the others?

    Brad: Hopefully, but it seems pretty big, if they get in we’re in trouble.

    Michael and Brad put the weapons in some bags and went out of the building, Erik hid behind a tree.

    Amelia kept looking on the boxes until she found some gasoline, then she opened the crate Brad and Michael were looking in, there was a few pistols and SMGs, they must have taken the bigger weapons, she took four pistols and went out of there.

    Erik: What were they doing?

    Amelia: They were talking about a horde, some of them pass by the community , they were grabbing some weapons in case, some of the biters come in. Oh take this.

    Amelia handed a pistol to Erik.

    Erik: Thanks.

    Next morning.

    Peter had convened a meeting. He was standing on the middle of the street with a megaphone.

    Peter: Good morning everyone, I’ve convened this meeting to inform that our scouts have informed me of an approaching horde, I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s bigger than any other horde we have faced, but as every other time, we have everything already controlled, we estimate that the horde will pass today at night, that’s why today everyone has to be at home at 7:00 PM, the guard and I’ll make sure none of those things enter here, if everything goes fine, the horde might be gone for tomorrow in the morning.
    Some of the people seemed scared, specially the kids, but Peter calmed them all, he really was a good leader actually.

    7:00 PM

    Amelia: Ok, everyone ready?

    Erik: Yeah, I’m ready.

    Jack: We should postpone this, that horde could be dangerous.

    Amelia: The exit is through the sewers, the horde won’t be a problem. Ok if there’s nothing else, let’s get started.

    The guards were busy making sure that everyone entered their house, Erik and Amelia took advantage of that and sneaked into Peter’s office, they waited for a while until everyone was at home and Peter and the guards were at the walls.

    Amelia: Ok, it seems like everything is clear.

    Amelia approached Valerian’s door and started opening it with a clip.

    Valerian: Amelia! Is that you?!

    Amelia: Yep, we’re getting outta here.

    Valerian: Excellent, I can’t wait to kick that dude’s ass !

    Erik: We might not have time for that.

    Valerian: There’s always time for kicking asses.

    Erik: Not when other people’s lives are in risk

    Valerian: Meh, it’s a shame.

    Amelia opened the door.

    Valerian: So that’s how you look Erik! I expected you to be more handsome.

    Erik: And I expected you to look…

    Valerian: Not this awesome? Yeah people say that pretty often.

    Valerian looked like a very ruthless guy, from what Amelia had told him, he was a bit crazy at times.

    Valerian: So…what now?

    Amelia: Burn this place.

    Valerian: I like the way this is going.

    They started pouring gasoline everywhere.

    Amelia: I can’t believe I’m finally getting outta here; I’ll finally be able to see Ashton.

    Erik: Who’s Ashton?

    Amelia: He’s my brother, he was in Ohio when this thing started and said that the army was building a safe zone there.

    Erik: Well, we know where to go next then.

    Erik took the lighter out of Peter’s office and lighted the fire.


    Ivan had been trying to figure out a way to escape.

    Julian: It’s very cold in here.

    Jessica: Come here, It’s a little warmer here

    Ivan was hitting the walls with his feet.

    Ivan: Dammit, there has to be a way out of here, a weak wall or something.

    Jessica: Ivan could you stop? You’re making a lot of noise.

    Ivan: No, we’re getting out of here, you’ll see.

    Jessica: Van, I know you want to be a good big brother, but please stop acting like this.

    Jen: Jessica might be right Ivan, you should rest a little.

    Ivan: I don’t see any of you, trying to help! All you do is sit there and wait for someone to come and help us!

    Julian: Van please stop!

    Ivan: Shut up, Julian you’re the worst of them all, ever since you were born you were the favorite! You never had to do anything, everything was done for you!

    Jen: Ivan doesn’t talk like that of your brother.

    Ivan: He’s not my real brother!!

    Jessica: Van…

    Julian started crying.

    They heard the door open.

    Jack: Hey someone here?

    Jen: Jack? Is that you?

    Jack: Yes we’re getting out of here.

    Jack untied them.

    Jen hugged Jack.

    Jen: Oh my gosh Jack, I’m so glad you’re here!

    Jack: What’s wrong with Julian?

    Jen: He had a little fight with Ivan…

    Anna: JACK!!

    Jack: Come here Anna.

    Anna hugged Jack too

    Jack: We better hurry up, Erik is waiting for us.

    Jen: Erik and Marcus is here?!

    Jack: Yeah.. Marcus is well you know, but Erik is here, he‘s waiting for us come on.

    Jen: Oh god Marcus…

    Nicole: DON’T FUCKING MOVE!!

    Nicole was aiming at them with a pistol.

    Nicole: What the fuck are you doing here?!!


    Peter’s men were trying to extinguish the fire. Amelia, Valerian and Erik had managed to get in the infirmary.

    Amelia: Where the fuck is Jack?!

    Valerian: I say we go right now!

    Erik: No we can’t.

    Valerian: That distraction won’t work for too long

    Suddenly they heard the men shouting.

    Man: The biters they’re getting in!!

    Brad: Fuck we were distracted extinguishing the fire.

    Erik: This gonna get real bad soon! I’ll go see if they’re ok.

    Valerian: Well I’ll get outta here right now, let’s go Mel

    Amelia: I think I’ll go help Erik

    Valerian: What? You’ll risk your life for these people you don’t know?! Mel. We’ve been together ever since this started and I always want the good for you, I know what I’m telling you, you’ll die if you with him. Let’s go

    Amelia: I…

    What should Amelia do?

    [Go with Valerian]

    [Go with Erik]

  • Tough.... For the hell of it i'll say Go with Valerian

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    Sorry for taking so long [Tell Erik] Jack Jack was conflicted about if he should tell Erik or not about Jen and the kids, he finall

  • [Go with Valerian]

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    Sorry for taking so long [Tell Erik] Jack Jack was conflicted about if he should tell Erik or not about Jen and the kids, he finall

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    Sorry for the long wait.

    [Go with Valerian]


    Amelia: Sorry Erik, but i’ve gotta go with Valerian.

    Erik: I understand, don’t worry..

    Erik ran towards Peter’s house, he could hear Peter’s men shooting at the walkers.


    Jack: Nicole, that’s your name right? Please lower the gun and let us go.

    Nicole: You’re going nowhere.

    Peter: So you lied Jack? How imprudent of you.

    Peter had just entered along with Michael and Brad.

    Jack: You killed my friend, why the fuck would i even help you?

    Peter: This could have gone very well for both of us, but you made the wrong choice Jack, at least you can die happy that these kids will have a good home.

    Anna: Jack, what’re we going to do?

    Jack: Calm down Anna, everything will be ok.

    BANG, Michael felt to the floor holding his leg, Jack used the distraction and took Nicole’s gun off her hands and aimed it to.

    Peter: Erik ,for a sec i thought that you abandoned Jack.

    Jack: You’re surrounded, don’t even move a muscle

    Peter: Brad, lower the gun.

    Peter approached Erik and dropped his gun on the floor.

    Erik: Don’t come a step closer.

    Peter: I just lost Erik, at least let me look my opponent to the eyes, i’ll surrender peacefully but let Nicole go.

    Jack: We can’t do that.!

    Erik: No it’s ok, Jack, she and the baby can go.

    Peter: Go darling, don’t worry everything will be ok.

    Nicole: Are you sure?

    Peter: I’ll negotiate with my dear friend Erik, i know how much of a savage he can be, i don’t want him to hurt you.

    Nicole took her baby and a backpack.

    Peter: It’s not longer safe here, looks like the dream is over, wait for me over the train station.

    Nicole kissed Peter in the cheek and got out,Erik followed her with his sight to make sure it wasn’t a trap, right when he looked back Peter took out a syringe and before he could react injected him on the neck.


    Jack quickly shot Peter on the stomach. He then aimed his gun at Brad.

    Jack: JEN RUN!

    Jen took the kids and ran outside.Michael was in pain but managed to shot Jack in the arm.

    Peter: Brad go after those fucking kids.

    Erik got up and aimed his gun towards Michael:

    Erik: Don’t shot him again, or you’re dead, Jack can you get up.

    Jack: Yeah, don’t worry i’m ok.

    Erik: Go make sure Jena and the kids are safe.

    Jack: What about you?

    Erik: That syringe, contained walker blood, i’m dead even if i go with you, just go, i have matters to take care of.

    Jack:Bu...But,Are you sure?.

    Erik: Just go!

    Jack: Ok...Erik you were a good friend.

    Jack hurried outside the house.


    Everyone was running,the walkers were already in, some people were bitten.

    Brad: STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!!

    They kept running.

    Brad aimed his gun to Jen’s leg, and shot, and missed Ivan looked back, and saw how the bullet instead went right through Julian’s chest.He felt the floor.

    Ivan: JULIAN!!!!

    Brad stopped, realising what he had done.

    Brad: It wasn’t my intention, i didn’t mean to ...BANG.

    Ivan shot Brad in the head, he felt to the floor.

    Jessica: JULIAN!.

    Ivan:Julian, don’t worry everything will be ok , i...i am sorry about what i said back there,i love you.

    Julian closed his eyes he stopped breathing.


    Jessica started crying as well

    Jessica: Julian, please don’t go , please…

    Jen: Oh my god, Anna don’t look.

    Jack reached them, he was holding his arm.

    Jack: Oh my god what happened?!

    Ivan: I have to shoot him, he can’t turn, i don’t want him to be one of those things.

    Jack: You don’t have to do it.



    Peter: cough Try to cut your head, maybe it works hahacough

    Erik: Shut the fuck up Peter, tell me a reason why i shouldn’t shoot you.

    Peter: Whatever you do, don’t kill Michael, he didn’t even know what was happening inside that fucking infirmary.

    Erik: Maybe i won’t.

    Peter: Erik, i have nothing to regret, i was just trying to find a cure, i tried ever since those fucking things killed my wife! You can’t blame me for having some hope.

    Erik: You killed people.

    Peter: They were necessary sacrifices in order to reacha greater good.

    Erik: It was murder, regardless of how you wanna call it! You killed all those poor people.

    Peter: Erik, i have to take care of Nicole and her baby, i’m the only one they’ve got left.

    Erik: They’ll be better off without you, beleive me, sorry Peter, maybe your intentions were good, but this has to end now.

    Erik pointed his gun towards Peter.

    What should Ivan do?

    [Shoot Julian]

    [Let Jack do it]

    What should Erik do?

    [Kill Peter]

    [Spare Peter]

  • [Shoot Julian]

    [Kill Peter]

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!!!

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    Sorry for the long wait. [Go with Valerian] Erik Amelia: Sorry Erik, but i’ve gotta go with Valerian. Erik: I understand, don’t

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    [Shoot Julian]

    [Kill Peter]


    Erik: Michael, go!

    Michael: Really?! You...you will not kill me?

    Erik: Just go, nothing of this was your fault.

    Michael got up and got out with difficulty

    Peter: I...i never did anything wrong Erik.

    Erik: Just killing dozens of people.

    Peter: I already told you, they were necessary sacrifices for the greater good,God know i only wanted the best for my people and my family, at least i tried to do something to end this thing, tell what did you do?.

    Erik: ...Sorry Peter, but your sacrifice is also for the greater good. BANG

    Peter felt lifeless on the floor.

    Erik looked at the veins in his wrist,he knew that the virus was now running through them, he didn’t have too much time left.


    Ivan put his gun on Julian’s head.

    Ivan: I have to do this, i am a good leader.

    Jack: I...i can do it if you want.

    Ivan: No...i...i am sorry Julian,i love you

    Ivan closed his eyes. BANG...He started crying.

    Everyone remained in silence for a few seconds.

    Peter’s man were still, after them

    Jack: They’re too many, there’s no way we


    Erik started shooting at them, he knew they outnumbered him.

    Erik: GUYS RUN!

    Everyone started running,Jack grabbed Julian’s body..A rain of bullets covered Erik, as he felt to the ground.

    Jen: ...Erik!

    Jack: I am sorry to ruin the moment but we gotta go!!

    2 hours later.

    They buried Julia near a tree.

    Ivan: Julian, what i said...i didn't mean to, i was really mad in the moment and i just…maybe your mother wasn’t the same as mine, but you are still my brother, you always were and i love you.

    After a while they continued moving.

    They heard a noise coming from the trees

    Valerian: Hey! So you’re not dead.

    Jen pointed her gun at them.

    Jen: Who are you?!

    Jack: They’re Erik’s friends they helped us get out of there.

    Valerian: Yeah, where the fuck is him by the way.

    Amelia realised what has happened.

    Amelia: Valerian,please have a little more respect.

    Valerian: Oh… i’m sorry, he was a good guy.

    Amelia: So where’re you heading now?

    Jen: A friend of us told us about a settlement in Savannah, that’s where we were heading before we met Peter.

    2 days later.

    They arrived to Savannah, they stopped near a train in the rails, they watched the city.

    Jack: It’s...full of them, whatever settlement was here before, it’s not anymore

    Jen: All this... for nothing.

    Valerian: Come on guys don’t lose your faith, someone was kind enough to let the instructions of this train in here, if we can get it to work, we might have a good shelter right here.

    Jack: I guess...let’s get out of here as soon as possible, i don’t want to call their attention.

    Everyone got in the train, after a while they managed to turn it on, and drive off, heading towards an unknown destiny.

    End of Episode 1

    Character's Status

    Erik: Dead Could had been saved ? If Amelia had gone with him, there would have been a choice between him and her, if he was saved, he would have lived.

    Jack: Alive


    Marcus: Dead Could have been saved? Chosing to surrender to the bandits back in the cabin would have lead to a series of events were Erik would have died instead of him, remember that he was bitten after stopping to look for gas,which they wasted trying to escape from the bandits, after that he would have taken Erik's role in the story.


    Ivan: Alive

    Jessica: Alive

    Julian:Dead Could have been saved? No :(

    Peter: Dead Could have been saved? Yes, by simply choosing to spare him.

    Valerian: Alive

    Amelia: Alive

    Brad: Dead Could have been saved? No


    Nicole: Alive along with her baby

    Anna's parents:Dead Could have been saved? No

    Bandits at the cabin: Dead Could have been saved? If you didn't fight them, you would still manage to escape but one of them would have survived, but he would have still died later regardless.

  • Excellent Chapter and Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    [Shoot Julian] [Kill Peter] Erik Erik: Michael, go! Michael: Really?! You...you will not kill me? Erik: Just go, nothing of t

  • Name: Fiona Roberts

    Age: 44

    Backstory: She lived in the countryside before the ZA started with her sons. When it started her sons(Hector and Gabriel) went to the town to look for their girlfriends. Only Hector came back and alone, One night , bandits came and tortured them , killed Hector and ate him. After that they raped Fiona so many times. She got free when others bandits attacked the ones that got her. Beacuse of the trauma she got multiple personality disorder. She is always looking for medicine for disorder

    Personality: Her original personality is defenlees but brave and caring about people. Her "angry" personality is the one that go out when someone do an "evil" thing like letting someone die or kill brutally someone.She gets angry and starts to killg zombies/people and destroing thing because of it. Her "emotional" personality is he one that go out because she remember something sad or someone say something like that. She starts crying and felling bad

    Appearance: She has got short curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a grey and balck shirt and dark pants. She is 6 feet tall

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    Name: Warren Manson

    Age: 33

    Back story: He was abusing a child when the ZA started. He kept the kid alive for 1 week when ge let him get eating by walkers and 2 month he captured another kid.

    Personality: Pervert , Obsessed , Mean , Agressive , Insane.

    Appearance: blonde long curly , blue eyes , 5,7 feet tall , caucasian

  • Name: Zayne Pattinson

    Age: 13

    Apperance: black short heddle hair , brown eyes , caucasian , white skin , 1,78 cm tall , 61 kilogrammes

    Personality: Agressive and Distrustful at first but Friendly , Helpful and Trustful when you get closer to him. Compassive , Lonely , Thoguhtful , Depressive. He likes Comics and Tech stuff

    Backstory: When the ZA started he lost his parents the only left were him , his 2 older brothers , Kyle and Stan and his little sister Camile. One day , when he woke up in the middle of the night , He discovered Kyle raping a girl who they found a day ago. After he saw Zayne seeing him he killed her and then he turned around to do the same with Zayne , he tried to escaped , but Kyle caught him. But then Gina (the girl) turned and killed Kyle. 4 months later him and his silbings were the only ones in the group alive. A herd busted them and Stan left Camile and him to die. Camile got etan alive by the walkers , but Zayne escaped. He doesn´t trust people too much afer that because even the most closer to you can betray you every time. He is a lone wolf now (not a bandit) but he can join a group. His birthday is on July 5th

    Kyle had 20 , Stan 17 and Camile 10 and their time of death (or becoming unknown in the case of Stan)

  • Thanks for the characters, i'll sure need them for episode 2 :)

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    Name: Zayne Pattinson Age: 13 Apperance: black short heddle hair , brown eyes , caucasian , white skin , 1,78 cm tall , 61 kilogrammes

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    Thanks you for doing this amazing story!!!

    PS: Please , don´t use Jessica plot device for Ivan u.u

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    Thanks for the characters, i'll sure need them for episode 2

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    Don't worry about that, i have something very special planned for her,next episode will be her time to shine

    supersagig posted: »

    Thanks you for doing this amazing story!!! PS: Please , don´t use Jessica plot device for Ivan u.u

  • :P

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    Don't worry about that, i have something very special planned for her,next episode will be her time to shine

  • Just noticed the lastname...i guess it's a family thing.

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    Name: Warren Manson Age: 33 Back story: He was abusing a child when the ZA started. He kept the kid alive for 1 week when ge let him g

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 1

    14 months into the apocalypse


    It was winter, the group had set up a camp in the forest.

    Anna: ...5,4,3,2,1, Here i go!

    Anna and Jessica were playing hide and seek

    Ivan: Anna, have you seen Jess?

    Anna: Yeah, we’re playing.

    Anna started looking , after a while she found Jessica behind a tree.

    Jessica: Hey you found me again, you’re really good at this.

    Ivan: Jess, what are you doing, we gotta take care of the camp!

    Jessica: I was just relaxing a little bit.

    Ivan: You’re 13 already, you’re not a kid anymore to be playing these games.

    Jessica: Well you’re not an adult, and you’re acting like one!

    Amelia: Ivan,come here i want you to help me with something.

    Ivan: I’ll be back in a sec, and you better not be playing!

    Jessica: Whatever you Ivan The Terrible


    Ivan: What happens?

    Amelia: Just wanted you to help me carry some wood for the bonfire

    Ivan started helping Amelia.

    Amelia: You know Ivan? I think you should relax a little, you’ve been very stressed these days, and you’re still just a kid.

    Ivan:There’s not kids anymore, just survivors and walkers

    Amelia: And what’s the point of surviving if you don’t enjoy it, if we just focus just on surviving, and forget why you’re surviving then you’re not different from those things.

    Ivan: Well if we don’t focus on surviving we won’t have a life to enjoy.

    Amelia: You sometimes remind me of Valerian you know?

    Ivan: Is that a good thing?

    Amelia: Depends on how you look at it…

    Jack: Hey, we’re back!

    Anna: Jack!!

    Anna hurries to hug Jack.

    Jack:We were only gone for a few hours

    Jen: Anything happened while we were gone?

    Jessica: Nope, it has been very quiet.

    Valerian: Hey don’t forget me!, i‘m the one that’s been carrying the deer

    Amelia: A deer?! Those are some of the best news i have had lately


    Herman: ...And then i smacked his face against the counter, i was banned in that bar for life

    Nicole: Hahaha, quite a life you have had Mr.Farrell

    Zara: Believe me, it’s not that interesting, it gets boring after a while

    Nicole had waited Peter for a week after she got to the train station, he never arrived, there she met Zara and Herman Farrell,she had been with them ever since.

    Herman: Hey, you loved my stories.

    Zara: Yeah, but i have been hearing them for 35 years already.

    Nicole:Well,i think Shauna agrees with you Zara, she fell asleep.

    Nicole was carrying Shauna in her arms.

    Zara: She’s a beautiful baby, you are lucky to have her.

    Nicole:I’m worried, she doesn’t walk yet

    Zara: She’s only a year old, she’ll wall soon, i’m sure of that

    Nicole: My mom used to say i walked when i was just nine months.

    Zara: That’s no surprise, you’re a strong girl.

    Herman: Hey look at that!

    Nicole: An RV.

    A RV, was in the parked in the middle of the forest.

    Zara: Let’s be careful, there could be someone dangerous in there.

    Herman: Hello? We’re friendly, we don’t want troubles.

    Nicole: Ugh, Do you smell that?

    Herman: Looks like nobody’s home.

    Nicole: Nobody except the guys on the roof.

    Nicole pointed at the RV’s roof, there were about five dead walkers.

    Zara: Oh my God! Do you think those people…

    Herman; Hopefully they didn't suffer...poor people.

    They got inside.

    Nicole: Wow, there’s food for a few weeks here.

    Herman: Looks like a nice place to stay the night, and maybe even longer.

    Zara: Finally some good news, my feet were killing me.

    ?: Don’t move a single muscle.

    Nicole felt a gun on her back,

    Nicole: We’re not bad people.

    ?:That’s what everyone says, now put your guns down and don’t move.


    Jack: Hey Ivan.

    Ivan: Hello.

    Ivan was sitting on a rock, looking at the sunset.

    Jack: Can i sit?

    Ivan: Go ahead.

    Jack: Beautiful sight isn’t it? Makes you feel glad you’re alive.

    Ivan: Amelia talked with you, didn’t she?

    Jack:She told me you were growing really fast.

    Ivan:Just like it should be

    Jack: We all had lost people Ivan.

    Ivan: None of them was your fault though.

    Jack: Ivan, don’t blame yourself for Julian, there was nothing you could do.

    Ivan: He died thinking that i hated him!

    Jack: Ivan you can’t blame yourself for everything bad that happens to people, you just have to enjoy every second with them, i’m sure that Julian wasn’t mad with you.

    Jen: Jack!! Come here.


    Jen: Don’t move!

    Stranger: I’m a good man, don’t shoot please!

    Jack: Who is this?!

    Amelia: We found it searching our supplies

    Jack: What do you want?

    Stranger: My name is Alan,i have a camp a few kilometers from here, i have a wife and a little bay, we’re low on food, please we’re desperate, we need supplies!!

    Jack: What do you think?

    Valerian: Is there even a doubt? We blow the guy’s brain right now.

    Jack:sigh We can’t do that, we’re not animals

    Amelia: What should we do then?

    Jack: We’ll vote, we either give him supplies or let him go without supplies.

    Valerian: What if he has a huge group that comes after us?

    Jack: We’ll be ok, right Alan?

    Alan: Yeah, yeah

    Jack:Ok, i vote to give him supplies

    Jen: Me to0

    Jack: Someone else?

    Jessica raised her hand.

    Valerian: I say we beat him up, and then feed him to the walkers.

    Amelia: There’s no enough supplies, we can’t give him any, sorry.

    Ivan: I’m with Valerian.

    Jack looked at Ivan with a worried look.

    Jack: Ok,so it’s three for giving him supplies, and i will take Valerian’s vote as no supplies, so it’s a tie hmmm, what about you Anna?

    What should Anna vote for?

    [Give him supplies]

    [Let him go without supplies]

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