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  • It feels so weird to write the story so that Harry and Nick wouldn't even know each others, so I decided to keep them as friends.

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    My personal favorite is still the introductions of Domenick and Buddy. That's the level of writing I'm aiming for this time and I hope I'll

  • Do what you feel is best

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    Sorry for not being so active (again). There's just been something on my mind for some time. So... I'm trying my best to write this st

  • Btw, I can't wait to watch GoT Season 5. I'll wait until it's finished before I watch it, because I can't wait for an episode for a week (Pretty ironic :-D)

    I know that feeling. I've decided to watch it, but considering that they heavily altered major storylines from the books, I have little ideas what happens next and the wait for Sunday is terrible. The first four episodes were really great, albeit some of the changes from the books were pretty huge and made me really nervous for some of my favourite characters. From what I have seen so far, I think this season will be very strong for Sansa, who got a very exciting storyline completely different from her boring book plot and who might manage to get the best storyline this season, perhaps even above the great storylines for Jon and Arya.

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    Thank you :] It's glad to hear you actually liked the story so far, I was pretty uncomfortable with it since the beginning. Now I really nee

  • I've been thinking that it would be better to keep up with this story we have now. (WHY CAN'T I DECIDE D;)

    Sorry, I've already deleted all the previous chapters, so you can't read them. (That was pretty fucking stupid) But, I have some of them saved on my tablet, so I'll try to put them here.

    I know it's stupid to first tell you that I'll restart this and then keep up with the old one, but I really didn't think the whole thing trough.

    So just to be clear...

    Restart cancelled

    Chapter 7(?) coming soon

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    I've been thinking that it would be better to keep up with this story we have now. (WHY CAN'T I DECIDE D;) Sorry, I've already deleted al

  • Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 6

    Billy, Sasha, Patrick and Samantha

    4 Hours later

    It's dark, probably midnight. The lights of a car are turned on and the doors have been opened. Some walkers are walking towards the lights. Once they reach the car that has been driven in front of an old house, they notice they were too late for a meal. There is a big trail of blood in the way to the house. It's an old farm house in the countryside, with a big cornfield next to it.


    One of the 4 walkers falls down with a tomahawk in it's head. A woman rises up from the cornfield and pulls the tomahawk out of the walker's head. She gets back down and one by one, does the same thing to the rest of them.


    The last one falls to the ground with its skull crushed. The woman gets up and looks around. No more zombies. She looks at the car and whispers: "Who the hell..."

    Soon she turns her head to the house. The lock has been busted and she can hear talking inside. She walks inside and listens where the talking came from.

    "Come on Samantha, just stay awake! This will only take a few minutes!" A man shouts from the living room. The woman walks behind the door to the living room, and puts her ear near to the thin door. Squeezing her tomahawk, she listens as the people who broke into her house are shouting at each others. She starts counting from 5 to 1.

    "Five." The woman grabs the handle.

    "Four." She looks at her tomahawk.

    "Three." She takes a deep breath.


    "Drop your weapon now, or I'll cut your throat open." Someone grabs the woman and puts a knife on her throat. She drops her tomahawk and tries to look behind her, but the person holding her makes it impossible.

    "Hey guys, someone was trying to sneak up on us! Come here and have a look!" The person holding the woman shouts. It was Sasha. The others in the living room open the door and take a look at the woman.

    "Good job Sasha. Who are you and why are you here?" Patrick says to the woman.

    The woman looks into Patrick's eyes. "You should get out of here when you still have the chance." She looks at all of them. "What to you mean?" Sasha says and squeezes her knife. The woman looks at Billy, who hasn't said a word yet. "Didn't you see the blood trail on the way here?" Billy smiles at her. "That was our friend Samantha's, she's right here, we were trying to help her, until you came here and tried to kill us. Luckily, Sasha noticed you." The woman looks surprised. "What are you doing in my house?"

    "Like we said, we are trying to help our friend. She is barely alive." Patrick says with a worried tone. The woman still looks surprised. "Let me see her."

    Billy and Patrick step out of the way and let the woman see Samantha. She is laying on the couch with blood all over her. The woman looks at her and runs straight to her. "What has happened to her? Who is she?" She sounds like she's panicking.

    "She's Samantha, our community's leader. Well.. not anymore to be honest. She went missing after our community got destroyed. Everybody thought she was dead, even us. A few hours ago, whe we were looking for the rest of our former groups' members, we hit her accidentally. But NOT that hard, no. Something else did that to her. We took her in our car and drove here, when we found your house. Who are you?" Patrick tells her their story.

    "My... My name is Hannah Heidrich. World has been treating me like shit this past year. My whole family died after I found them. My own brother killed my mother and I was forced to kill him, after he went batshit crazy. But let's not talk about that, let's talk about your friend here. How long has she been passed out?" Hannah says with a worried tone.

    "Ever since we found her about 4 hours ago. Can you please help us?" Billy says.

    The puts her hand on Samantha's fore head. "I have another safe house not far from here. We could take her there, which would be risky, or we could all go there and leave her here and come back with the supplies. It's up to you. We can take her with us, which will take longer and the zombies have a bigger chance to get her, or just leave her here, where it's more safer."

    Patrick looks at Samantha, she need help.

    [Leave Samantha here]

    [Take Samantha with you]

    Harry's group

    [Warn the others]

    Quinton slowly starts taking steps backwards, to Harry's tent. He would know what to do. Quinton starts sweating, the figure's movement was really creepy. Once he reaches the tent, he opens it as quickly as he could.

    "Get up man, there's someone out there!" He whispers to Harry. Harry slowly opens his eyes and looks at Quinton. "What the fuck are you doing in my tent Q? It's Cole's turn next." He says and closes his eyes again.

    Quinton kicks him. He gets up and looks at Quinton with an angry look on his face. "There ks someone out there! Get up!" He whispers again louder.

    "Shit... Did you see what it was?" He says and puts his shirt on.

    "No, it was too dark... Its movement was really weird, that's all I know." He says with a worried tone.

    "Go warn the others, we need to see what it was." Harry says and steps out of his tent. He takes his gun with him and starts walking to the woods.

    Quinton goes from tent to tent to wake the others up. He only leaves Angelica to sleep and gathers all the others outside. Quinton explains the situation. "I'm sorry to wake you all up, but I saw something in the woods coming towards us. Its movement was really weird, and I don't know if it was a zombie or something else. Harry went out there to look for it, but he's not back yet."

    "Quinton!" He hears from the woods. It's Harry. "There's no one out there, are you absolutely sure you saw something out there?" He says and puts his gun away.

    "Yes, I'm sure. I wouldn't be fucking around with a thing like this." He says.

    "Well, there's no one there. Let's get back to sleep everyone, it's Cole's turn to keep a lookout." Harry says and heads to his tent.

    Quinton gets up and tries to get to his tent, but Cole stops him. "Please, go sleep with Angelica. She's been having nightmares and I don't want her to wake up without an adult next to her."

    "Sure, no problem." Q says and heads to Cole's tent instead.

    He opens the tent, gets in and looks around for a while.

    "Cole!? Cole!!" Quinton Suddenly shouts.

    "What is it?" Cole yells back to him.

    "She's not here!"

    Nick, Wilson and Mary

    "Alright then, she can join us if she wants." Nick says and smiles at Wilson.

    "Well, it's been a long time since I've had any company. Sure." She says.

    "Cool, we should probably keep going if we want to find the safe zone before winter." Wilson says and grabs his backpack.

    Nick does the same and looks at Mary. "Are you sure about this? You can still turn back." Nick says. Mary looks back to him and answers. "I'm sure."

    Nick then grabs her arm and whispers to her. "I swear, if you ever try to hurt that boy, you wish you would have never even met us."

    Mary takes his hand off of her arm and looks him in the eye. "I would never do anything like that."

    Wilson looks back at them and shouts. "You coming or not?"

    They look at each others. Nick didn't like her. He had his reasons of course. He had lost so many people before, so he was afraid of losing anyone close to him anymore. Wilson is the only one left that he cares about.

    They walk for a while without saying anything. Mary seems a little uncomfortable with it. "Are you guys always this quiet?"

    "No it's just that Nick isn't comfortable with speaking with you right now. It'll get better, you'll see." Wilson says.

    "Okay. So... tell me about this former group of yours." She says to make some conversation.

    Wilson looks at Nick and takes his hood off of his head. "We had this community... I was brought there after some of the soldiers found me, I don't remember any of it. I don't know.. I guess it was good, but people just had their differences. Have you ever been in a community?"

    "No, I haven't. I have been with other people after my... family died. All of the people I've met have either died or left me." She says.

    They keep walking for about 10 minutes. Once they've came out of the woods and reached a road, Mary sees something.

    "Look, a gas station!" She points her finger to a gas station with a store next to it. The place is fortified, but it seems abandonded.

    "You sure this is a smart idea?" Nick says.

    "Oh, you can speak. (Laughs) Yeah, these places are usually filled with suplies.

    "This could be a trap." He says and scratches his neck.

    "Guys..." Wilson says, but they don't seem to listen to him.

    "Why are you so scared? Do you still think I will kill you while you sleep?" Mary says. She seems angry.

    "Yes, I do. And I have a reason for that. I don't know you." Nick says with an angry tone.

    Wilson: Guys!!

    Nick: What!?

    Wilson: If you haven't already noticed, there's a pretty fucking big herd following us!

    Nick looks behind him. Mary does the same. They both start backing off. There's a herd of runners coming after them. They have been recently turned.

    "Shit, is now the right time to go in there!?" Mary shouts to them.

    Nick answers with a grunt and grabs Wilson with him. The only way to get into the gas station was to get past a gate, which can be only opened from the other side.

    "I'm going to throw you over that fence, try to open that gate!" Nick shouts to Wilson. He brings him near te gate and pushes him up so Wilson can climb over the fence.

    "Hurry up, they're already close!" Mary yells at him.

    "I'm trying, I'm trying! I'm almost ov.." Wilson falls down.

    "Are you okay!? Wilson!?" Nick shouts and takes his shotgun out of his backpack.

    "Ouch.. I.. I guess.. My leg hurts.." He says and raises his head.

    "Open the gate!" Mary shouts as she takes her kukri knife out of her pocket.

    Nick looks at her with a dumb look on his face. "You don't have a gun?"

    "Never needed one." She says and gets ready to face the first runner.

    The first runner of the herd runs straight to Mary. She squeezes her knife, and takes a deep breath. "Any time now Wilson!"

    When the runner is almost on Mary, she starts running towards it. She hits the knife in its head.

    Wilson tries to get up, but he can't because his leg hurts so much.

    "I'm sorry guys, I can't get up." Wilson says with a worried tone.

    "Yes you can. You have to try at least! We are going to die otherwise!" Nick shouts to him.

    Wilson closes his eyes and tries to get up. It hurs like hell, but he has to try.

    "I... I got up. What do I do?" Wilson says.

    Nick reloads his shotgun and starts shooting the runners. "Try to open it!"

    Wilson tries to do something, while Mary and Nick are trying to keep the zombies from eating them.

    It would be a few seconds, and the whole herd would be on Nick and Mary.






    "It's open!!!!" Wilson shouts to them. Mary and Nick run in and close the gate behind them.

    "Thank.. Thank you Wilson.." Mary says and grabs Nick's shotgun.

    Nick: Hey, what the f..

    "Back off." Mary points the shotgun on Nick and Wilson.

    "Mary, what is this!?" Wilson shouts.

    "I'm sorry." She says and looks him in the eye. Wilson seems really sad. He really trusted her.

    "Wilson, it's not your fault, you couldn't have kno..." Nick starts speaking, but is interrupted by Mary.

    "Hey guys, I found these two from the woods! A kid and an old guy."

    The door of the store opens. Two guys come out of there.

    "Do they have anything on them?" The other one shouts.

    "I.. I don't know." Mary says and looks at Wilson. He is looking to the ground with a disappointed look on his face.

    "What are those runners doing outside?" The other one shouts.

    "I had to attract them, so these guys would come here." She says.

    "Wait, you almost killed us and yourself to get some fucking supplies from us!? You are crazy!" Nick shouts to her.

    "I.. I.." Mary looks at the 2 approaching figures.

    "Good, let's bring them inside." The other one says. It was a woman

    Suddenly, Nick's eyes get wider. "Hey, I know that voice."

    Nick looks at the people who are coming towards him.

    "Wh..what!? Simon? Sydeny? Simon Phillips, is that you!?" Nick shouts at them.

    Wilson looks at them. "Dr. Phillips and Sydney!? Holy shit!"

    Both of the approaching figures stop and look at them for a second.

    "Nick!? And is that.. Is that Wilson?" A familiar voice says. It's Simon (Dr. Phillips)

    "What in the hell are you guys doing here?" Nick asks them and starts walking towards them.

    "Wait, you guys know each others?" Mary says with an embarrassed look on her face.

    "Hell yeah I know them. These guys are from our former community." Sydney says and hugs Nick and Wilson.

    Mary laughs uncomfortably. "Well uhh... This is awkward."

    The end of the chapter

  • I have Chapters 1,2,5 and 6 here, some of them might be a little unpolished.

    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 1

    10 Years after the outbreak, in a safe zone in Virginia

    Sun is shining, kids are playing in the northern side of the safe zone, people are working to keep this community working. It seems like everything is under control, but the truth is always darker than it seems.

    Samantha: Absolutely not! I'm not putting my people in danger just to find a cure to the virus. We have tried, trust me. There is no cure Zara.

    Zara Jefferson: You need to trust me! This is it! We're 100% sure about this!

    Samantha looks at Zara with a desperate look on her face. We can't waste our resources to this. You don't know how hard it is to keep this community working right now. Our guards have spotted bandits and bombers near our walls. The food situation is worse than ever. We don't have time to look for a cure and you know that. She says as she looks outside of the capital building's window.

    Zara lets out a sigh and looks at Samantha for a while. She leaves the room and walks downstairs. Any luck this time? Samantha's personal guard asks.

    No. And right now it seems like there won't be any luck in the next two years. I'm so sure this is it! Samantha just won't believe me. She says with a desperate look

    She has a reason for that Zara. Now go on then, there are more people who want to speak to her. I heard doctor Phillip had some problems with Wilson, why don't you go check that out. He brings Zara out of the building and takes the next one in.

    The capital building is in the southern side of the safe zone, it is the place for all the important people. Eastern side is for farmers and hunters. The hospital is in the western side. The northern side is for kids and animals. Outside the walls are the bravest people. They are looking for bandits and zombies and keep them away from the walls. Zara heads to the hospital to his friend doctor Phillip.

    At the moment at the hospital

    Wilson: No way old man, you ain't putting that shit inside me.

    Dr. Phillip: Wilson you need to trust me. I'm a doctor, I know what I'm doing.

    Wilson: You didn't know what to do when your mom died did you?

    Dr. Phillip looks at him with a serious look on his face. And you didn't know what to do when Natalie died.

    Wilson's face turns red and he stands up from the chair he was sitting on. Don't you ever talk about Natalie again.

    We have all lost people on our way here Wilson. All of us. He tries to calm him.

    But have you lost your mom when you were 4 years old? Have you lost the only person you've ever cared about after 2 years after losing your mom? He shouts to him.

    Maybe you should speak to someone about how they ended up here. I'm sure someone has lost more people than you. He speaks with a calm voice.

    Wilson: Like who?

    Dr. Phillip: Like Samantha.

    Wilson: (Laughs) Do you really think I'd ever get the chance to do so? She's always so busy with "Keeping this community together."

    Dr. Phillip: She's done a good job. Not everyone is able to keep a community working after 10 years of the outbreak.

    Wilson: Well, Samantha isn't an option. Anyone else?

    Dr. Phillip: Harry, Nick, Zara. You can ask anyone else and you'll hear some really depressive stories. Now let me put this medicine inside you...

    Wilson takes the knife Natalie gave him out and points it at dr. Phillip. You're not. Putting. That. Shit. Inside me.

    Wilson please, you're too young for this stuff. Put the knife away and leave mister Phillip alone. A woman's voice says. It's Zara. She takes her doctors univorm from a closet and puts it on.

    Wilson looks at Zara for a while and leaves the room. Don't worry, it's just puberty. Wilson hears Zara saying when he leaves the building. He puts the knife back to his pocket and heads to the southern side of the safe zone.

    **At the moment in Samantha's office***

    Samantha is looking at a picture of her and Walter. Tears are dropping to the floor as she rips the picture in pieces and throws it away. You can't stay in the past anymore Samantha... It's time to move on

    Someone knocks on her door. She swipes the tears out of her eyes and opens it. Oh, Nick. Aren't you supposed to be guarding the wall? She asks him.

    What's wrong with your eyes? He looks to the ground and sees the ripped picture. Oh, never mind. I'm here to ask for a favor.

    What are you asking for? She looks him in to his eyes.

    I need someone to watch the wall tonight. Harry spotted some bandits near the walls so we're going to check that out. He says.

    Why don't you ask Cole? He's a night watch too you know. She smiles a little because she knew Nick didn't trust Cole. He thought Cole was too weak to keep the walls safe.

    Uhh.. We need two men to guard the walls tonight. Nick's face turns red.

    Samantha laughs a little. Why don't you trust him? He's been here longer than you Nick, he should be not trusting you.

    What if a group of bandits would attack tonight? He can't guard the wall by himself! He tries to convince Samantha.

    Samantha opens her mouth, but just when she is about to speak the door to her office flies open.

    It's Wilson. They're trying to put some medicine inside me! He shouts to Samantha.

    Wilson, how did you get here? She asks with a smile on her face.

    That doesn't matter. They don't have the right to put s... Samantha's guard comes to her office and grabs Wilson. I'm sorry, he just ran past me. He says and tries to drag Wilson out of the room.

    Wait! He might be just what we need. He's old enough to do this, isn't he? Nick shouts to the guard and turns his face to Samantha.

    Wilson as a night watch? I don't think so. Samantha laughs a bit.

    No, think about it. He's already 14, we can't act like he's a kid anymore. Nick tries to convince Samantha. Wilson was already old enough to work and they really needed some help tonight, but it would be risky.

    [Okay then]

    [No way]

    The eastern side of the safe zone

    Natalia Mirnov: Do we really need to do this now? The deers can wait, I can't stand this temperature. It must be at least +35 degrees (Celsius)

    Domenick Salvatoriello: +35 Ain't shit. You haven't visited Italy have you?

    Natalia: No, I haven't. I'm used to cold weather.

    Domenick: As funny as this might sound, so am I. The winters have been getting colder in the last ten years in here.

    Natalia laughs a bit. There are no people left to continue global warming.

    Domenick just looks at the weapons that hunters are allowed to use without saying a word. He grabs a bow and looks at Natalia. No, the deers won't wait. You either come with me or you go to Samantha and tell her that you backed up from one of the most important job here because of the temperature. I wouldn't complain about how hot it is, just wait until winter arrives. Then even I complain. He says and opens the gate leading outside the safe zone.

    Wait for me! She says with a worried tone while she grabs her mosin nagant military rifle and goes after Domenick

    Natalia: I wish I'd be a farmer or a teacher instead of this. I can't believe Sasha gets to be a farmer while Samantha puts me to do work outside the walls.

    Domenick: You get twice as much food tickets than Sasha and you have a permission to go outside the walls without a permission. I wouldn't really complain.

    Natalia: Sasha and I share our food tickets and we already have more than we need, so that doesn't really matter. And I don't really want to leave the safe zone just to get eaten.

    Domenick: Stop complaining. Some day Samantha will promote you to a teacher if you work hard as a hunter.

    Natalia looks at Domenick while he keeps going. Suddenly he stops. Did you hear that? He whispers to Natalia.

    No. What is it? She whispers back.

    I heard something. Domenick takes a few steps forward and looks what it is. He sees a rotten creature with a lot of huge things that look like muscles in it's body Shit, this is bad. He says with a worried tone.

    What? Natalia looks at Domenick as he takes a few steps backwards.

    It's a bomber. Let's get out of here, fast. Domenick turns around. Suddenly the voice stops. (Bombers make the same noise as people with their necks snapped does, it sounds like something what grudge does in the horror movie grudge)

    Domenick's face turns red and he looks at Natalia. It spotted us. He whispers to her.

    Shoot it! She yells.

    What? It would bring a shitload of zombies near the walls. We could try to run. He whispers to Natalia with an angry look on his face.

    If we run, it would follow us to the safe zone and blast our walls. Natalia answers with a worried tone.

    A few seconds of silence follows.

    Suddenly the bomber lets out a loud scream and starts running towards Domenick and Natalia

    Do something! Natalia yells to Domenick.

    [Shoot it]


    The end of the chapter.

  • Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 2

    The northern side of the safe zone, the school of the communtiy

    "So if you ever get hurt, just follow these rules and the wound won't get infected"

    Angelica Marshall raises her arm. "But we have doctors who take care of us." She says to Sydney Hill, Angelica's teacher.

    "But in case of an emergency you need to know this stuff."

    Angelica looks at Sydney with a curious look on her face. She tries to figure out what Sydney meant by that. Angelica had born in the community and had no idea what was outside the walls. Cole and Patrick always said that she had nothing to worry about.

    "Angelica?" Angelica looks around her and sees that every other students had left the class room. Sydney was looking at her behind her desk. "Don't worry, even I lose grip from reality sometimes." She says and smiles a bit.

    Angelica grabs her teddy bear and puts it on her backpack. "Mrs. Hill?" She says and looks at Sydney with her dark green eyes. "What is it darling?" Sydney says and smiles.

    "Why can't we go outside the walls? What is out there?" She says and looks to the ground.

    Sydney looks at Angelica and draws a picture.

    Alt text

    She hands the picture to Angelica. "Trolls. Outside those walls are trolls who hurt people, but don't worry, they don't do anything to children." Angelica looks at the picture and gives it back to Sydney. "That looks scary. They can't get in here can they?" She says with an innocent look on her face. "Of course not, our night watches keep them away from us. Your dad Cole is one of them." She says and gives the picture back to Angelica. "You can have it"

    Angelica looks at the picture and smiles. She leaves the class room and walks outside. She walks to her friend Connor and shows him the picture. "My daddy keeps us safe from these things." She says with a proud tone. "That's so cool! What are those things?" He asks.

    "Trolls. They don't hurt children so we're safe. They only hurt people who are outside." She says and takes the picture back. Angelica opens her backpack. She has her teddy bear, pencil case, a picture of her parents and a princess book in there. She puts the picture in the backpack and closes it.

    When her school ended, she ran as fast as she could to her home. Cole and Patrick had a pretty big apartment even though they weren't living in the south. Their apartment was located in the northern side of the safe zone.

    Angelica opens the door to her apartment and throws her backpack to her room. "How was school my little princess?" Patrick comes to her room and hugs her. Angelica opens her backpack and takes the picture out and shows it to Patrick. "Cole dad keeps these things away from our walls!" She shouts with a proud look on her face. "What is that?" Patrick asks and smiles. "You don't know? It's a troll! They hurt people who move outside the walls." She says and laughs.

    "Oh, sorry I didn't regonize that. Of course Cole keeps those things away from us." He laughs a bit.

    "But why can't I go out if they only hurt adults?" She asks.

    Patrick stays quiet for a while. "Why don't you go play with Connor, I heard he got some new toys today."

    "Really!?" Angelica runs out of the apartment and heads to Connor's apartment.

    "I think Cole and I need to talk..." He thinks and heads outside.

    Southern side of the safe zone

    "...Carl just drove as fast as he could while the rest of us were trying to not get shot by that old man. It took 3 hours before we escaped. Three days later that man was standing on my doorstep. Well, lesson learned. Don't borrow someone's car without asking."

    "You have got to be kidding me" Quinton Davids laughs.

    "True story, you can ask Carl. I mean, if he's alive and if I'd know where he is now." Billy O'Neil answers. "Don't you have any stories to share?"

    "No... Not really. There was this one time though..." He says and smiles a little

    "Come on, tell me." Billy says.

    "Well, when I moved to Tennesee my dad wanted me to get some friends, so he invited his friend's son to our home so we could hang out. Well, he came and we talked a little. I must say, it was kind of awkward at first, but when the evening went on we started to have some fun. He said he was thirsty, so I said he could get something to drink from the kitchen. I remember him shouting something like: "I'm going to drink from this bottle on the table". I was pretty confused because I didn't remember any bottle on the table, but I didn't really care about that. When he came back he asked what was in the bottle and I answered I don't know. He said it tasted weird. Well, it was getting late and he was getting really tired so he started sleeping. My dad came to wake us in the morning and he asked me where his bottle was. I asked what bottle, and he answered: "That bottle where I piss to" I was like what the fuck, why are you pissing to a bottle, and he said he doesn't like to use public toilets. Then dad asked do I know where it was, and I said I didn't know. Then my friend got up and asked "Do you mean that bottle that was in the kitchen?" And my dad said yes. He looked at my dad for a second, grabbed his clothes and ran out. I never heard of him after that." Quinton starts laughing.

    "I don't get it. Why did he run?" Billy says with a dumb look on his face.

    "He drank my dad's piss you dumb ass." Quinton hits his shoulder.

    "Oh, now I get it." Billy starts laughing.

    "Yeah... My dad was a great man. I never respected him as I should have." Quinton looks at Billy. "Well, let's get this car fixed then. Samantha said the soldiers need to have at least one working car."

    "Shit, I don't think that's possible." Billy says while he looks around him. "Look at these engines, do you think we can really do anything to these? We have 5 cars, 1 should be working, but they give us broken engines. What are they thinking?"

    "I don't know... Let's just pretend we're doing something, I'm sure they will understand." Q answers.

    "Sure." Billy says and leans to a table and accidentally pushes a button.

    "Oh don't lean on th..." Q shouts but it's too late. One of the cars falls down and an alarm turns on. "You fucking idiot! Do you have any idea how many zombies that will attract!?" He shouts to him.

    "I'm sorry I didn't know!" Billy shouts. They could already hear the soldiers running to the garage they were in.

    "Fuck! We're going to get thrown to zombies if they find out this was us! We need to get out of here, now!" Q whispers to Billy.

    "We can't be so unresponsible. We're not kids anymore Quinton." He answers.


    [Escape] (They're going outside the walls if they escape)

  • Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 5

    [Go check out the body]

    Billy opens the door and steps outside. "If it's a human, we can't let him or her to die. If it's a lurker..." Billy takes his shotgun from the car and looks at the body, which is moving a little.

    "Hey, be careful." Sasha says and smiles at him. He takes a deep breath and reloads his shotgun. Its clothes do look familiar, but it could be anyone and most likely a lurker.

    Billy walks next to the body and looks at it. It looks like it's a woman. Her clothes are covered in blood and there's a small blood trail on the ground. It looks like the car didn't hit her too hard, which is a relief. It's hard to see if she's dead or alive, because everybody has blood on their clothes nowadays and nobody smells good. The woman is laying on her stomach, so Billy can't see her face.

    "Well? Is it dead?" Patrick shouts from the car. Billy looks at him and scratches his head. "I'm not sure. It's upside down."

    "Well turn her on her back!" Sasha shouts and face palms. Billy wasn't exactly the smartest guy around.

    Billy grabs the woman's arm and turns her over.

    "What the..." Billy says. He drops the shotgun to the ground and falls on his knees.

    "Is she dead?" Patrick yells and gets out of the car.

    "I... It's..." Billy tries to say something but he's panicking.

    "What?" Sasha shouts and gets off the car too.

    "It's Samantha!" Billy shouts and turns his head to Sasha. Sasha and Patrick both run to the body and look at it. It truly is Samantha. She is missing a few fingers and she has blood all over her. Her hair is full of dirt.

    "Wh... How... What is she doing here? I thought she was dead?" Patrick says and looks at Sasha. "I don't know! What the hell has happened to her?" Sasha answers with a worried tone. She looks at Samantha's right hand, which is missing 2 fingers.

    "We need to get her into the car. She can still be alive, we didn't hit her too hard." Billy says and grabs Samantha's right arm. "Yeah, let's do that." Patrick says and grabs her left arm. They drag her into the car and put her to the backseat. The blood on her is still fresh. Billy goes to the driver's seat and looks at Patrick, who is looking at Samantha with a terryfied look on his face.

    "Should we like... Slap her or something? I mean she could wake up." Billy says to Sasha, who is too terryfied to even look at Samantha's body. "That's fucking stupid, Billy. You probably killed her w...." Sasha is interrupted by Patrick.

    "Holy fuck! She opened her eyes! Can you hear me Samantha?" Patrick shouts. Both, Billy and Sasha turn their heads to Samantha, who has opened her eyes. She opens her mouth, but doesn't say anything.

    "Samantha! What has happened to you?" Sasha shouts with a worried tone. She takes a napkin from her pocket and wipes the blood that is coming from Samantha's mouth to it. Samantha isn't looking too good.

    "Hit the gas. She needs help." Patrick says with a soft tone. Biting his lips, Billy starts driving the car. He turns the radio on to prevent the awkward silence.

    Nick and Wilson

    "Hide!" Nick whispers to Wilson loudly. Wilson jumps behind a big rock, while Nick stays still. "What are you doing?" Wilson whispers to Nick. Nick looks at him and takes his shotgun out of his backpack. "I'm going to deal with what ever is out there. You stay there, I don't want you to get hurt." He says and reloads his shotgun.

    Nick puts his finger on the trigger and starts walking towards the woods. "You better survive, because I ain't burying your lazy ass" Wilson whsipers to him. Nick smiles and keeps going on. Nick wasn't usually scared of noises, but now it was really strange. There were no zombies around there and no survivors either.

    "Come out and face me!" Nick shouts with an angry look on his face. He turns on the flaslight on his shotgun so he could see something in the dark forest. He looks around him but he doesn't see anything or anyone. He keeps on looking, but he can't see anything. He decides to go back to the beach.

    He gets back to the campfire. "It was nothing, you can come o..." Someone grabs Nick's throat and places a knife on his throat. "Shut up, or I will cut your head off. You one of those bandits?" A woman's voice says behind him.

    "Maybe I am. You should leave now, we don't like strangers around here." Nick with a calm tone.

    "We? I don't see anyone else than you here, old man." The woman says.

    Nick lets out a sigh. "Maybe they're hiding. And if they are, they should escape right now."

    They wait for a moment. The woman squeezes Nick's throat. "Was that a sign for your buddies to attack? That's it, I'm d..."

    "Please, don't! We'll do what you want, just don't hurt us." Wilson gets up. He walks in front of Nick, who has a knife on his throat. Suddenly, the woman lets go off Nick with a really surprised look on her face.

    "You... You're not bandits. You have a kid. Those fuckers don't keep children around. Who are you?" The woman says with a surprised tone.

    "We were just about to leav..." Nick starts talking, but Wilson interrupts him.

    "I'm Wilson and he's Nick. Long story short, both of us made some stupid decisions and ended up separated from our old group. We have had some real hard time trying to survive out here and we'd like to have some company. Who are you?" Wilson says and smiles to her. She looks young, probably 20 years old. She has a brown hair in a bun. She's really pretty.

    "I'm Mary. Mary Mason. It's nice to meet you, is this your dad?" She says and smiles back to him.

    Wilson looks at Mary. "No, Nick isn't my dad. I've never seen my dad. My mother died when this thing started. After that, I was with my care taker, Natalie. Things worked out for 2 years, but then one night, she saved my life, but sacrificed hers. It's hard to care about anyone anymore. I'm glad Nick is with me though... It's been a long time since I've felt so safe with someone."

    Mary puts her hand on Wilson's shoulder and looks into his eyes. "I know how you must feel. My family is gone too. All of my big brothers and sisters and my parents are gone. My father was the last one alive, he died years ago. It must be hard to be so young and live without parents."

    Wilson smiles at her, but Nick interrupts them. "Look, we have had some bad experiences before with strangers, so I'm not sure I can trust you. You seem nice, but you can never really know. Wilson and I can handle ourselves."

    Mary looks at him for a long time. She nods and turns around. "Alright, I'll keep going then." She says with a disappointed tone. "It was nice to meet you though."

    "No, don't go. Nick didn't mean that. He just has some hard time dealing with new people nowadays. Trust me, he is a good man once you get to know him." Wilson says. Mary turns around.


    "No Nick, give her a chance. She seems really nice. If she was trouble, she would've killed us already. You need to forget Harry, he was an asshole. Mary is different."

    [Alright, she can join us if she wants]

    [I'm sorry Wilson, but it's too dangerous]

    Harry, Quinton, Natalia, Domenick, Zara, Cole and Angelica

    [Let them free]

    "There's no way we're killing them. They deserve to live, just like us. I won't let Angelica think it's right to just kill entire families because they might be a threat to somebody. Let them go and give them some food." Cole says and gets up. Angelica is looking at him with a proud look on her face.

    Harry keeps on looking at Cole. "Alright, we let them go. But we aren't going to give them food." He says and walks to the family.

    "Harry." Domenick says and grabs his hand. "Let's just do as he wants, okay? Let's just untie them, give them some food and live our lives. There is literally no reason to act like a dick right now."

    Harry looks at him for a long time and takes his hand off of him. "Do you guys think I'm the bad guy? Do you think that I like the person I am? I might seem like an asshole, but I'm trying to protect you. I couldn't protect my daughter and.... I just don't want the same happening to you. I'm trying the best I can, even though I might sometimes be a jerk. We don't know these people, who knows if they're bandits. You just need to believe me on this, I'm only trying to protect you. I can't do the same mistakes I did with my daughter."

    They all are quiet for a moment. Zara takes some food and puts them in a backpack. "I uhh.. I'm going to let them go now. We understand you Harry. We're sorry for your loss."

    Domenick sits down and looks at Angelica, who seems happy by the decision to save the family. Domenick wasn't exactly the kid person, but that girl was just adorable. He had met some kids in his life before prison, but it wasn't anything like you would think of. In his days in the war, he saw some children with their necks slit and their fingers and toes cut off.

    Quinton is still looking to the sky, far away from the others. Natalia is sitting next to her and looking at the sky too.

    "So, what do you think of Harry?" Natalia asks.

    Q takes his eyes off the sky and looks at Natalia. "I don't know... On the other half, I hate everything about him. But on the other.. I understand why he is who he is. I lost my father when this all started. He lost his wife and daughter. I still feel like shit, because I could'nt save my father, who was supposed to take care of me. But Harry... Harry was supposed to take care of his wife and daughter. First his wife. He must've felt like shit. I can't even imagine it. But then.. His daughter. He failed to take care of the only 2 persons in this world who he had to take care of... and he failed. He still carried on. I understand, that he is now doing everything he can to protect his loved ones. But still, killing a family? Geeze. I guess he was once a good man, who wouldn't have even thought about killing that family. But life did its thing and he had to change."

    Natalia thinks about what Q said for a while. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

    Meanwhile, Zara is just letting the family away.

    "We're sorry if we seemed like bad people, we just don't agree on some things and all of us has had some bad experiences. Here's some food, try to keep that kid safe" She says and gives the father the bag which contains some food.

    "Thank you, we'll keep our child safe." The father says and leaves their camp.

    "Well, that thing is done. Is there any more problems for today?" Zara yells to the others.

    "No, I think that's all. Let's go to bed everybody, Quinton will keep a lookout." Harry shouts back to her. Everyone gets up and heads to their tents. Quinton builds a campfire and sits next to it.

    Hours pass by, Quinton is really tired. It's almost Cole's turn to keep a lookout. Just a few more minutes and he could get to sleep. Luckily, they werw out in the woods. If they were in some suburbs or in a city, you would have to be ready to act all the time.

    Quinton closes his eyes for a second. It feels good, he's really tired. Sleeping nowadays isn't what it used to be. You need to be ready to get up in a heart beat if you get ambushed.

    He opens his eyes now and looks at the fire. It's been a calm night, nothing has happened yet.


    Quinton gets up. What the hell was that?

    He looks into the woods and sees a figure coming towards him. Its movement is a little weird, it could be a zombie. If not a zombie, then a bandit.

    Quinton stays still without saying a word. He needs to act now.

    [Shoot the figure]

    [Call out for it]

    [Warn the others]

    The end of the chapter.

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  • Ch. 7 is almost written, I just need to change some things first.

    One week later...

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    Ch. 7 is almost written, I just need to change some things first. One week later... But seriously, I haven't actually noticed h

  • Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 7

    Nick, Wilson, Simon, Sydney, Mary

    "Thank you. It's been quite some time since I've had a meal." Nick says to Simon who has brought some fish for him and Wilson.

    "Well, we almost ended up as a meal a few minutes back..." Wilson continues and looks at Mary who is outside the store.

    "It was not her choice. We have made a deal that if we see survivors, we will bring them here and rob them. It's usually Mary who is doing this, since she's the only one pretty enough and she's a good at convincing people." Sydney says and sits opposite of Nick.

    "Why are you robbing people? I would have never thought you two would be doing this kind of stuff. Shit, me and Wilson almost died because of your little games. I don't know who to blame anymore." Nick says.

    "Blame anyone you want, it doesn't help. I'd blame yourself for going with her." Simon says with a sarcastic tone.

    "Shut up. But seriously, why the hell are you robbing people?" Nick says and looks at Simon with a curious look on his face.

    "Well Nick, as the world has gone to shit, so have the people. There's not much supplies left in this country, you of all should know that. If we can't find any, we need to figure something else out. And this is our way. Plus, we really need some food right now." Simon answers and looks at Sydney.

    "Your way? That's not what I expected from you doc." Nick says and keeps eating.

    "It looks like you've been robbing a lot of people lately. --- No offense, Sydney" Wilson says and looks at Sydney's stomach, which is bigger than the last time he saw her.

    "Oh... Right. We haven't told you." Simon says and scratches his neck.

    "She's pregnant." He continues.

    Nick and Wilson look at each others with surprised looks on their faces. Nick looks at Sydney's stomach.

    "Bu.. But how did Quinton..." Nick tries to speak.

    "It's..... Not Quinton's." Sydney says. Nick moves his eyes straight to Sydney.

    "What!? Have those god damn bandits raped you!? I'll find them and end th..." Nick starts speaking

    "Nick, relax. This was my own choice." Sydney continues.

    "But.. Who? Who, if not Quinton?" Nick stands up and starts walking in circles.

    Sydney looks at Simon.


    Sasha, Billy, Hannah, Samantha, Patrick

    [Take Samantha with you]

    "We'll take her with us. Just in case something bad happens. Don't worry, we'll carry her." Patrick says and grabs Samantha, who is covered in blood.

    "Are you sure? She will put us in danger." Hannah says with a worried look on her face.

    Patrick looks at Billy, who answers with a nod. "Yes, we're sure." Patrick says as he turns around.

    "Patrick and Billy, why don't you grab Sam, while I'll talk to Hannah for a moment." Sasha grabs Hannah's hand and drags her outside.

    "What is it?" Hannah says with a curious look on her face.

    "Say that she is going to survive, and don't lie to me." Sasha looks into her eyes.

    Hannah keeps looking at her. "I'll do my best to keep her alive."

    "She will survive, I know it... What did this to her?" Sasha says.

    "You haven't seen those bandits around here? They aren't people anymore, they are monsters. You do not want to know what they do to people." Hannah answers.

    "Well... I guess Sam is a good example..." Sasha says with a fearful look on her face.

    Hannah grabs her shoulder. "You should really get out before it's too late. This place isn't safe."

    Sasha looks back at her and opens her mouth, but the door opens just when she's about to speak. Patrick and Billy carry Samantha in the front yard and look at the girls. "So.. Should we go?" Billy says.

    "Are you sure you can carry her all the way?" Hannah says and takes her tomahawk out of her backpack.

    "What? Are you really saying we're not strong enough to c.." Billy says and drops Samantha's legs to the ground. He looks at Hannah who is laughing. Billy opens his mouth with an embarrassed look on his face. "Her clothes are just slippery!"

    "Sure. Just follow me." Hannah answers with a sarcastic tone.

    10 minutes later

    "Is that it? Because she isn't going to make it if we need to go any further." Patrick says to Hannah.

    "Yes. You take her there and you can rest after that." She says and looks at the house not far from the group.

    Sasha looks at the house for some time. "That... that is your other safe house?"

    "Well I'm sorry if the design is bothering you, what did you expect? A Five Star hotel?" Hannah answers. The house is an old farm house next to a road. The windows are crashed, the house looks like it's falling apart.

    "No, I just didn't expect... This. I mean, doesn't that give you the creeps when you sleep in there?" Sasha answers.

    "You afraid of a house?" Hannah laughs.

    "No, I'm n..." Sasha tries to answer.

    "Girls, enough! We should probably be quiet, we're in an area where stalkers usually move, and they are pretty hard to see at night." Patrick whispers to them.

    "Stalkers? What the hell are you talking about? The only stalker I see here is that friend of yours who is looking at my ass right now." Hannah says and looks at Billy.

    "Uhh... No I wasn't. I was just.. Uh..." Billy's face turns red.

    "Wait.. You don't know what stalkers are? I'm not talking about the human stalkers, I'm talking about the zombie walkers. You haven't seen one? For real?" Patrick answers with surprised tone.

    "No, the only ones I've been meeting are runners, walkers and lurkers. Tell me a little about these stalker buddies of yours." Hannah says.

    "Well let's stop for a moment then and look at that little lake right there for a moment." Patrick says and looks at the lake next to the house.

    "Yeah, what about it?" Hannah says.

    "Shut up and look at it for a moment. You sh... Look, there's one right there!" Patrick points at the lake.

    "Where? I can't see anything." Hannah says and tries to look for anything unordinary.

    "You see that weird thing moving in the water? That's a stalker. I heard they were the military test subjects when this shit started, that's the reason they can blend in with the nature. You wouldn't believe how fucking hard they are to see. I'll tell you this now, never go swimming in the apocalypse. It could end up being the last thing you do." Patrick says.

    "Oh, now I see it. Holy fuck, it looks like it's part of the water. Thanks for the information, it might be... Useful." Hannah says and starts walking again.

    "Could we just please get into the house now? She's kind of heavy." Billy says.

    "Stop whining and carry her." Sasha says and follows Hannah.

    They walk for a little while until they reach the house. Hannah opens the door.

    "I would love to introduce the house to y'all, but I guess your friend here needs some help. Here, let me have her." Hannah says as she steps in. The others follow.

    "But.." Billy starts talking, but Hannah interrupts him.

    "I have my stuff in the cellar. Before you go any further, I want to make something clear. Do not go in to the cellar. I have some really personal stuff in there, and I would appreciate it if you would keep away from there." Hannah says.

    "Yeah... Sure. Just take her and do what you can. The rest of us will get some sleep if you don't mind." Sasha says and smiles at her.

    Billy and Patrick hand Samantha to Hannah. She walks to the door which leads to the stairs going down to the cellar.

    "Wait.. You're taking her there?" Patrick asks.

    "I'm sorry, but I can't do it up here. I have my stuff down here, you just need to trust me. My dad was a doctor, so I know what I'm doing. Just.. Don't come there like I said. I have all of my personal stuff in there." Hannah smiles and opens the door.

    Hannah heads downstairs.

    "Well.. Uh.. I hope Sam will be okay." Billy says and scratches his neck

    "Don't worry, she knows what she's doing. Let's just get some sleep."

    The end of the chapter.

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    Yay! Its back!!! And God damn shit kinda hit the metaphorical fan...

  • Yay! Its back!!! And God damn shit kinda hit the metaphorical fan...

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    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 7 Nick, Wilson, Simon, Sydney, Mary "Thank you. It's been quite some time since I've had a mea

  • Awesome chapter!

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    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 7 Nick, Wilson, Simon, Sydney, Mary "Thank you. It's been quite some time since I've had a mea

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    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 8

    Nick, Wilson, Mary, Simon and Sydney

    "He." Sydney says. Wilson looks into Simon's eyes.

    "But.. He's fucking 20 years older! What were you thinking? Quinton is probably worried as fuck about you and you decided to just start fucking with this guy!?" Wilson seems really angry.

    Simon looks back at him. Nick just remains silent, because he doesn't know how to react.

    "Wilson... You don't understand.." Simon says with a calm tone.

    "Don't und... Are you fucking serious? The last time I saw Q, he was praying for you. How drunk were you guys when you decided to do that shit?" Wilson shouts back to him.

    Simon is about to speak, but Sydney covers his mouth. "You have to understand something. I haven't seen him in like a year. Do you think I didn't stay up nights thinking about him? Do you think I didn't wish we would find him every day? You're wrong. But all this time, I was glad that Simon was with me. He always comforted me when I wasn't feeling well. He always protected me when I was in trouble.... Then one day, I lost my hope for Q. I knew he was dead. That's when Simon came to me again and... I guess I won't give you any details."

    Wilson hits the table with his right hand and stands up. "So? Q has probably killed more people that you have ever seen to get back to you. What have you done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You're just a fucking whore!"

    Sydney looks at Wilson's eyes. Some tears drop to the table and she gets up.

    "I'll... I'll be in the backroom is anyone needs me..." She says with a sad tone. They could hear the crying as she leaves.

    Simon gets up. "Great. She really didn't need that one now." Simon says with an angry tone.

    "Wilson.. That was maybe a little harsh. I should probably go talk to her." Nick finally says something.

    Nick is just about to leave, when he looks outside. It's raining. Mary is sitting outside, it seems like she's crying too. She had been really nice to Nick and Wilson and it would be nice to get her inside too. After all, she was just following orders.

    [Comfort Mary]

    [Comfort Sydney]

    Harry's group

    "Where the hell can she be!? She was in the tent when I left!" Cole shouts with a very worried tone.

    "Don't worry Cole, we will find her. I promise." Zara says to him.

    "Okay people, we all know what splitting up these days mean. Death. That's why we all stay together when we look for her. She can't be far, if she was just in the tent with Cole." Harry shouts.

    "But it would take forever if we don't split up! We need to find her, that thing in the woods could have taken her!" Cole shouts back to him.

    "I'm sorry Cole, but you know the rules." Harry says and takes his gun out.

    Meanwhile in the woods..

    "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Natalia says with a fearful tone.

    "I never found Sydney. I won't do the same with this girl." Quinton says as he's already walking in the woods, looking for Angelica.

    "But what if Harry notices tha we're gone?" Natalia answers.

    "Fuck Harry. I don't care if he will shout at me." Quinton answers.

    Natalia looks at ground when she walks, but then smiles.

    "That's a pretty good attitude you have. I hope I could be like that.." Natalia says.

    "You lost Sasha too. Cole doesn't have to feel the same way as us." Q says as he tries to look for any clues.

    Natalia looks at him. "Yeah.. Yeah, you're right. I won't let anything happen to her."

    Quinton smiles and keeps walking..

    "Now that's the spi..."

    Quinton stumbles on something. He looks back and sees a shoe.

    "Hey, that's Angelica's shoe! That means she's heading this way!" Natalia whispers to Q.

    "Yeah, it is. But now there's a decision to be made.. Shall we go back to the camp to tell the others, or should we keep looking more clues by ourselves?" Quinton says.

    [Go back to the camp]

    [Keep looking for more clues]

    The end of the chapter.

    Well, this chapter came a lot faster than I thought. Sorry if the writing is a little lazy.

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    Whoa, two chapters in a row? I like that :D

    [Comfort Mary]

    Poor girl is sitting in the rain, that can't be good for her. Sydney has Simon to console her, but Mary probably has no one there. Then again, I feel pity for both of them. Wilson has been kind of a dick towards Sydney here, that's out of question. But Mary probably has it rough too and it can't hurt to learn more about her. Since it will probably be for the best to get her inside, she get's my vote.

    [Keep looking for more clues]

    If they go back to the camp now, they loose valuable time to find her or at least to find more clues. After all, who knows what happened to her? If she got abducted, her kidnappers will have even more time to put some distance between them if Q and Natalia get back to the camp now. By the way, it's going to be extremely awkward if Q and Sydney meet again, I'm looking forward for that one :D

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    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 8 Nick, Wilson, Mary, Simon and Sydney "He." Sydney says. Wilson looks into Simon's eyes.

  • Chapter 9 is on it's way just as soon as the others have voted. I just can't wait to show you the ending of this episode :-D

    Whoa, two chapters in a row? I like that [Comfort Mary] Poor girl is sitting in the rain, that can't be good for her. Sydney has Simo

  • [Comfort Mary]

    [Keep looking for clues]

    I'm agreeing completely with liquid.

    Great part!!

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    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 8 Nick, Wilson, Mary, Simon and Sydney "He." Sydney says. Wilson looks into Simon's eyes.

  • I'm just gonna close the voting with these 2 votes because I'm really feeling like writing right now.

    [Comfort Mary]

    [Keep looking for more clues]

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    I'm just gonna close the voting with these 2 votes because I'm really feeling like writing right now. [Comfort Mary] [Keep looking for more clues]

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    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 9

    Sasha, Billy, Patrick, Samantha and Hannah

    {Door opens}

    Billy opens his eyes. It's probably 2 AM. It's raining outside. He looks around him and sees Hannah.

    "Is... Is Samantha okay?" He asks with a sleepy tone.

    "Well I did what I could, she should be better now. Just don't go in there, like I've said a thousand times." Hannah says as she packs her backpack.

    "I've been wondering.. what personal stuff do you keep in there exactly?" Billy asks.

    "Personal stuff. I'm warning you, do not go in there. Samantha will be fine in a day or two." Hannah says and opens the door leading outside.

    "Where are you going?" Billy asks.

    "Oh, you know. Hunting. Your friend needs more food than I have right now." Hannah answers

    "Hunting? In the middle of the night? But what about the..."

    "Just don't go in to the cellar." She says and goes outside.






    "Hey guys!" Billy tries to wake Patrick and Sasha.

    "Wh.. What is it?" Sasha raises her head.

    "She left. I don't know what's in the cellar, but I'm going to find out. She went hunting, or that's what she said, so we have time." Billy says. Now Patrick gets up. Billy looks at the window and sees Hannah walking away from the house.

    "That's a stupid idea. She told us not to go there." Patrick says and gets back to sleep.

    "Don't you guys want to see Sam? Or know what all that personal stuff of hers is? I'll go without you if you don't get up. She doesn't tell us anything about Samantha, something is going on."

    [Go into the cellar]

    [Don't go]

    Nick, Wilson, Sydney, Simon, Mary

    [Comfort Mary]

    Nick looks back at Simon. "Uhh.. Could you go talk to Sydney? There's another person who might need someome too."

    Simon's face turns frustrated. "I guess... you do know that Wilson could cause some trouble with the attitude he has?" Simon says.

    "Hey fuck you! It wasn't my fault she w.." Wilson starts speaking

    "That's enough Wilson. You really hurt Sydney and you should be ashamed. You have no right to talk to other people like that." Nick says with an angry tone.

    "Whatever.." Wilson sits on the ground on puts his hood on his head.

    "You tell her he didn't mean anything by that." Nick says to Simon and walks outside.

    Nick steps outside. His hair gets wet almost immediately. Mary is leaning to the wall behind the corner. Nick lets out a sigh, takes his flannel off and starts walking towards her.

    "Hey. You should get inside, you're going to catch a cold by staying here." Nick says. Mary looks behind her and sees him. She turns her head back and looks to the ground.

    "No.. I think I'm good." She says with a depressed tone.

    "Look, I'm sorry if I was mad at you. I didn't know you didn't have a choice." He tries to convince her.

    "Actually, I had... I had a choice to try to convince you to go into this shithole, or get those runners to most likely kill you. That's something I'll never forget. Just go inside, I'll be fine..." She covers her eyes with her palms.

    Nick takes her other hand off of her face, puts his hand onto her shoulder and looks at her teary eyes.

    "And I'm not blaming you for anything. You did what you had to, and you did a pretty fucking good job at it. I'm actually impressed how you even got those runners after us without me even noticing anything. Me and Wilson have faced worse. We have met some really shitty people on our way here. Hell, you're the only person Wilson has ever liked since we escaped from our last group. Everyone deserves a second chance. You especially."

    "It's not that simple. What do you think that kid is going to think when I step in? He really trusted me, and I betrayed him." She says with a teary tone.

    "He's angry as hell right now because he just found out that Sydney is pregnant by the hand of Simon. But if he's still angry, hear me on this. First off, apologize. You wouldn't believe how much it means to him." Nick looks straight into her eyes.

    "I don't know... I just feel like shit, you were so nice to me even though I was a complete stranger.." Mary says.

    "And we'll keep being the same way if you just come inside. A fine lady like you shouldn't be here in the rain. Here, take my flannel. There's some fish inside, you should eat something." Nick says with a calm tone.

    Mary keeps looking to the ground, but a few seconds later she raises her head and smiles a little. She takes Nick's flannel and puts it on. She's a lot shorter than Nick, so it's pretty big to her, but at least it will keep her warm.

    "I.. I guess I could come... thanks Nick, this really means a lot to me.." She wipes some tears from her eyes and gets up.

    Nick smiles and starts walking to the store with her. "Thanks for coming inside, for a moment I thought I had to stay here with you.." Nick says. Mary laughs a bit and opens the door of the store.

    Quinton and Natalia

    [Keep looking for more clues]

    "We need to look for more clues. If we go back, Harry won't let us go back and we might lose our chance to find Angelica." Natalia says with a confident tone.

    "Yeah, you're probably right. Thank god we stumbled on her shoe." Quinton gets up.

    "So.. We just head that way then?" Natalia points to some footprints on her right.

    "I guess. I hope she's alright, you should have seen the figure in the woods. It still gives me the creeps." Quinton starts walking to the way where the footprints lead.

    "Do you think the figure got her?" Natalia asks.

    "I... Don't know. It all happened so fast." Quinton answers.

    "... I wish Sasha was here. She would know what to do." Natalia says with a depressed tone.

    "Me too. Whoever she's with now are surely safe because of her." Quinton tries to make her feel better.

    "I just wish she's safe." Natalia says.

    "I'm sure she is.. I would like to think that Billy would be with her, but I'm pretty sure he isn't." Quinton says.

    "It's just depr.. What the hell!?" Sasha raises her voice and covers her mouth with her palms.

    "Holy shit. Don't come any further. What in the hell..." Quinton looks at a large pool of blood on the ground. He looks around him, but doesn't see anyone else except Natalia.

    "Let's go back to the camp. I don't like this." Natalia is panicking.

    "No, stay there, I'm going to look around for a bit. I'll be back soon."

    "Please be careful..." Natalia says and closes her eyes. Quinton goes further to the woods, so she can't see him

    2 minutes later

    "Quinton! Where are you?" Natalia whispers.

    No answer. Natalia looks around her, but it's too dark to see anything.

    "Please, come back already!" She whispers again.

    Still nothing. Where is he? Why is there a pool of blood in the middle of a forest? Natalia's head gets filled with questions.

    "I'm going to wait for 10 seconds, after that I'll leave." Natalia says out loud now.





    Natalia sees a figure walking towards her.

    "Thank god, I was so scared. What did you find?" She asks.

    No answer. What did Quinton find in there?

    "Quinton!? What did you find?" She says louder.

    The figure is almost in front of her. Still no answer.

    "Could you please ans.. What are you d.."

    The figure hits Natalia in the head with something. Natalia falls down with blood coming from her head. The figure stands next to her for a moment. After a minute the figure grabs Natalia's feet and starts dragging her out of sight.

    The end of the Chapter

  • [Don't go] Hannah trusts them,I think, there would be no reason to go snooping around. Plus they'll find out soon enough if she's a maniac killer.

    And holy shit Natalia and Q. Did not see that coming. Well shit.

    finlander posted: »

    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 9 Sasha, Billy, Patrick, Samantha and Hannah {Door opens} Billy opens his eyes. It's prob

  • I am afraid for everyone's life at this point. And I mean Everyone.

    finlander posted: »

    There's something interesting there, I'll give you that.

  • There's something interesting there, I'll give you that.

    mr.quality posted: »

    [Don't go] Hannah trusts them,I think, there would be no reason to go snooping around. Plus they'll find out soon enough if she's a maniac killer. And holy shit Natalia and Q. Did not see that coming. Well shit.

  • Also, just got a new part up on The Dark Before the dawn, if you want to check it out.

    finlander posted: »

    There's something interesting there, I'll give you that.

  • Oh damn, Natalia and Q... shit, that was intense! Hopefully they'll survive that D:

    [Go into the cellar]

    If Hannah is not some psychopath, she's likely going to be pissed if they go into the cellar, but I am just too curious.

    finlander posted: »

    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 9 Sasha, Billy, Patrick, Samantha and Hannah {Door opens} Billy opens his eyes. It's prob

  • [Go into the cellar]

    finlander posted: »

    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 9 Sasha, Billy, Patrick, Samantha and Hannah {Door opens} Billy opens his eyes. It's prob

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    Hey guys, sorry for being kinda lazy with writing again xd. I've been thinking about writing another story. I actually have a few ideas already. I hope I can share them with you soon. I'm just going to get this story back on track first.

    I'm really having some difficulities with chapter 10, the pacing is really hard to set for the last part. I really really really hope I can set the pacing right :D

  • Take your time, and change wait to hear about the new story!!!

    finlander posted: »

    Hey guys, sorry for being kinda lazy with writing again xd. I've been thinking about writing another story. I actually have a few ideas alre

  • Hi guys, it's been a pretty long time since the last chapter, so I'm gonna try to finish it today/tomorrow. I still have a good amount of stories to catch up in (I haven't been so active lately :P) so I'm sorry if I can't finish it today.

  • Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 10 (Final)

    Angelica Marshall

    "Damn. What a shitty day. Only one hostage."

    "Yeah... But then again, there were 2 people who went looking for this girl, and Cameron left to deal with them. He said he'll bring them here."

    "Well, we haven't had a child hostage for ages."

    "What do you think the guys will do to her?"

    {Laughs} "What the fuck do you think?"

    "Alright, we're here. Did you make sure she's tied up?"


    {The car parks}

    {Door of the car opens}

    "Hey guys! We got a child! And it's a girl!"

    "No way. I ain't believing before I see it."

    "I'm serious, take a look for yourself."

    The backdoors of the van open. Angelica closes her eyes. She hears many people laughing outside the van. "I can't fucking believe it. How is that even possible? I thought all the children in this world were dead." Angelica hears a man saying. Adrenaline fills her body. She knows that this place is bad.

    "Yeah, do you still laugh at my walking tehnique? I told you it works. Cameron was the one who took her, while I did the walking thingy."

    "You have to teach me that. Hey, little girl!" Angelica realizes that the man shouted at her. Angelica pretends that she didn't hear anything. "Little girl! Is she fucking deaf?" She hears the man asking. She tries to hold back her tears.

    "Only one way to find out..." One of the men climbs into the van where Angelica is tied up. She starts walking towards Angelica. "No, I'm not deaf! Please don't hurt me!" The man stops and looks at Angelica, whose eyes are already teary.

    "Hurt you? Why would you think I'd do that?" The man looks at his friends and smiles. Angelica wipes the tears from her eyes and looks at the man. "Be.. Because you're bandits... Right?" The man looks at his friends again. "You're a smart girl. Why don't you get up, we can show you the places." The man gives his hand, so Angelica could grab it.

    Angelica looks at the man's arm. She then grabs his arm and stands up. "Wh.. Where are we going?" She asks. The man looks directly into her eyes.

    The man slaps Angelica into her face, and she falls to the ground. It leaves a huge mark on her cheeck. Angelica starts crying really loudly, and looks at the man. "You need to understand something you little shit. When we call for you, you answer. Got it?"

    Angelica looks to the ground for some time. "ANSWER ME!!" The man shouts really loudly to her face. "Yes.. Yes.. Yes.." Angelica answers hysterically.

    "Good. Now you're going to exactly what we're going to tell you, or your life in our camp will be very, very, difficult."

    "Wh.. What do I need to do?"

    The bandits laugh. "You're going to be our new pet."

    Billy, Sasha, Patrick

    [Go into the cellar]

    Sasha yawns and looks outside the window. "Are you absolutely sure she's gone?"

    "Yes, I am." Billy responses.

    Sasha gets up quickly and looks outside one more time. "Okay, I guess we could take a look. Get up Patrick."

    "I'm sure it's nothing. She probably has pictures of her family there and stuff." Patrick says with a sleepy tone and gets up.

    "No... No I think she's hiding something. I don't know what, but I'm going to find out." Billy says and walks to the door leading to the stairs. He opens it, and looks around him. He sees a lightswitch and turns it on. Lights turn on.

    "Now how exactly does she have elecricity?" Billy asks and looks at Sasha and Patrick.

    "Billy... just.. that isn't the important thing now. Go on, lead us the way." Patrick says to him and facepalms.

    "Uhh.. Ladies first?" Billy says and looks at Sasha.

    "What? No! This was your idea." Sasha says and steps back.

    Patrick takes his palm off of his face and walks past Billy. "I'll go in there if it's so damn hard for you guys.

    Patrick walks downstairs, while Billy and Sasha leave upstairs to keep a lookout.





    "Guys... you should come check this out.." Patrick says from the cellar after being there some time.

    Billy and Sasha look at each others. Billy takes a deep breath and starts walking downstairs. Step by step his breathing became more unstable. There's only 5 stairs left until he would see what's inside the cellar. "Ahh... Fuck it."

    Billy runs down, and looks at Patrick. "Can. You. Believe it? There's absolutely nothing! I know, it's amazing! You fucking woke us up in the middle of the night just because of this? There is nothing here. Nothing but.." Patrick takes a jar on his hands. "Strawberry jam?"

    Billy looks around him. It's true. There's nothing, absolutely nothing else than a few shelfs filled with strawberry jam jars. "This... This is her personal stuff? Wh.. Why.. What the hell? Why aren't we allowed to go here?"

    Sasha comes down too. She looks around her. "No... no this doesn't make sense. Where the hell is Samantha? Why... Wha.. W... Billy!" Samantha says with a fast pace.

    "What?" Billy asks. Sasha grabs his shoulders and looks him directly in his eyes with a cold look. "Did she have anything with her when she left? Did she have a bag, or something? Billy, I need you to answer to me!" Sasha says to him with even faster pace.

    "I don't know? It was dark." Billy answers. Sasha pushes him towards one of the shelfs. Billy topples and drops a few jars. "You have to tell me! Samantha might be in trouble!" Sasha yells to him hysterically.

    "I swear to god, I have no i.."

    "Guys. Would you stop for a moment and take a look at this?" Patrick interrupts the fight and points at one of the jars. He takes a little amount of the jam on his finger and shows it to them.

    "This is not jam... This is blood. A shitload of blood actually, and it's still fresh." Patrick continues. Sasha picks up one of the jars and takes a look at it. "You... You're right..."

    Billy gets up and scratches his head. "Damn Sasha, you really managed to fuck up my head. Could you be a little more gentle the next time? You left a big hole to that shelf too, so now Hannah is going to notice something has happened for sure." And points at a hole which his head created.

    "What the hell? There's a door behind this shelf..." Sasha says.

    Please put this on

    "Help me move this." Sahsa continues to Patrick. He runs to the shelf and stars pulling it.

    "Just... A little... Further..." Sasha says as she pushes the shelf forward.

    "I think you got it. Now let's take a look inside." Billy says and grabs the handle of the door.

    Billy looks back at Patrick and Sasha. Both of them nod, so Billy looks back at the door.

    He takes a deep breath and opens the door.

    Adrenaline fills his body as he looks trough the room that has just been revealed. He holds his breath while panicking at the same time.

    Walls are covered in blood. There are hooks in the ceiling. Human heads are placed in them. Human faces have been placed into the walls with needles. Eyes, ears, genitals and fingers are in small jars. The floor is full of sticky, old blood. In the corner of the room, there are hundreds of tools, covered in blood. There are torture devices next to the tools.

    "Wh... What...." Sasha vomits to the floor with a sick look on her face. Patrick covers his mouth and looks at the room with terror in his eyes. "We need to find her. We need to find Samantha and get the fuck out of this place." Billy says.

    "Th.. There is a door there... I'm not sure if I want to go any furt..." Sasha vomits again. She topples to the ground and lies down.

    Patrick looks at Billy. "Don't worry Sasha, we'll bring Samantha here... Just.. Just stay still... We'll be fast, I'll promise." Patrick says to her.

    Billy steps into the room. The blood sticks into his shoes immediately. He tries not to look around while he walks to the door. He looks at one of the faces on his way to the door. Down to the face, there is a note saying "Trevor".

    "What... Fucking fuck... How has she managed to do this?" Patrick asks, but Billy doesn't answer him.

    Billy opens the door.

    Now Billy truly gets scared. There are tables with zombies on them. Bomber, runner, walker, waster and lurker. All lf them have been sliced open. Their heads have been opened, their stomachs have been opened, their insides have been taken out.

    "Why... Is... You know what, I don't want to know.." Patrick says and looks at all the zombies. They have notes too, but they are inside them. There is information about when they're active, how they act when they see people and other stuff inside their heads which have been opened.

    "There are so many doors. SAMANTHA!" Patrick shouts, but there is no answer. He looks around him and sees 3 doors in the room he's in.

    "Don't yell! Hannah could be back any minute now!" Billy whispers to Patrick.

    Patrick looks at Billy and grabs his shoulders. "Does it look like I fucking care? Look around you! We need to get out of here as fast as we can!"

    Billy just nods with a scared look on his face.

    Patrick walks to the other side of the room, and opens a door.

    "Ho... Holy shit! Sam! Samantha!!! Billy come help me, now!" Patrick shouts and runs into the room he discovered.

    Samantha is laying on a table, without her legs. There is a message next to her, written on her blood, saying "witness". The room is pretty large, a lot larger than the other ones. Patrick runs to Samantha and starts panicking. "L... Look for something we can help her!" Patrick says, even though he kind of knows there is nothing they could do.

    "Uhh... Ohh.. Patrick..." Billy says from the other side of the room. Patrick doesn't look back at him. "Look. For. Something!" Patrick shouts back at him.

    "You should probably come see this..." Billy says again with a louder tone. This time, Patrick turns around.

    "What the hell are those...?" Patrick asks.

    "Pictures. Pictures of us...." Billy answers. Patrick walks to him and looks at the wall.

    Pictures of Billy, Sasha, Patrick, Samantha and some other guys have been placed to the wall. He looks at his picture, which has been put there just recently. He backs up and looks at Billy.

    "Billy... Let's get the hell out of this place..." Patrick says with a panicking tone and grabs Billy with him.

    They both step out of the room and shut the door behind them. They head back to the "original cellar" to get Sasha.

    "Sasha we need to.." Patrick's heart stops for a moment.

    Hannah is standing where Sasha just was, with a baseball bat in her hands. She smiles and looks him in the eye. "From what I remember, I think I told you to stay away from the cellar. You still did."

    "Hannah, let us go. We have done nothing to harm you." Patrick says.

    "Oh, yes you did. You went here even though I said not to. That really hurt my feelings." She laughs.

    "We were just curious! Let us go and we will never come back." Billy answers.

    "I'm afraid it's too late for that. None of this would have happened if you wouldn't have been so damn curious. I would want to know the location of your old group." Hannah says.

    "What? Why?" Patrick asks.

    Hannah comes closer to them and hits Patrick in the head with the baseball bat. He passes out.

    She looks at Billy with a crazy look on her eyes. "Because I need it for my survival. Are you going to tell it to me or not?" She raises her voice.

    Billy's face turns serious. "No. No I will not."

    Hannah smiles and comes closer to him. "That's what I thought."

    She hits him in the head with the baseball bat.

    Billy topples to the ground, his vision goes blurry.

    "Being stubborn isn't fun this time Billy, I can assure that. You could had just told me where Nick Donnel and his group are, but now it's too late. I'm not actually the person who needs that information. It's my friend right here, his treatment is a little more.... Painful." Hannah laughs.

    The last thing Billy sees before he passes out, is a tall man with a cat mask coming out of the shadows and grabbing his legs.

    The end of the Episode

    Damn, that last part was long. It might feel a little rushed, but I worked hard AF for it. I hope you enjoy.

  • Holy shit, she's a psycho bitch! I did not expect that D: Poor Billy and Patrick and Sasha and especially poor Samantha and Angelica. God damn it, and to make it worse Hannah is working with Buddy, so not even Nick and his group are safe now...

    That was a very intense end for a great episode, I can't wait for the next one!

    finlander posted: »

    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 10 (Final) Angelica Marshall "Damn. What a shitty day. Only one hostage." "Yeah... But th

  • You're lucky Buddy and Hannah don't know that Nick got separated from his old group. They are going after Harry's group (If they find out where they are) ;D

    Thanks Liquid, I think it was a little rushed, but it will do. The next episode will get some development on the charcters that haven't got so much of it (Domenick, Cole, Zara, The new guys etc.)

    Angelica is lucky that she's only going to get the treatment of the bandits (Well that's not lucky, but you know) compared to what Billy and the others are going to get.

    Holy shit, she's a psycho bitch! I did not expect that Poor Billy and Patrick and Sasha and especially poor Samantha and Angelica. God damn

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    So now that episode 1 is over, let me just ask you two simple questions which you can answer if you want to:

    1: Who is your favorite character so far?

    2: Who is your least favorite character so far?

  • Shit for a second you had me thinking the bandits weren't actually bandits, and instead it was just a misunderstanding. Buuuut nope. We can't have nice things, can we? Anyway, poor Angelica D:

    And that other stuff in the second PoV... That's-- That's fucked up. It's kind of odd that they let Hannah hit them over the head with a baseball bat once at a time until they were all knocked out. You'd think they could rush her or something.

    But, anyway, interesting part D:

    finlander posted: »

    Episode 1 - Survival Lessons, Chapter 10 (Final) Angelica Marshall "Damn. What a shitty day. Only one hostage." "Yeah... But th

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