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  • call out to them-higher chance to find them but a lot less safe

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 1: The Cold Wind Blows The cold wind blew in my face, the chilling air found its way back into our alre

  • Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 2: Whispers

    [Call out to them - Higher chance to find them but a lot less safe]

    “Anybody?!” I called out

    There were no answers to me pleading, only a few distant moans coming to my direction. I could hardly see in front of me but unsafely relied on my hearing, I heard a moan come towards me until I could faintly see a walkers decaying head. I punctured the walkers skull and continued on through the harsh weather, I fell and was enveloped into the snow. I tried my hardest to get up but was helped by a frigid but inviting hand. I looked and noticed that it was Maria, I looked around and no one else was with her.

    “We need to find the others!” I said weakly

    “I haven’t found anyone, I just saw you falling into the snow and came as fast as I could!” replied Maria

    We trudged through the snow with frozen hair and hand in hand, a body peered through the blowing hell. I couldn’t place what it was but walked as best I could towards it regardless, I found Elias face down in the snow. I flipped him over but to no help he was already frozen to death, I looked at Maria.

    “We need to take his clothes for warmth…” I sighed

    “Are you serious?!” asked Maria

    “He’s already dead and not gonna be needing these clothes as much as we need them!” I reasoned with her

    “Fine!” sighed Maria

    We stripped the winter coat from his corpse and took his ammunition along with his weapons. The image of his blue skin sprawled across the white ground was a terrible thing. We kept on the frozen path to a hope of a warmer place, the wind blew behind us and nearly knocked us over. As I walked images of the group I was with and my friends and family came to me, there faces were emotionless as they stared at me. Soon each and every one of them slowly turned to walkers and groaned, I looked down with a tear in my eye.

    “Cedric!” I called out with a tremor in my voice

    No replies were ever heard, I found a tent in the distance and I pointed towards it with my frigid finger. We lunged for it and landed straight into the tent, I couldn’t move but appreciated the loss of the wind. Maria and I huddled together as close as we could until there was no way to get any closer.

    “Even our body heat isn’t working!” shivered Maria

    “It’s ok, at least the wind’s off our back!” I replied weakly

    “You don’t sound good, are you ok?” asked Maria

    “I’m freezing, we need to find the others and get a fire going!” I insisted

    “We won’t find a single person with the weather how it is, we should just stay put until the sky clears up.” faltered Maria

    We stayed how we were for the night, I couldn’t fall asleep until several hours had passed. When I finally fell asleep I started to toss and turn a bit, a nightmare was holding on to me.

    “Good morning sweetie!” smiled my mother

    “You’ve been asleep for a while!” joked Troy

    “I can’t believe you’re even up!” added Lucy

    “We’ve missed you so much!” sighed my mother

    “Just come home we can all be happy again.” smiled Cyndia

    “Want some lemon muffins?” asked Jane

    I looked around at all of them while still being stuck in my chair, I didn’t want to move I felt a warmth here that I haven’t felt in a long time.

    “You seem a tad bit cold. Need some coffee? asked Eddard

    “I think he needs some hot cocoa!” smiled Anna

    “Why did you let us die?” they asked

    “I tried to save you all!” I pleaded

    “Why did you leave me?” asked Cyndia

    “I...I’m sorry!” I cried

    “Why would you let the walkers get me?” asked Lucy

    “Why didn’t you try and save me?” asked Jane

    Suddenly everyone in the room turned into walkers and all took part in biting me, I woke up and was panting. I grasped my hair and couldn’t shake the feeling of sorrow, I couldn’t tell if that was a dream or reality but it still cut deeply.

    “Cody!” gasped Maria

    I couldn’t speak I was too wrapped up in the panic that I was experiencing, I soon came to and started to breathe a bit easier.

    “Holy shit!” whispered Maria

    “I-I’m ok…” I panted

    “Don’t try and bullshit me, you just had a panic attack!” argued Maria

    “I know I just need a bit of time.” I panted

    I looked out the tent and found the sky to be clear but the snow was still there, I desperately wished that it would just disappear. Today we needed to find the others no matter how long it took. I got up from my cocoon and peeked out the hole, it seemed to be a quiet day which was better than the blizzard.

    “We need to go and find the others!” I commanded

    We began to walk through the snow yet again, we had called out to the others several times but we had not heard a single reply. We were getting hungry but had no food, I didn’t think we would be able to find a meal if we still wanted to find them. How long were we out there? several hours at least. We stumbled upon a clue to help us find Cedric it was a scrap of fabric from some clothes he was wearing, we continued in the direction we were going until we found Cedric. He was sitting on a slide at a park that was covered in icicles and snow surrounded him.

    “Cedric!” I cried out

    I ran to his side and helped him up, he was knocked out cold. I started to shake him until he slowly opened his eyes. I wasn’t this happy to see someone in quite a while.

    “You made it!” marveled Cedric

    “Yeah! We made it!” I smiled

    “I don’t know where Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi are but I think Boniek said something about taking them to a safe place away from here.” added Cedric

    “Well I can’t really blame ‘em…” I said

    “So what do we do now?” asked Maria

    “I guess we could get going but I don’t know how much sunlight we have left.” answered Cedric

    “Well we need to find some place warm. If we can do that before the sun sets I’d say we’re golden.” I interjected

    I took one look around the park and didn’t find any useful supplies so I agreed with Cedric and we decided to find some place to stay for the night. After a while I needed to stop for a sec and catch my breath, the cold air was hurting my lungs quite a bit. I slowly brought myself up and we continued on, I looked over a tree line and found a small town in the distance.

    “Look, there’s a small town across the tree line!” I pointed out

    “Look, a small shack!” noticed Maria

    “Shouldn’t we stay at the shack?” asked Cedric

    “I don’t know maybe it would be safer but then again maybe not…” I sighed

    [“Let’s stay at the shack.”] or [“We need to get to that town, maybe Boniek’s there!”]

    End of Chapter Song:

  • [“Let’s stay at the shack.”]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 2: Whispers [Call out to them - Higher chance to find them but a lot less safe] “Anybody?!” I called

  • [“Let’s stay at the shack.”]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 2: Whispers [Call out to them - Higher chance to find them but a lot less safe] “Anybody?!” I called

  • [“Let’s stay at the shack.”]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 2: Whispers [Call out to them - Higher chance to find them but a lot less safe] “Anybody?!” I called

  • lets stay at the shack

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 2: Whispers [Call out to them - Higher chance to find them but a lot less safe] “Anybody?!” I called

  • New chapter will definitely come out tomorrow, I've been extremely busy the past few days and just haven't been able to finish the chapter.

  • Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 3: A Frozen Journey

    [“Let’s stay at the shack.”]

    “It might be best if we just stay the shack for the night, we can leave in the morning and probably reach the town within a couple of hours.” I added

    “Alright...alright I can get behind that!” replied Cedric

    “Well enough messing around out here, lets get inside and be warm!” moaned Maria

    We rushed into the shack, when we burst through the entrance something felt wrong. I looked about the misty and broken shack, the smell of fresh cut firewood and blood. I searched a bit more and found a group of 3 people lying in one of the small rooms that this shack held. I stepped back in fear that they would try and exterminate the three of us, I was too loud when exiting the room and it woke the oldest looking one up. He gave an intense stare and pointed a gun at me, I put my hands into the air and had no idea what to expect.

    “Who are you?!” asked the woman with a lemon yellow sweater

    “My name is Cody, I have my people here. We just need a place to stay for the night!” I pleaded

    “Salome! Take it easy we can let them stay just one night!” ordered one of them with a shy look on his face after ordering the woman

    “Cody, what’s going…” muttered Cedric and soon after pulled his gun up to protect our group

    “NO STOP!” I ordered

    I launched my arm under Cedric, this had stopped him from hitting any of the other group members. One of the older men woke up and pulled a gun on us in a matter of seconds, I tried to cool down the situation with a few “We’re sorry”s but nothing was seeming to get through to them

    “Look I wish things didn’t go down like this, we have no intention of harming any of you!” I pleaded

    They lowered their guns and still kept a keen eye on us, the stare was piercing through my soul.

    “Alright..well my name’s Salome.” began Salome

    “I’m Cody this is Cedric and here’s Maria.” I added

    “It’s nice to meet you folks, i’m Hemmit Gentry.” he interjected

    The man had seemed nice but I couldn’t place him, he was an African American man and looked to be about 5’11. His left eye looked to be a useless one, I didn’t want to ask him about it in fear he might get agitated. He looks to only have muscle on his body, his baritone voice was filled with emotion and he seemed to be a caring person.

    “It’s nice to meet you all, i’m sorry that we’ve had problems when we first met.” I apologized

    “It’s fine, we’re just on edge after what we’ve gone through in the past week.” sighed Evan

    “They don’t need to know about us!” argued Salome with a look of anger on her face, I realized she had dark blue eyes which reminded me of my mothers.

    “It’s ok, we might as well get to know each other a bit.” added Hemmit

    “Well we were stuck in the blizzard after our community fell, it was pretty hectic after that. We all nearly froze to death out there, it’s why we searched for safety in here.” I revealed

    “That doesn’t really compare to our week…” sighed Evan

    “What happened to you?” I asked

    “That town across the way holds one of the most secure places I’ve ever seen, but it’s had walkers in it for a while. We were planning to go in and take it for ourselves but the walkers got the jump on us and took down one of our friends. We ran as fast as we could until we found this shack, we’ve been here for 3 days now.” recited Salome

    “Damn that had to be rough.” I guessed

    “Doesn’t sound as bad as having your community brought down by walkers, I would rather take what we got then you!” objected Evan

    “Why don’t we all get some sleep, if you really need to get to that town we can help you get there.” added Samore

    I leaned against one of the walls while in my bed mat, I looked up at the seemingly endless ceiling. Thoughts came back to of when we were in South Carolina and everything was so much easier, I wish I could go back to those days but like most things nowadays there’s no going back. I decided it would be easier if I were to just sleep for a few minutes, but the aching memories kept flying at me. I finally fell asleep after about an hour of memory assault.

    The Next Morning…

    “Hey, get up!” smiled Maria

    I curled my legs and stretched a bit before finally stepping onto the cold and creaky floorboards. I felt Maria’s arms wrap around me, I was stunned and didn’t know what to do so I just hugged back.

    “What’s this about?” I asked

    “For getting me through the blizzard!” thanked Maria

    “It was no problem, I can’t lose anymore people if I have the chance to save them.” I sighed

    “That’s always been a goal of mine, I just...when you try and something happens to them you feel completely responsible even if it’s not your fault…” exhaled Maria

    “I know how you feel, no matter how much I couldn’t control a single thing that happened to Cyndia I still feel like i’m to blame…” I sighed

    “There was nothing you could do, she enjoyed the time she had with you I know that.” smiled Maria

    “Thanks, I needed a boost of happiness right now.” I thanked her and started to stand

    The other group had slowly walked out of there room, I noticed Evan had a frown on his face. The walked to the door and called us over.

    “Alright so the plan is to get across the bridge without any harm coming to us, once we cross it’s pretty much a straight shot for the town. But once we get there, there’s the possibility of a herd of walkers still being there. I think it would be best if we were to just leave the town, I don’t know why you three have your mind set on getting there but it’s not a good idea.” lectured Salome

    “Why don’t we get across that bridge right now, I mean it’s still light and there will still be enough time to clear out the town!” interjected Cedric

    “I think we should go now aswell.” added Evan

    “I think everyone was planning on that, but I do agree why don’t we get packed up and head out.” commanded Salome

    After we were finished packing I looked back at the shack one more time, this felt like before we went to Georgia it was nice actually. We stepped out into the cold wilderness and trudged the the foot high snow, I could see the bridge it only seemed to be about a short mile away. The walk wasn’t too bad excluding the temperature, the rest of the group was determined to find another safe place. I didn’t count too much on finding a place like we had, looking back at all the days I thought I just wanted some excitement instead of the daily routine I now feel I was taking it for granted by a long shot. I wish I could still only have to worry about a routine instead of having to survive out here again. The air seemed to be pretty damp, it was at least a beautiful day. Some birds flew by and chirped in happiness, at least something has hope and happiness in it’s life I thought.

    “Cody you’re lagging behind!” yelled Cedric

    I started to pick up the pace which helped in getting to the bridge faster, it looked far too rickety to cross safely. I noticed a walker across the bridge started to come this way, I kept a keen eye on it and noticed that the bridge gave in where it was walking. I knew this was going to be a dangerous crossing, I volunteered to go first and Hemmit decided he would go with me. We slowly walked across the creaking boards every step seemed like a one way ticket to death.

    “This bridge can only take two people at a time, anymore than that and we’ll fall through.” I warned

    “Well we can warn the others before we make it too far. HEY WE CAN ONLY TAKE TWO ACROSS AT A TIME!” shouted Hemmit

    “Alright, we’ll decide who’ll cross next!” Samole shouted back

    “So what’s your story?” I asked him

    “Not much to tell really...I ran a soup kitchen and a street church, I had to live at the soup kitchen. I’ve been a war vet for quite a while now, I did three tours of duty. I lost all my family when this started and have been just trying to get by now, it’s hard going on after losing all the people you care about…” said Hemmit with a tremor in his voice

    “I know how you feel…” I replied weakly

    “I’m sorry son, a man your age shouldn’t have to go through something like that.” sympathized Hemmit

    “Thank you. So how did you meet your group?” I asked

    “Well I was on my way to Wilmington but ran into them and they wanted to-AGGHH!” cried Hemmit when his foot went into one of the boards

    “Holy shit! Here let me pull you up!” I demanded

    “No! I’ll pull myself up, if you get too close it might break and you and I will die!” cautioned Hemmit

    Hemmit pulled himself out of the fresh hole in the board, he fell back and looked at his now bloody leg.

    “Shit!” I grunted I searched through my bag for the peroxide I recovered from our community. I then found some bandages beneath most of my supplies

    I quickly poured a bit of the peroxide onto Hemmit’s wound which gave him some pain, I then wrapped his leg before the whole bridge could decide to collapse. I looked at Hemmit with concern, now with his leg cut open it would take a while longer to reach the town.

    “It’s okay, don’t worry about it!” smiled Hemmit after I looked at his bloody pant leg

    “Sorry, I just wish that didn’t happen to you.” I said with empathy

    “I’ve had worse son, this is nothing compared to what has happened in Vietnam.” said Hemmit

    “You must be use to seeing terrible things then.” I guessed

    “You never really get used to it, even now I haven’t gotten used to what I see on a daily basis.” admitted Hemmit

    “Looks like we’re almost across the bridge, I can see that they have already sent two more people to cross.” I observed

    We stepped back onto the cold ground but it was a relief in comparison to the hazardous bridge. About 20 minutes had passed and everyone had been across, we were only about a 30 minute walk from the town now. During this time I decided to think about what we were going to do if we couldn’t get inside the town. No ideas came to me except for the thought of being by a nice and warm fireplace. We reached the towns limits and found that the whole town was filled to the brim with walkers, I wished Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi hadn’t tried to find a “safe place” like this after all.

    “Do you still want to clear it out or should we move on?” asked Simole

    [Move on] or [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi]

    End of Chapter Song:

  • [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 3: A Frozen Journey [“Let’s stay at the shack.”] “It might be best if we just stay the shack for the

  • clear the town and search

    Very nice introduction for Hemmit. I thought you introduced him in a fashion that was very much in way of how i thought he'd be and act. First of my characters to make it into any of the sories so far. I am interested to see what you do with/to him.

    [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi]

  • [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 3: A Frozen Journey [“Let’s stay at the shack.”] “It might be best if we just stay the shack for the

  • Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 3: A Frozen Journey [“Let’s stay at the shack.”] “It might be best if we just stay the shack for the

  • You're very welcome!

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    clear the town and search Very nice introduction for Hemmit. I thought you introduced him in a fashion that was very much in way of how

  • Due to schoolwork and being extremely busy all around I think chapters will start coming out every 2 days, I'll try and keep a chapter a day up but I fear quality will drop if I push myself to do a chapter a day

  • [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 3: A Frozen Journey [“Let’s stay at the shack.”] “It might be best if we just stay the shack for the

  • Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 4: Full House

    [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi]

    “We need to find Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi.” I said with authority

    “Is it really worth risking your lives?” asked Samole

    “Yes it is.” stated Maria

    “We can’t just leave them in there.” added Cedric

    “Ok, I was just asking.” interjected Samole

    We walked up to one of the barricades and could hear the walkers stumbling about inside, I looked for any way into the town but to no avail found not a single entry way. I backed up and looked around and noticed a ladder buried under some of the snow, I called the others over to help me dig it back out and we brought it over to the wall.

    “I’ll go up first, if you hear anything just get out of here.” I stated

    I slowly climbed up the creaking ladder and looked over the jagged wall, I can see why they didn’t want to get involved there were more walkers than I could imagine. I looked directly down and noticed an elevated platform, I swallowed my fear and vaulted over the fence. I landed onto the platform and tried to formulate a plan to get rid of all the walkers, a few walkers glanced over at me and started to take notice. I knew once they started to hobble towards me that this was a mistake.

    “No one come over the fence, there’s too many!” I cautioned

    “We can’t just leave you!” argued Maria

    “You have to!” I commanded

    I clutched my hatchet and looked at the possible ways to escape, none were presented to me. How was I ever going to live through this herd? No answers came to mind. Luckily I was far enough up to where I wouldn’t be bit, one by one I sliced the skulls of the walkers for minutes until I heard some noise from the ladder. It was Cedric!

    “Cedric get the fuck out of here!” I ordered

    “No! I’m helping you through this I won’t leave you!” declared Cedric

    One by one we dispatched the walkers, my hatchet was getting caught on some of the skulls. The walkers started to shake the platform and Cedric nearly fell off luckily I caught him before a walker could chomp on his legs. The indescribable feeling that this was it for him concealed my thoughts of hope that we would make it. Finally my hatchet got stuck in a walkers head and I was forced to use my pistol, each shot rang out for miles. Some of the walkers were still buried in snow but still could pose a potential threat, I heard Maria jump over the fence and join Cedric and I. The platform gave way and we all fell into the skin biting cold of the snow, I crawled through and found my pistol. I latched onto a small wall that I found Maria found me after half a minute but Cedric was still in the snow.

    “Shit! I need to find him!” I exhorted

    The wind was starting to pick up along with some snow coming down, I searched for Cedric but he wasn’t coming out of the now. I found a large amount of blood amass into a small area, it led to a hole in the snow. I peered over and found Cedric’s head crushed by one of the platforms, I put my hand to my mouth and tears rolled down my eyes. I collapsed in the snow and had no strength to move, everyone from my original group was gone. Maria made her way towards me and didn’t speak but instead had tears roll down her face. Our moarning was short lived as walkers approached us I shot a couple but it was pointless, I knew Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi weren’t here. I searched and found a weak wall in the fortress, I ran over as quickly as I could and started to bash it with my gun. The wall finally broke but the noise attracted walkers, I dove through the opening and got outside. I pulled Maria through and we met Samole and her group, I panted as the escape wasn’t an easy task.

    “Where’s Cedric?” asked Evan

    I stayed silent and looked to the ground I figured they would get the message.

    “Shit...walkers are coming from that hole you made!” cautioned Hemmit

    I looked back and shot a few before we all started to run towards a windmill we saw off in the distance. Each step away from that town felt like a weight being lifted, when we finally reached it we sat down and took a breather.

    “Any plans?” asked Maria

    “We were going to head a bit further north ever heard of Wellington?” asked Samole

    “No, the hell is that?” I asked

    “It’s a sanctuary, a nice place with big walls and lots of people.” answered Hemmit

    “We don’t know if it’s bullshit or the truth but it’s the best shot at safety.” stated Evan

    I looked at Maria with skepticism, I never thought the promise of safety was wholesome there was always a catch. I didn’t want to make a choice like this meaning that it could bring death to my group either way, I paced a bit before Maria stopped me and brought me over to a log and had us discuss the idea.

    “Wellington.” said Maria

    “I don’t know if we should try and find it.” I sighed

    “What if it’s really true and we passed the opportunity because we were scared of it not being there. I would rather travel all the way and go through whatever I would have to so I could be safe.” Maria pointed out

    “I don’t know...we’ve gone through so much and I don’t want to endanger anyone else for a place that might not even be there.” I responded

    “You need to have better faith in these sort of things.” pleaded Maria

    “I’m trying, I really am…” I faltered

    “Think about it.” sighed Maria

    “What if we went back to our old sanctuary.” I declared

    “Why?” asked Maria

    “We know where it is and it wouldn’t take much time to rebuild the walls! We know the area well enough that finding it would be a simple task!” I said with enthusiasm

    “Cody, walkers overran that place…” objected Maria

    “But we can-” I tried to say but was interrupted

    “Look it’s a hard choice but you need to hurry it up back there!” yelled Samole

    “I’m going to find Wellington and so are they, just come with us!” pleaded Maria

    I put my hands on my head and thought hard about the decision, I knew we needed to be in a safe place but at what cost? I didn’t know if I could handle going alone but is Wellington worth it?

    [Find Wellington with the group] or [Go Back Alone]

    End of Chapter Song:

  • find wellington with the group

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 4: Full House [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi] “We need to find Boniek and Mi-

  • [Find Wellington with the group]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 4: Full House [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi] “We need to find Boniek and Mi-

  • [Find Wellington with the group]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 4: Full House [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi] “We need to find Boniek and Mi-

  • [Find Wellington with the group]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 4: Full House [Clear the town and search for Boniek and Mi-Cha-Choi] “We need to find Boniek and Mi-

  • Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 5: Road Less Traveled

    [Find Wellington with the group]

    How can I be so stupid, i’ll die out on my own.

    “I’ll go to Wellington.” I assured her

    “Good, let’s go tell the others and get a move on.” said Maria with a bright tone as she leaped from the log and walked over

    “It’s decided, we’re going to Wellington.” I told them while marching over to the windmill

    “Fantastic, now we need to just find a vehicle and try and move forward from here.” commanded Samole

    I fumbled a bit through the snow, every snowflake and every inch of snow on the ground reminded me of all that we had before this winter. We’ve lost so much in only a short amount of time, fading memories turned to black ash in my mind. Looking forward a car appeared, the hope that I once had started to come back but slowly. I closed my eyes and kept marching on, the car came to us faster than I expected. Hemmit opened the passenger door and crept in as the rest of us slumped in. Samole turned the key and the engine came to life in a blast of roaring power. The roads were thankfully clear enough that we could drive with no extra stops along the way, the minutes flew by as did the signs across the snowy plain.

    A Few Hours Later…

    We reached a small rest area covered in glistening snow, our goal was to find a small amount of any food. I opened the door and was greeted by a cold wind, I closed the door and walked over to a door that I noticed in the distance. The door flew open by a light push, the inside was still intact. There seemed to be a few items that we could use for our trip, I found a black and white striped lighter on the floor near a box. I opened the box with my knife and plunged by frigid hands into the newly opened box, out came a few cans of food and a couple of water bottles. I threw them into my bag and checked around for anything else. When the time was up and I needed to head back I threw my bag over my shoulder and opened the door out into the blistering cold. I could faintly see the black car in the distance, if there were to be anymore delays we wouldn’t be able to find a good shelter by nightfall. I caught a glimpse of Hemmit rolling down the misty window. As I drew closer I decided to let them know it was me in case of any misconceptions as to what or who I was.

    “I found a few cans of food and a couple water bottles!” I announced

    “Fantastic job!” congratulated Hemmit patting me on the shoulder when I got into the vehicle

    Samole started up the vehicle again and drove off into the storm, after a while we passed a sign that notified us of a town 20 miles ahead. I was relieved to see the sign after being unsure whether or not we would have made it to a town by nightfall. Not long after I could see the sihloette of the town a few miles up, I opened a can of food and spread it amongst the group. We shared the small meal and prepared ourselves for the task of finding a place to put our feet up. Soon we entered the town and looked at all of the buildings, most of them were destroyed or in too bad of shape to stay in. We drove by a few more houses until we found a gas station that looked to be safe. We pulled up and parked the car with care on how far away it was from our exit, exiting the vehicle I noticed that the air seemed different here. I shrugged it off and opened the glass door to the building, once inside I knew it was a good idea to stop here. I checked some of the aisles and found a few more cans of food that would last us a couple of days. I used a hand signal to notify the group that it was safe, they walked in not wasting a single moment. Hemmit hobbled over to a bench he found, Samole walked to the woman’s restroom, Evan sat by Hemmit, Maria walked to the other side of the station, and I stood there motionless and awkwardly.

    “Cody!” Hemmit called out “Why don’t you come take a seat?” he asked politely

    I was silent but walked forward and took a seat, Maria followed and sat next to Evan. I scratched behind my ear awkwardly, Hemmit and Evan must have noticed this because they decided to start the conversation.

    “How are you feeling?” Hemmit asked Maria

    “I’m alright, still a little tired. But alright.” retorted Maria

    “And you?” asked Hemmit as he turned his head to me

    “I don’t really know how to answer that actually…” I said looking down at the table

    “We all have those days.” reassured Hemmit which caused me to grow a small grin on my face

    “So what’s the deal with Samole?” asked Maria

    “What do you mean?” defended Evan

    “Settle down Evan.” sighed Hemmit with a look of annoyance “She’s more of a survivalist than a humanitarian, she told us that she was originally surviving with her friend Fred and younger sister Destiny. They didn’t come back from a supply run one day and this killed her, she found Evan in a library and they’ve been together since.” explained Hemmit

    “I used to be a librarian.” added Evan awkwardly

    “That’s...nice.” I said slowly

    “She seems broken.” I drawled

    “I’ve thought that for quite some time.” interjected Hemmit

    Samole suddenly burst of the women’s restroom with a stale face, she slumped down into one of the chairs by the table. I handed her a can of food, she said nothing but ate. I coughed a bit and the room became silent.

    “So do you know how far Wellington is?” I asked

    “No, it’s up north we just have to find it.” replied Samole

    “Wait you don’t know how far away it is, or where it is?!” asked Maria in disbelief

    “Yeah, why do you give a shit?” asked Samole in defence

    “I agreed because I thought you knew at least how far away it was!” argued Maria

    “If you don’t agree you can just fucking leave!” yelled Samole

    Things quieted down after Samole ruptured. We decided to call it a night and we all lied down on our bed mats. I kept mine closer to Maria’s, I trusted her more than the other people in the group. Hemmit was my favorite out of them he was older and wiser than the rest of them, including his military experience. Maria was still in shock after how Samole acted, I didn’t blame her when someone yells at you with as much rage as Samole you get pretty fearful.

    “Are you alright?” I asked with concern

    “She scared the shit out of me!” fretted Maria dreadfully

    “I can’t blame you for being afraid, it came as a shock to me as well.” I reassured her

    “Thanks for trying to calm me down.” thanked Maria “We should probably be getting some sleep, it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.” yawned Maria

    I closed my eyes at last, it felt amazing to get some more sleep. Wind blowing outside and a small fire then darkness.

    The Next Morning…

    I awoke to shuffling of feet and talking around me. I clambered up and stretched my arms and gave a furious yawn. The blue seats that were near the table helped hold my stuff for the night, it smelt a little odd but it didn’t concern me. I rolled up the black mat I had slept on and walked out to the car to put it into the trunk.

    “So how’d you sleep?” asked Hemmit

    “I slept fine.” I replied “How’s your leg?” I asked with sympathy

    “It’s getting better, I can’t move it as much as I used to but it’ll be fine. I appreciate the concern.” answered Hemmit

    “No problem, we need to look out for each other.” I stated

    We finished packing and soon after packed ourselves into the car, I reached over and held Maria in concern that she was still concerned for her well being. She gave me a look that said thank you, I smiled and felt happy for the future.

    “Any stops today?” I asked

    “No, we’re going to drive straight to Greenville.” replied Evan

    “Thanks for the information.” I said as I looked out the window

    The snow wouldn’t let up, we needed to find Wellington. If there’s news of a sanctuary spreading that must mean they have radio access, or some way to spread the word. Thinking about radios made me sad, I would do just about anything to listen to some music again. Samole started to rant more but I tried to block it out, I couldn’t stand anymore arguing. I put my head on the window and tried to sleep but I had no such luck, I was forced to listen to the constant arguing. A walker came out of nowhere and caused Samole to crash the car, the front end went into a ditch. My head was pounding with vision fuzzy, I searched around for something to get us out of the highway. Luckily no one was hurt by the crash, but when I looked at how many more miles were left for Greeneville.

    “A good 5 miles, but the snow’s still coming down hard.” shivered Evan

    We walked for a few hours and finally reached Greeneville. I fell to the ground with exhaustion, Hemmit picked me up and helped me into the town. I stumbled alongside him and we all fell into a building we found.

    “God damnit, those last 2 miles would have been quicker if you would have picked up the pace!” Samole directed towards Maria

    “I was exhausted and we were walking for hours, sorry if I can’t keep up the pace for a short while!” Maria argued back

    “I’m tired of your shit!” yelled Samole

    “Enough!” yelled Hemmit

    Both Samole and Maria quit arguing and seperated from each other. I knew this was going to become more intense as time passed. We were going to stay here for the night but it would be nice to not be so cramped. I stayed by myself tonight, I didn’t want to be around them I just needed a break.

    The Next Morning…

    I jolted my body up rather fast when I heard a gunshot outside, I checked the window and noticed a group of 3 walking towards our location. No one had to ask me what was going on, we were just ready to fight. We marched out of the building with our guns raised at the group, they looked back at us but didn’t raise their weapons.

    “We need supplies.” demanded the man

    “Who are you?” I asked

    “That’s none of your concern.” replied the man

    “Leave us alone, we have no supplies to handout.” I insisted

    “ that ain’t gonna cut it!” argued the man as he spit on the ground

    [Reason with them] or [Fight]

    End of Chapter Song:

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    reason with them they haven't come in guns drawn or guns blazing, think I have to give them the benefit of the doubt for now

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 5: Road Less Traveled [Find Wellington with the group] How can I be so stupid, i’ll die out on my ow

  • [Fight]
    So the story gets more interesting.

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 5: Road Less Traveled [Find Wellington with the group] How can I be so stupid, i’ll die out on my ow

  • [Reason with them]

    The group already had enough deaths and fighting them could lead to even more people dying.

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 5: Road Less Traveled [Find Wellington with the group] How can I be so stupid, i’ll die out on my ow

  • [Reason with them]

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 5: Road Less Traveled [Find Wellington with the group] How can I be so stupid, i’ll die out on my ow

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    Reason with them

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 5: Road Less Traveled [Find Wellington with the group] How can I be so stupid, i’ll die out on my ow

  • Pheww looks like we're going to [Reason with them] New chapter will hopefully be up later tonight or tomorrow

  • Why don't you think it's interesting?

    TheUnkGuy posted: »

    [Fight] So the story gets more interesting.

  • It's interesting, why can not it be more interesting?

    Why don't you think it's interesting?

  • Ok, well I just wanted to let you know things are going to get very interesting. I thought you meant that the story was boring you. haha

    TheUnkGuy posted: »

    It's interesting, why can not it be more interesting?

  • Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 6: Unwanted Deliverance

    [Reason with them]

    “This doesn’t have to get any worse!” pleaded Maria

    “We have nothing to give you...but if you let us go we’ll forget this ever happened.” I tried to calm down the situation

    “We need the supplies for our group, we have sick people. People who need medical help, now we don’t want to make this any worse but we NEED the supplies.” pleaded a woman

    “I’m sorry but we need supplies as well, I wish we could help but it’s simply not an option right now.” I apologized

    I caught one of the men giving me an intense glare, I wasn’t fond of the thoughts that came to mind of where this could go.

    “We’ll just be going then…” sighed the leader as they walked away

    I kept my hand close to my pistol, any precautions necessary were going to be taken. Like a boulder this rolled from my mind at our new predicament, how are we going to get to Wellington?

    “I don’t trust this.” stated Hemmit with distrust “They could have been using their story as leverage.” said Hemmit

    “We just need to get out of here as fast as we can.” added Evan

    “I second that!” Maria supported

    In a matter of seconds after Maria spoke we heard a truck fire up in the background, I held my gun to my hip and focused on keeping this group safe. Headlights materialized in the distance, the engine roared louder and louder as each tire rolled closer to our synchronized position. The truck stopped merely 10 feet away from us, the roaring fire of the engine died almost instantly and left the sound echoing for blocks. Both of the doors opened and out came to figures who calmly approached us, One of them was a man with a navy blue jacket and torn faded-black jeans with a large hunting knife strapped to his waist.

    “Hi!” cheered the leader “I’m so happy you turned down our humble offer, really i’m ecstatic!” he continued

    A deranged smile across his face spreading from ear to ear, which had sent chills down my spine. His fingers lightly tapped on his hunting knife, humming along with each tap. I wanted to act against this opposing force, unfortunately his gang had guns pointed at us. Whatever he wanted to do to us now was his chance, I knew it in my heart we were fucked!

    “My offer still stands!” exclaimed the leader

    Seconds later a woman with long blonde hair and dark blues eyes hopped out of the truck. She had many scars sprawled across her body, had sweat pants on (probably covering a pair of shorts if I had to guess) she also wore a pair of black combat boots and a loose gray jumper.

    “Trent we need to hurry this up there are some lurkers on the way.” added the woman

    “Thanks for the heads up Destiny.” scoffed Trent

    “Wait...Destiny?” pondered Samole “Destiny!” exclaimed Samole

    “Samole?!” gasped Destiny

    Samole tried to reach out to her sister but Trent didn’t seem too happy with the reaction and pointed his gun at Samole. She quickly backed down from the overjoy that radiated from inside, Destiny looked desperate to embrace Samole, what happened between these two, were they

    “I know you must be overjoyed to finally reunite with your sister but we have more pressing matters on hand!” argued Trent

    “I’m-I’m sorry Trent.” faltered Destiny

    “Good, now let’s see who gets to be our first victim…” Trent paced “!” Trent snatched Evan and pushed his hunting knife into Evan’s throat

    “Leave him be!” I ordered

    “Oooh a tough guy!” joked Trent “Am I pushing your buttons?” Trent glared at me

    I had no words to say, I just wanted to find Wellington and this man was going to try and get in the way of that. There was nothing for me to do at this time, I needed to try and formulate a plan.

    “We’re all gonna take a quick ride to our camp and evaluate your use!” demanded Trent

    “We’re not going anywhere with you!” I growled

    “Hmm...that’s funny I remember just telling you that you were coming with us.” he laughed

    I looked at Hemmit, he altered his position and tried to whisper to me “Take Maria and run!”

    I glanced back at him and knew he was serious, I slowly reached for Maria’s arm. She looked down and noticed my hand going for her arm, luckily she didn’t react. I latched onto her and held my pistol in my left hand, I jolted to the left and caught attention. I fired my pistol at Trent and Destiny, Trent slammed Evan’s head with the knife and reached for his FN SCAR assault rifle. I dove for the side of an abandoned vehicle, I had no idea how Hemmit and Salome were doing. I peeked over the top of the car and was nearly shot, I looked at Maria she was obviously not doing so good.

    “Are you ok?” I asked with great concern

    “I’m alright, where are Hemmit and Samole?!” asked Maria

    I looked back to our previous position and noticed that Hemmit was behind cover and firing at the group, Samole was behind the opposing group. I fired a few more shots until my pistol was empty, walkers were even closer than they were before. Almost out of nowhere a bat smashed across my only darkness

    Several Hours Later…

    Without a single dream I awoke to a bump in the road, I scanned the environment and knew that my group was captured. We were held captive in the cold and damp bed of the truck, luckily and also unluckily there was a container over our heads. I wanted to try and open it somehow but my hands were tied, there was nothing that we could use to free ourselves either. I looked around and everyone seemed to be in one piece, Evan had a pretty nasty gash on his head from being hit with Trent’s knife.

    “He’s awake.” Maria sighed with relief

    “Yeah...yeah i’m awake.” I grunted trying to get up

    “Your left eye’s pretty messed up…” added Samole

    “I can’t see out of it all that well.” I said worried

    “It should be’ll just need some time to heal.” comforted Hemmit

    “Where are they taking us?” I asked

    “Back to his community, he’s always been a shitbird…” exhaled Hemmit

    “I think shitbird may be an understatement…” I added

    An enormous bump in the road sent me flying into one of the walls, I groaned a bit before getting back up. I rubbed my head a little until I heard the tires come to a squealing stop. I pondered our options here but nothing would work in our favor, I decided on being silent and calm for the remainder that I was here until we escaped. The door flung open and a burst of fresh but frigid cold air blew into the container, I got a load of what we were dealing with when I peered outside. The community was vast and was full of people, most of the people there had weapons even kids had pistols.

    “Psst!” whispered someone who just came into view “Welcome home…” taunted Trent

    The words echoed throughout the container and haunted me, I would never forget the chill that passed through my body when he spoke those words. Welcome home…

    End of Episode 2…

    Your Choices:

    Selflessness - You Chose to Risk Your Life and Call Out to the Group

    Desperation - You Chose to Stay at the Shack

    Hope - You Chose to Clear the Town and Search for Boniek and Mi-Chao-Choi

    Sensibility - You Chose to Search for Wellington with Your New Group

    Pragmatism - You Chose to Reason With the Group

    End of Episode Song:

  • Finally, my character got introduced (Trent Sol). I'm so excited. And I'm liking how you bring out his arrogant, yet driven and dominating attitude with a hint of comedic darkness. I can't wait to see how he interacts with everyone. It's awesome that Trent is in charge of a large community too. I hope my character contributes greatly to your story :) Maybe even become a long lasting character.
    Great Episode by the way. I'm thrilled to see where you take this.

  • I was planning on keeping him around as a leader of a group, that's why he wasn't introduced as soon as you probably would've liked. He's going to play a major part in the story don't worry. I think this is going to lead to a great story and I know you will all enjoy!

    Finally, my character got introduced (Trent Sol). I'm so excited. And I'm liking how you bring out his arrogant, yet driven and dominating a

  • I would like some feedback for this episode, tell me what you like and didn't like. Thanks!

  • I do not like to ask for permission to read the episodes.

  • I really enjoyed this, it has me biting a few nails and that is a good thing. I really like how you are portraying Hemmit; he is acting very much in the fashion that I imagined when I thought him up. thinking things are about to get bumpy, but keep the episodes coming!!!

    Episode 2: Outlast Winter Chapter 6: Unwanted Deliverance [Reason with them] “This doesn’t have to get any worse!” pleaded Maria “W

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    Fixed, sorry about that!

    TheUnkGuy posted: »

    I do not like to ask for permission to read the episodes.

  • Next Time on The Walking Dead...

    "You see the problem with you're just too much fun!" he laughed

    I sneaked around the corner and looked upon our best shot out of here, hope has come back.

    "You don't never figured out how to think!" she yelled

    "If we're ever going to get out of here...we're going to need your help!" I pleaded

    The walker fell on top of me and blood dripped out of it's revolting mouth, I looked for a weapon but nothing was in reach...

    I revealed to Maria the plan, she gasped in horror at the thought of what we were going to be forced into.

    "We have to escape but...I'm starting to like it here..." he sighed

    I cut the rope and the supplies fell down to help boost us up over the wall, this was going to be dangerous but it was the only way.

  • hmmm, this sounds interesting. looking forward to the next episode

    Next Time on The Walking Dead... "You see the problem with you're just too much fun!" he laughed I sneaked around the corner

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