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  • [Let him go without supplies]

    Awesome Chapter!!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 1 14 months into the apocalypse Jack It was winter, the group had set up a camp in the forest.

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 2

    [Let him go without supplies]


    ?:Don’t even dare to move a muscle.

    Zara: Please don’t, we are not bad people.

    Nicole looked back, it was a boy, about 13 years old.

    ?:You, have a baby.

    He looked at Zara’s terrified face.

    ?: sigh You’re not bandits right?

    Herman: We thought there wasn’t people here, we wanted a place to stay the night.

    ?: Where’s the rest of you?

    Nicole: This is everybody.

    Herman: We can go right now, if you want.

    ?:Hmm...no you can stay, but just because it’s late already, you have to leave tomorrow!

    Zara: Thank you, my name is Zara, this is my husband Herman, and that is Nicole and her daughter Shauna

    ?:Name’s Zayne.

    Nicole: If you don’t mind me asking, who are the people on the roof?

    Zayne: They were inside this RV when i found it, but they were already walkers,i killed them and put it on the roof, the smell makes the others don’t pay attention.

    Nicole: Really? Wish i knew that before, would have come in handy

    Zayne: Yeah...i’ll go skin these squirrels, it’s almost dinner time.


    Anna: I...i… think we shouldn’t trust him, he could be a bad person.

    Jack: Are you sure?
    Anna looked at the man once more.

    Anna: Yes.

    Jack: ...Ok, i think that closes the voting....sorry pal...but the majority has spoken

    Alan: Bu...but she’s just a kid , you can’t be talking seriously!

    Jack looks at the man with a regretful face.

    Jack: I suggest you to go now…

    Amelia: We can’t let him go just like this…

    Jen: She’s right, someone should take escort him, at least to the forest, just to make sure he doesn’t come back.

    Valerian: I will go.

    Jack:Yeah, me too, but we should wait for the morning, it’s too late already.

    They tied Alan and kept him inside a tent.


    They were all sitting around a bonfire.

    They remained quiet for a while.

    Zara: So...Zayne, how did you end up...you know...alone?

    Zayne: I prefer not to talk about that.

    Zara: Oh...sorry for the question.

    Zayne: Don’t worry.

    Herman: We were on vacations before this thing started...our first vacations in 5 years and the apocalypse breaks loose, me and my luck.

    They stayed in silence,

    Herman: ...So yeah...we heard there was a settlement in Savannah, we met Nicole on the way there on a train station, turns out the settlement was already overrun and…

    Zayne: Did you hear that?

    Zara: What ?

    Nicole: There’s something in the bushes.

    Zayne: Everyone back, i’ll go see.

    Nicole: You sure?

    Zayne: Just stay here.

    Zayne took his shotgun and started approaching the bushes.

    Nicole: Zara, take Shauna for a sec, i’ll go help him.

    Zayne looked at the bushes and his eyes wide opened.

    Zayne: Oh fuck! Everyone inside the RV now!!

    A huge bear came out of the bushes.

    Zara ran towards the RV with Shauna.

    Herman took his pistol and started shooting it.The bear quickly ran towards him, it knocked hi down and started biting him.Zayne aimed to the bear’s head and BANG it felt to the ground.

    Zara: Oh my god , Hemran!!

    Herman’s face was covered with blood and his clothes were shattered.

    Nicole: Oh god! Herman are you ok?


    ?: The shot came from here!

    Zayne: There’s someone out there we gotta go!

    Nicole: What?! No, look at him he’s in no condition to move.
    Zayne: Sorry, but i’m going right now!

    Zara started crying,she handed Shauna to Nicole and immediately ran to help Herman

    Zayne: Are you coming?

    ?:Prepare your guns it could be anything!!

    Nicole saw Zara knelt besides Herman and Zayne already running into the forest.


    Jack and Valerian departed at dawn.

    Valerian: You think this is far enough? We’ve already walked for an hour.
    Jack: Maybe a few meters more we gotta make sure he doesn’t come back.

    Alan was tied and blindfolded.

    Valerian: I still don’t know why don’t we just kill the fucker.

    Jack: Killing is not always the solution.

    Valerian: Sometimes you gotta take hard choices Jack, and sometimes killing is the most effective solution.

    Jack: I’m worried about Anna and Ivan, i don’t want them to grow thinking violence is always the answer.

    Valerian: They’re fine, they were intelligent enough to deny food to tis fucker, it’s impressing how a little kid can be wiser than you?

    Jack: I wouldn’t call that wise…

    They walked for a few more minutes.

    Jack: Ok, i think this is enough.

    They untied Alan and put him on the floor.

    Valerian: Ok, here’s what you’ll do mate, we’ll leave and you count to 200 and then you take the blindfold off, don’t try to play smart, cause we’ll have our guns aiming at your ass until we can’t see you.
    Jack took some food out of his backpack.

    Valerian: Really?!

    Jack: I can’t leave this man here starving, what if he really has a family.

    Valerian: What if he’s a fucking psycho that wanted to fucking kill us!

    Jack put the food on Alan’s hands, but Valerian stepped on it, and took it.

    Alana: Arrrgh.

    Valerian: Fuck you Jack! Who the fuck even made you leader?!

    He throwed the food.

    Jack: Well no one else offered.

    Valerian: I would have if i had know that you were such an idiot.

    Jack: I’m just trying to maintain our humanity Valerian, we’re not animals yet.

    Valerian: Fuck your stupid morals Jack, i’m thired of this shit.

    Valerian furiously approached Jack.

    Jack: Valerian calm down!.

    Jack was about to take out his gun went he felt Valerians knife penetrate his stomach, he fell on the snow.

    Valerian: I was planning to do this a long time ago, this group needs a better leader! This group needs me!!

    Jack got up and tried to shoot at Valerian but he shot Jack before he could do anything.

    Valerian: Tell me again Jack, how killing doesn’t resolve anything.

    Jack tried to reach his gun on the floor.

    Jack: I… i won’t let you… Harm Jen....or Anna…

    Valerian: Believe me they’ll be better of with me.

    BANG Valerian shot Jack on the head, he stared at him while the snow became red, he turned back.

    Valerian: And now about you

    Alan was already gone.

    Valerian: Motherfucker…

    He started cutting himself on his hands, cheek and then ripped his clothes.

    Valerian: That’ll do it.

    He grabbed Jack’s backpack and headed back to the camp.

    What should Nicole do?

    [Stay with Zara and Herman]

    [Go with Zayne]

  • [Go with Zayne]

    Awesome chapter!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 2 [Let him go without supplies] Nicole ?:Don’t even dare to move a muscle. Zara: Please don’

  • Name: Father Jordan Monroe

    Job: Priest

    Age: 36 (at the start of the ZA)

    Appearance: blonde short heddle hair , blue eyes , white skin , 5.5 feet tall. Wears usual priest´s clothes

    Personality: Insane , Smart , Obsessed , Calm , Polite.

    Background: He lived a normal childhood on a small neighborhood. His parents , Martin and Johanna , were caring and lovely with him. After his only girlfriend he had abandoned him for a drug dealer , he became priest. 2 Days into the ZA , he got tried to kill himself. He had an hallucination where God told him that Satan made the walkers and that he need to make the good people get out of the hell in earth , by killing them. He made God a promise to do it and he keep it , meaning that he kills the good people and that he let the "bad" one live , because he thinks Satan made all the walkers to create a hell on earth and he needs to free good people from it For that , when the recovered sense , he had to kill his own parents

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    Did you read my mind?! I had a character like this planned XD, just that instead he killed the "bad" people and let the "good" live to repopulate the world.

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    Name: Father Jordan Monroe Job: Priest Age: 36 (at the start of the ZA) Appearance: blonde short heddle hair , blue eyes , white sk

  • Nope. I already have this villain since a lot time ago XD

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    Did you read my mind?! I had a character like this planned XD, just that instead he killed the "bad" people and let the "good" live to repopulate the world.

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 3

    [Go with Zayne]


    She looked at Zara once more.

    ?: There! I see fire!

    Nicole: Sorry…

    She ran towards Zayne with Shouna in her arms.

    Zayne: You took the right choice, they would just slow you down.

    Nicole:Maybe, we should go back for them.

    Zara: No let me go!!! Let me go!

    Zayne: That’s not an option anymore

    After running for awhile they arrived saw a little town in the distance.

    Zayne: That might be a nice place to stay for a while

    Nicole didn’t respond.

    Zayne: Are you still thinking about that old couple? Don’t worry about them, why would they kill them? Unless they’re complete psychos they would never do that.

    Nicole: This world can turn anyone into a psycho.

    Zayne: Believe me, i know that…

    Nicole fell a water drop on her head.

    Nicole: It’s starting to rain, let’s get there or Shauna could catch a cold


    Anna: Jen, they’re taking too long.

    Jen: Don’t worry, i’m sure they took Alan very far away so he doesn’t come back.

    Anna: You think i did the right thing about him, he seemed like a good guy, but we can’t trust anyone right?

    Jen: About that...

    Ivan: I see something!!

    Jessica: Walkers?!

    Ivan: No...it’s Valerian! He’s injured!

    They hurry to help him.

    Amelia: You alright?!

    Valerian: Do i see alright?

    Jen: Whe...where’s Jack?

    Valerian: That motherfucker… it was an ambush...sorry but Jack didn’t make it.

    Anna: NO!!...

    Ivan: Valerian was right, we should have killed the guy as soon as we saw him.

    Jen: Jack...how?...

    Valerian: I told you, it was an ambush, we tried to fight back but they outnumbered us, i barely made it out alive.

    Anna: No this can be happening!

    Jen: We gotta get out of here now! They could come after us!

    Valerian: No! We’re fighting back!

    Jen: What?! You must be crazy!
    Valerian: We can’t just let them win, we’ll attack,we’ll go to their camp and avenge Jack!!

    Ivan: He’s right, we can’t just run away!

    Anna: Maybe he’s right…

    Jen: Anna you can’t be thinking…what about you Jessica?

    She was about to talk but she looked at Ivan staring at her.

    Jessica: I… don’t know.

    Amelia: Jen, this is not the world you knew before the rules are different now.

    Valerian: She’s right, and you should listen at me if you wanna survive, i’ll teach you how to properly use a gun tomorrow, i just need to recuperate.


    Zayne: Wake up, it’s morning already

    Nicole: Uh?...already? yawn

    Zayne: I examined this place a bit, it’s pretty easy to defend, i think this could be a good place to stay.

    They spend the night on the town’s police station

    Nicole:I hope so....

    They went outside

    A man was watching them through the scope of his rifle

    ?: I see them, they are at the police station, do i kill them?

    ?: Not yet, they could come in handy.

    Nicole: I can’t take Herman and Zara off my mind , they were such good people.

    Zayne:I’m sure they would have done the same.

    Nicole: They? Never

    Zayne: You sure? People would do anything so save their ass.

    Nicole: Zayne, how could you make it this far without trusting anybody?

    Zayne: I did, they stabbed me on the back.

    Nicole: Who?

    Zayne:sigh Since it looks like you’ll stay longer i’ll tell you.My brothers,my older brother,Kyle, i found him raping another girl and almost tried to kill me but he got bitten, and then my other brother Stan , he left us to die, he left me and my sister, after all we had done for him! My sister, the only person who never betray me died because of that fucker!

    Zaybe tried to act though but he was about to cry.

    Nicole: That is awful… I shouldn’t have asked…

    Zayne: This shouldn’t have happened, respect women freaking Kyle said, and they i find the fucker raping a girl we just met!!

    Nicole: You shouldn’t talk about you brother like that…

    Zayne: They... are ...not...my fucking BROTHERS!

    Zayne went inside the and closed the door behind him.


    Valerian was teaching everyone how to use a rifle

    Valerian: Steady, steady now!

    Anna missed the shot

    Valerian: Come on, they’re just freaking bottles, how hard can it be?

    He throwed one to the air and shot it with his pistol.

    Valerian: See?

    Jen: Valerian that was extremely dangerous, the glass shards could have…

    Valerian: Relax, i’m a professional.

    After the training.

    Jen: Anna could you come here a sec?

    Jen: We’ll leave tomorrow.

    Anna: What? Why?

    Jen: This isn’t what Jack would have wanted, Valerian is turning this into a military school.

    Anna: But…

    Jen: Anna, please you know i only want the best for you.

    Anna: Ok…

    Jen: Ok, now go tell Jessica, and don’t let Valerian hear.

    They didn’t notice but Ivan had listened the whole conversation

    What should Ivan do?

    [Tell Valerian about Jen's plans]

    [Don't tell Valerian about Jen's plans]

  • [Don't tell Valerian about Jen's plans]

    Ain´t going to get Jen killed

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 3 [Go with Zayne] Nicole She looked at Zara once more. ?: There! I see fire! Nicole: Sorr

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 4

    [Don't tell Valerian about Jen's plan]


    She entered the station.

    -Nicole: I’m sorry i didn’t mean to

    -Zayne: It’s not your fault,it’s just that you’re supposed to trust in your family but then they stab you in the back and you realize that human is just a fancy word for a talking animal.

    They remained in silence, Nicole watched Shouna thinking about the things she would have to live in this world.

    They suddenly heard a voice outside

    -?:Hello?! We saw you entering this town! We’re not bad guys! Your friend Zara sent us.

    Zayne and Nicole picked up their weapons.

    -Nicole: Do you think they’re telling the truth?

    -Zayne: Of course not, we can’t trust some random asshole

    -?:We’ll drop our guns.

    Zayne saw through the window

    -Zayne: They really dropped them, but they obviously have more with them

    -Nicole: How many are they?

    -Zayne: I can only see three.

    Nicole grabbed a shotgun.

    -Nicole: What do you want?!

    -?:We found your friends, don’t worry about Herman, he survived, we have a community where you could stay.

    -Nicole:I was already in one of those, it didn’t turn out well.

    -Ashton: Well this will be different i promise, we are good people.

    Nicole came out of the police station with the shotgun pointing at them,they were in the middle of the street.

    -Ashton: You must be Nicole, my name is Ashton and these are Steve and Dave

    -Nicole: Just bring Herman and Zara, we’re not interested in your community.

    -Ashton: They don’t want to leave the community, they’re safe there.

    -Nicole:I don’t believe you, if you killed them just tell me now!

    -Ashton: Look Nicole, we’re peaceful people, we don’t want any trouble and i you don’t want to come with us it’s fine, we’ll leave right now,but you’ll always be welcome…

    BANG a bullet went right through Ashton’s head.Nicole was shocked all the blood splashe dover her.

    -Zayne: Come here right now!

    Nicole hurried back to the police station, while Steve and Dave took cover.

    -Steve: It’s a sniper.

    -Nicole: Come here!

    -Zayne: What the fuck are you doing?

    Before they knew Steve and Dave had already entered the station.Zayne pointed a gun to them.

    -Zayne: Who the fuck shot?

    -Dave: You think we freaking know? That fucker just killed our leader!

    -Nicole: Do you have any enemies?

    -Steve: No, as Ashton said we’re peaceful people.

    -Dave: Fuck i knew we shouldn’t have come, now Ashton is dead and all for nothing, it’s all your fault!

    -Steve: Calm down, we should concentrate on getting out of here as soon as possible.

    -Nicole: Are Zara and Herman really ok?
    -Steve: Yeah, he’ll have some scars but he’ll be ok.

    -Zayne:Any idea?

    -Dave: Ashton and i once escaped through the sewers when a luker horde surrounded us.

    -Nicole: And how do we get in there?

    -Dave: There’s an entrance a few streets from here, let’s wait a few hours, maybe the sniper goes away and we can escape.

    -Steve: That place was full of lurkers the last time we went in there.

    -Dave: And what else you suggest?

    -Zayne: There’s a few Swat suits here, we should use them to go across the town.

    -Steve: Maybe he’s right, we could also use a police car as cover.

    -Nicole: Why don’t we just escape in one of them?

    -Zayne: They don’t have gas i already checked them.

    -Nicole: Damn it!

    -Dave: Whatever we do, we should do it fast, lurkers like to roam around here at night.


    Anna entered Jessica’s tent.

    -Jessica: Hey Anna.

    -Anna: Hey Jes.i’m going to tell you something, but you have to promise me you won’t tell anybody.

    .-Jessica: Yeah, what is it?

    -Anna: Jen is planning to escape, she says she doesn’t like Valerian as the new leader.

    -Jessica: I don’t like him either, will Van come too?

    -Ivan: No, and you won’t go either

    Ivan suddenly entered the tent.

    -Ivan: Valerian is just teaching us how to survive, he is a good person.

    -Anna : He is not like Jack, he only thinks in killing.

    -Ivan: Of course not he only wants to defend us.

    -Jessica: I want to go with them.

    -Ivan: But you’re not going, i’m your older brother and…

    -Jessica: I don’t care who you are, you have been controlling me ever since this started telling me what to do.

    -Ivan: I was telling you how to survive.

    -Jessica: I can take my own decisions Ivan, and i’ll go

    .-Ivan:I wasn’t planning to, but if you go, i’ll tell Valerian about you plan to escape.

    -Jessica: You’re not telling him i know you.

    -Ivan: Well you don’t know me enough then

    What should Nicole and the rest do?

    [Escape through the sewers] (They'll use the swat suits too)

    [Use a car as cover]

    What should Jessica do?

    [Escape with Anna and Jen]

    [Stay in the camp]

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    [Use a car as cover]

    [Stay in the camp]

    Awesone Chapter!!!

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    Sorry for the wait A New World Episode 2 Chapter 4 [Don't tell Valerian about Jen's plan] Nicole She entered the station.

  • A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 5

    [Use a car as cover]

    [Stay in the camp]


    -Jessica: Sorry but i can’t go, i would put you two in risk

    -Anna: Are you sure?

    Jessica looked at Ivan

    -Jessica: Yes…

    -Ivan:Go away, and you better escape before i change my opinion and tell Valerian!

    Anna exited the tent

    -Jessica: What happened to you? I also miss Julian but we gotta get over it already.

    Ivan looks at Jessica like he’s about to talk but remains silence and gets out.


    -Dave: it’s been an hour i think it’s safe to go now.What plan ill it be then?

    -Nicole: If they sewers are really full of walkers i think we should go with yours

    -Dave: Yeah, the car is really safe, as long as no one exposes their head, we should be ok, and what about you?

    -Zayne: It sound good i guess.

    They went to the police station parking lot.

    -Steve:An armored car seems like we’re lucky.

    -Dave: Dave and i will take this thing out,Nicole you and the kid…

    -Zayne: It’s Zayne

    -Dave: Whatever, you go get the SWAT suits alright?

    -Nicole: Alright, come on Zayne

    They hurried to get the suits.

    -Zayne:You think we can trust these guys?

    -Nicole: Do we have any other choice?

    Nicole put on the suit and and hugged Shouna.

    -Nicole: Everything will be alright Shouna don’t worry.

    -Dave: Hey could you two hurry up!?

    -Zayne: These things are heavy you know?!

    They hurried out.

    Dave and Steve started putting the suit on.

    -Steve: Nicole you concentrate on protecting the baby, Zayne, Dave and i will push the car.

    They started pushing the car through the streets.They kept pushing for about 40 minutes.

    -Dave:Are there yet?

    -Steve: Just a little more and we’ll be out of the town.

    -Zayne: Oh shit is that a walker?

    -Nicole:Yeah and it’s coming to us.

    -Dave: Don’t worry we’ll kill him when he comes near.

    Suddenly they saw a man standing in the middle of the street.

    -Steve:Don’t come near us or we’ll shoot.

    -Man: Calm Down,my name is Hank and let me tell you that you’re in no position to threaten me.

    Lots of me started appearing on the streets aiming at them along with a black truck.

    -Hank: In this truck we have about 20 walkers, you don’t want us to free them do ya?

    -Dave: You are the ones who killed Ashton didn’t you bastards?

    -Hank: You’ll come with me or…

    -Steve: RUN!

    Steve started shooting the men with his machine gun .

    -Hank: Motherfuckers! hurry up get them

    -Dave: Steve come on!

    Hank shot Steve with his shotgun on his knee.

    -Steve: ARGHHH

    -Dave: Shit, i’m sorry

    -Dave ran away.

    Nicole was running through , Shouna was crying in her arms

    -Zayne: Nicole! Here!

    Zayne and Nicole ran into the forest next to the town.

    -Hank: Stop shooting, we only need one of them!

    He kicked Steve

    -Hank: Get up you have some work to do.

    Zayne and Nicole kept running.

    -Zayne: I think we lost them!

    They heard a noise on the bushes and Zayne quickly pointed the gun at it.

    -Dave:Calm down it’s just me!

    -Nicole: You scared the living shitout of me

    He was holding his shoulder, it was bleeding.

    -Nicole: Oh shit, are you ok?

    -Dave: Yeah but we gotta hurry up, i think i already know who those guys were, and when they get to our community it won't be pretty.


    -Jen: Anna, Anna, wake up, it’s time what did Jessica said?

    -Anna: Uh, she won’t go


    -Anna:Ivan didn’t let her.

    -Jen: She has to make her own choices

    -Anna: She wanted to come but Ivan said he would tell Valerian

    -Jen:sigh Well i guess there’s nothing we can do, come on get your things.

    They took their thing and started walking,

    -Jen: We should return for them

    -Anna. You think?

    -Jen:Ivan is just confused, he’s a good kid.

    Suddenly they heard Valerian shouting.

    -Valerian:Jen were the fuck are you?!

    -Jen: Shit i thought he would take longer to notice.

    They saw the light of Valerian’s lamp coming closer


    The path divided in two

    -Anna: Which way do we go?


    They took him out of the back of the truck and got the back off his head.They were near the entrance of Ashton’s community.

    -Hank: Ok, this is what you’ll do, you’ll tell them to open the door and you won’t say anything about us or you’ll die,ok?

    -Steve: Ok…

    Steve walked in front of the gate.

    -Sentinel: Steve where are the others? Open up the gates he’s injured.

    They started opening the doors.

    -Steve: No no don’t do it is a trap!

    A shot went right through Steve’s chest and he fell to the ground.

    Before they could close the gates Hank’s men killed the guards and started invading the nplace.

    -Hank: Kill the guard and capture the others, and try not to hurt them, bruises make the meat taste bad!

    Steve slowly closed his eyes and everything went dark.

    Which way should Jen and Anna go?

    [Go left]

    [Go right]

  • [Go left]

    Awesome Chapter!!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 5 [Use a car as cover] [Stay in the camp] Jessica -Jessica: Sorry but i can’t go, i would pu

  • A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 6

    [Go Left]


    -Jen:Anna this way!

    They went to the left.

    -Valerian: There you are! Why are you running?! I’m not gonna harm you!

    Jen and Anna kept running until they got to a little cliff, it was about 3 meters tall and there was a river at the bottom.

    -Anna:What do we do?!

    Jen looked around, Valerian was getting closer, he stopped in front of them with a shotgun in his hands.

    -Valerian: Hey what the fuck…


    Jen jumped to the river and then Anna.


    -Dave:The community is right...here…

    They arrived to the community it was completely destroyed. Dave ran towards it and started looking in the debris.

    Dave: Emily! Emily! Daddy is here where are you?

    Zayne: Calm down, maybe she’s fine

    They saw a walker coming towards them.

    -Nicole: Steve?

    -Zayne: Back up?

    Zayne aimed at Steve

    -Dave:No let me do it!

    Dave took out his weapon and without hesitation he shot Steve

    -Dave:He was my best friend…

    -Nicole: Who are this guys?

    -Dave: Cannibals fucking cannibals, and they have my Emily...i have to rescue her.

    -Zayne: That is suicide.

    -Dave: It’s worth it for my daughter!

    A group of men approach them aiming their guns at them.

    -Man:Dave? We thought they killed you, where’s Ashton?

    -Dave: Travis! Ashton is dead, they killed him.

    -Travis: Fuck those bastards!

    -Dave: Travis have you seen Emily?!

    -Travis:We managed to escape the cannibals and came back to look for survivors when we heard a shot.We didn’t find anyone, they took them all with them.

    -Dave:...i have to rescue her, i have to rescue her!

    -Travis: Don’t worry we’re already planning a rescue.

    -Herman: Nicole? Is that you.

    Herman was among the men, they haven’t noticed him, he had lots of bandages over his body.

    -Nicole: Herman! I’m glad you made it out alive! Where’s Zara?

    -Herman: She also managed to escape, she’s in a camp nearby.

    -Travis: I’m glad to see you brought them back, that’s a beautiful baby you got there.


    -Dave: But a t what price? Everything we build was destroyed and all because we went to rescue these motherfuckers, my Emily would be with me if it wasn’t for you!

    -Travis: Dave cam down!

    -Dave: I’m not calming down, Ashton, Steve, and all these people i knew are dead, and my daughter is mission, you really want me to fucking calm down!?


    -Dave: They’ll help us because they own it to us! If it wasn’t for them nothing of this would have happened.

    -Travis:Dave calm down! Help is voluntary, they didn’t know what was gonna happen.

    -Dave: That is no excuse, how are we going to survive if little fuckers like these only think in themselves we gotta unite if we want to survive!

    -Travis: Please excuse him, you can help if you want otherwise you can take your stuff and go is your decision.

    **Valerian **

    Everyone was out looking for Jen and Anna.

    -Amelia: Ugh, i really cold

    -Valerian: Why would they run away?

    There was a little silence.

    .-Jessica: Jen was worried you were a bad influence for us.

    -Valerian: So you also knew about this!

    -Jessica: Yeah but…

    -Valerian: Then why didn’t you tell me.?!

    -Jessica: I...i…

    -Ivan:She made the right choice, she left the weak go, why are we still looking for them anyway?

    -Valerian: I am trying to show them the right way, we can’t let our people go just like that.

    -?:It’s curious you say that.

    Ther heard a voice coming from the bushes.

    -Valerian: What the?!

    Valerian pointed the gun at them.

    -Valerian: Put your hands in the air.

    A man came out of the bushes, it was Alan

    -Alan: Hello there Val, or should i say murdered?

    -Amelia: What is he talking about?

    -Alan: Didn’t he tell you? He killed your friend Jack,oh now i remember, he told you it was me didn’t he?

    Everyone was shocked

    .-Valerian: Motherfucker, you were spying us!

    -Alan: Oh no, i was just expecting for the right time to introduce you to my beautiful wife.

    Alan lift something from between the bushes, it wasn’t visible before ,it was a woman, she was blindfolded and had a rag inside her mouth,she was handcuffed and had a chain around her neck.

    -Valerian: You sick bastard!...

    -Alan: This is my beautiful wife Fiona, oh and i wanted to apologise because i wasn’t honest the last time, my real name is Warren, Warren Mason.

    -Amelia: I heard that name before...you’re a wanted assassin


    -Valerian: I’m gonna kill you!

    Before Valerian could shot Warren took his hand and stabbed him in the belly. Valerian fell to the floor.

    -Warren: You Amelia right? Take your clothes off. TAKE THEM OFF I SAID.

    He made a perverted look at Jessica.

    -Warren:And don’t think i’m forgetting about my new daughter.

    Out of nowhere Amelia tried to hit Warren but he grabbed her hand.

    -Warren:This is a shame ,this could have been good for both of us.

    He took out his knife and stabbed her in the neck

    -Amelia: Arhg argh.

    -Valerian: Amelia! No…

    Valerian looked at her eyes as life faded from them, she fell to the ground.

    BANG Jessica shot Warren’s hand.

    -Warren: ARRRRGH

    She was shocked she had just shot a man for the first time.

    Warren looked at her and smiled.

    -Warren:I hope Jennifer and Anna are as fun as you were!

    He then ran away.

    -Valerian:Amelia, Amelia! Please don’t, don’t…

    Ivan untied Fiona, Warren didn't have time to take her with him..

    -Fiona:Oh my God thank you, thank you!

    Jessica was trembling with the gun in his hands.

    Valerian put his gun on Amelia’s head.

    Valerian: I’ll get that fucker and make him pay….i promise you….BANG.

    What should Nicoel and the others do?

    [Help Dave's group rescue the people from the cannibals]

    [Take their things and go]

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    [Help Dave's group rescue the people from the cannibals]

    Awesome Chapter!!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 6 [Go Left] Jen -Jen:Anna this way! They went to the left. -Valerian: There you are! Why

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 7

    [Help Dave's group rescue the people from the cannibals]


    -Nicole:I don’t know...what do you say Zayne?

    -Zayne:It’s too dangerous,we should go while we can.

    -Nicole:sigh i don’t know…

    -Herman: Nicole, i would really like to help these people but an old couple, a kid and a woman with a baby, there’s not much we can do for them really…

    -Nicole: No we’ll help these people, don’t worry Travis we’ll help you

    -Travis:Thank you, i know this is difficult for you too.

    -Dave:Finally, someone with some goddamn morals

    They went to see Zara.She was with other people sitting while the surviving guards were setting up tents to spend the night.

    -Herman:Zara look who we found, or found us better said.

    -Zara:Nicole! I’m glad to see you again!.

    -Nicole:Me too Zara, i hope both of you can forgive me for running away.

    -Zara:Don’t worry about that darling, you were just trying to protect your daughter, that’s what a good mother does.

    Nicole: I’m glad you’re not mad with me.

    Zayne: Nicole, you weren’t talking serious back there, were you?

    Nicole: Of course i was.

    Zara:What’s the problem.

    Herman: The boy didn’t want to go rescue the captured people, but Nicole wants to help.

    Zara:Of course we’ll help we own these people a lot.

    Nicole:Thanks Zara good to see you agree


    Anna:Jen wake up, Jen wake up.


    Anna:Jen you’re alive!

    Jen:Ugh my head hurts.

    Anna:You hit with a rock in the river , it washed us away, i think we’re near a beach.

    Jen:Yeah, i remember now, i hugged you so you wouldn’t get hurt.

    Jen tried to stand up.

    Jen:Argh.My arm, i think my shoulder is dislocated,remind me not to jump to rivers next time.

    Anna:Is it serious?

    Jen:No i don’t think so,maybe you can help me fix it, wanna try?


    Jen: Ok, just hold my arm, argh no put you foot in my side and pull.

    Anna pulled a s hard a s she could,but couldn’t do it.

    Jen:Argh, we’ll try again.Ok 1, 2,3 ARGHH ok, ok, let’s leave it like that for now help me get up.

    Anna helped Jen stand up, she limped a little while walking.

    Jen:Ok where should we go?

    Anna:If we follow the river stream, we’ll get to the sea, and there’s always houses there, or at least that’s what i saw on TV,in one of those show that teaches how to survive

    Jen:Well, i wouldn’t trust a guy that drinks his own pee, but i guess it’s our best option right now.

    They started walking down the river, it started to rain.

    Jen: I always like rain, it’s cold and gets you all wet, but there’s something magical about it.

    Anna: My mom also liked it, she said that it made the earth look more beautiful, i used to think it was the clouds crying,and my older brother said it was the clouds peeing.

    Jen:Hahaha, you never told me you have an older brother.

    Anna:He was in the university when this started, we were heading there when...we stopped at that gas station and we met you , Jack, and Erik and Marcus and then…

    Jen:You don’t have to continue, i understand.

    Anna:I wish my parents were here, my brother too, Jack, Jessica and even Ivan, do you think they’re ok?

    Jen:Valerian can be a bit crazy sometimes but i’m sure they’ll be fine, he’s no murderer.

    Jen grabbed her dislocated shoulder with her other hand.

    Anna: Are you ok? We can rest for a bit if you want.

    Jen:No, i’m ok, let’s keep going.

    Anna: Are you sure?


    Ivan:Valerian can we rest for a bit, it’s raining and we’re tired.

    Valerian: The faster we get to Jen and Anna the sooner i’ll have my revenge with that fucker Warren.

    Fiona:Is he ok?

    Jessica:Amelia was very special for him.

    Fiona:I’m sorry for your loss , he also made a lot of awful things to me…

    Fiona almost cried remembering them.

    Ivan:Valerian! Jessica is tired ! Valerian, Valerian!


    Jessica:I’m starting to think you really killed Jack.

    Valerian: I didn’t he was lying, let’s keep moving

    Ivan:No, i’m not gonna listen to you until you listen us.

    Valerian:Kid, i am the leader here! And i say we keep moving!

    Ivan:Maybe you’re not such a great leader after all.

    Valerian:Maybe you don’t got what it takes to survive

    Ivan:I fucking killed my own brother and…

    Valerian:Oh look at me, i killed my brother and now i’m the toughest guy in town, grow some freaking balls kid, everyone has done something like that, everyone has seen his loved ones die.

    Fiona:How do we even know where they went? They could be anywhere.

    Valerian:They fell on the river, my bet is that they’re following the stream, and i’m sure Warren knows that too


    Nicole was preparing to sleep on her tent when Herman entered

    Herman: Oh, sorry i didn’t see anything

    Nicole:Don’t worry, you can enter now.

    Herman: Sorry,can i talk with you for a sec?

    Nicole:Yeah of course.

    Herman: Look Nicole you’re the person i trust the most, apart from Zara of course, but …

    Nicole: But what?

    Herman: I got bitten.

    Nicole: gaspHerman….does Zara know? when did it happen?

    Herman: It was during the cannibal’s attack, some lurkers got in and they but one of my sides, i haven’t tell Zara because i don’t want her to suffer.

    Nicole:She has to know.

    Herman:Tomorrow at night, while she’s sleeping i’ll go,she doesn’t have to know until i’m gone, i don’t want her to look at me suffer, i’m telling you this because i don’t want you to go out to look for me.

    Nicole: Herman i can’t …

    Herman:Nicole you have to comprehend, please promise me you won’t tell her until i’m already gone.

    What should Jen and Anna do?

    [Take a rest]

    [Keep walking]

    What should Nicole do?

    [Promise she won't tell Zara until Herman is gone]

    [Tell Herman she can't promise him anything]

  • [Take a rest]

    [Tell Herman she can't promise him anything]

    Awesome Chapter!!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 7 [Help Dave's group rescue the people from the cannibals] Nicole -Nicole:I don’t know...what d

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 8

    [Take a rest]

    [Tell Herman she can't promise him anything]


    -Jen: Actually thinking it better i think i’ll take a rest

    -Anna:Ok, let’s sit in that rock.

    They sat on the rock and stared at the river.After a while Anna fell asleep.


    -Nicole:Sorry Herman, i can't promise anything.

    -Herman: Nicole you gotta understand.

    -Nicole: Zara needs to know, she’s your wife.

    -Herman: sigh I thought you would understand

    -Nicole:I understand, but as i said Zara need to know.

    -Herman:Ok, goodnight Nicole

    Herman opened the tent went out.


    -Ivan:We have been walking for two hours down this river, you sure they’re following the stream?

    -Valerian: They can’t be too far away.

    -Jessica: Do you think we’ll get to them before he does it?

    -Valerian: Let’s hope we do, i don’t want to imagine what he would do to Anna.

    -Fiona: Hey be careful!

    In front of them there was a dead deer, it was being eaten by a walker, it stared at them.Valerian took out his knife.

    -Valerian: Don’t move, i’ll take care of it.

    Valerian started walking towards the walker, the walker stood up and started groaning, with a fast move Valerian hit the walker on the head knocking him down, then he repeatedly stabbed him on the head.

    -Valerian: Ok that should… SHIT JESSICA LOOK BACK

    A walker grabbed Jessica from behind, Ivan quickly shot it in the head.

    -Ivan:Jessica are you…

    They started to hear groan noises ,suddenly lots of walkers started coming out of the woods , they were surrounded.

    -Valerian: Ok, everyone calm down, we’ll find a way to get out of this one

    Ivan started shooting at the walkers.

    -Jessica: Let’s jump into the river.

    -Valerian: No, the stream is too strong, we could end up dead.,just keep shooting.

    -Ivan: I’ll run out of bullets soon.

    -Valerian: Ok ,we’ll make a run for it into the forest, 3,2,1 NOW.

    They ran into the forest shooting all the walkers they saw on the way.


    She woke up the next morning.She went out of her tent with Shauna on her arms.

    -Nicole: Uh, excuse me Travis, do you have baby food by any chance? Shauna need to eat.

    -Travis: Hmmm, i’m not sure let me….

    -Dave: Arrgh help.

    They saw Dave coming out of the wood with blood on his head.

    -Nicole: Dave what happened?!

    -Travis: Dave! Somene look for help!

    -Dave:They attacked us…

    -Nicole: Who? The cannibals?

    -Travis: I sent him and other men to investigate the cannibal camp.

    -Dave: They...ambushed us...i barely made it out....they know we’ll attack.

    Other men arrive to help Dave.

    -Nicole:What are you going to do?

    -Travis:Fuck.... let me think about this for a sec.

    Zayne approached Nicole.

    -Zayne: That’s it, i’m gonna get out of here before they attack us.

    -Nicole: You can’t do that.

    -Zayne:Travis said we can stay if we want and i want to go, i’m going tonight.

    -Zara:Nicole! Come here something is wrong with Herman.!

    -Nicole: Oh no.

    They went inside their tent, Herman was pale and had fever,

    -Zara: When i woke up he was like this, maybe he catched a fever because of the rain

    -Zayne: Are you sure? It looks like a little more than a fever.

    -Zara: I hope not because…

    -Nicole: Zara, i’ve got something to tell you...Herman is bitten…

    -Zara:What?! No that’s … that’s just…

    -Zayne: It matches the symptoms.

    -Nicole: It happened while the cannibals attacked, he told me.

    Nicole showed her the bite.

    -Zara:Why...why didn’t he tell me?!

    -Nicole:He didn’t want you to know, he was going to leave the camp tonight.

    -Zara:Oh Herman, this can’t be, this just can’t be possible.

    Zara started crying uncontrollably. Zayne took out his gun.

    -Zara: NO DON’T KILL HIM!

    -Zayne: We have to do it!

    -Nicole: But not yet, Zara do you want us to leave.

    -Zara: No, you can stay if you want…

    -Zayne: Well if you excuse me...

    -Nicole:Zayne…she need our support

    -Zayne: Ugh,ok


    -Fiona: Phew, we barely made it out alive.

    -Ivan: Which way now?

    -Valerian: This way.

    -Jessica: I’m...i’m too tired, i’ gotta rest.

    Jessica was pale and couldn’t keep her eyes open.

    -Fiona: We have to rest for a sec the poor girl haven’t slept.

    -Valerian: I don’t care, i have to kill Warren.

    -Ivan: No, we’re gonna rest.

    -Valerian: What are you saying?

    -Ivan: I’m tired of you, you act like you’re better than Jack and Erik but you’re way worse, i used to think that you were right but now i realise i don’t wanna be like you, you have to stop with this personal revenge thing and think about the group.

    -Valerian: What the fuck you said you little brat.

    Valerian grabbed Ivan and lifted him from the collar of his jacket.

    -Valerian:You don’t have the most minimal idea of what i’ve done for this group.

    -Ivan: Does that include killing Jack?

    -Valerian: Wanna know something? Yeah i did it, but it was for the good of us all, he was guiding us to our death.

    -Ivan: He was taking care of us all.

    Jessica puked and leaned on a tree, then she fainted.

    .-Fiona: Jessica!

    -Valerian: I fucking tired of you.

    Valerian threw Ivan to the ground.

    -Valerian: You’re not half the man i am, you just want to …

    Fiona hit Valerian on the head with the back of Jessica’s gun.

    -Ivan: Thanks!

    -Fiona: Don’t worry! We gotta help your sister come on.

    -Ivan: Jessica! Don’t worry everything will be ok.

    Ivan and Fiona lifted Jessica, they heard groaning sounds.

    -Fiona: Oh shit not now.

    The walkers started approaching them.

    -Ivan: Come on let’s go.

    -Fiona: Uh shouldn’t we wake up Valerian?

    -Ivan: That guy can go fuck himself.

    -Fiona: If we let him die we’re not any better than him.


    They were walking down the river.

    -Jen: Ugh, i really needed that rest.

    -Anna: Yeah me too

    -Jen: Hey look at that, it’s a dam, we could stay there for a few days, and there might be some food too.

    -Anna: Let’s get in.

    They got in the dam.

    -Jen: Look at this, it looks like someone lives here, there’s food everywhere

    -Anna: Or lived.

    There were corpses on the floor, they were shot on the head.

    -Jen: Poor people.

    -Anna: Do you think that will happen to us someday?

    -Jen: Let’s not think about that

    Suddenly they heard someone knocking the door.They heard a man talking

    -?: Hello? Someone’s home?

    -Jen:Shh, it could be anybody.

    -?:I’m a friendly person,i need food for my wife and daughter.

    -Jen: Wait a sec i recognize that voice... Allan?


    Zayne enteres Nicole’s tent.

    -Zayne: Nicole, i’m going now.

    -Nicole: Ok, have a good trip.

    Zayne took his backpack and started walking , he looked back at Zara’s tent.

    -Zayne: sigh

    He went in Zara’s tent.

    -Zayne: Zara, i’m gonna go right now so…yeah good bye

    -Zara: He … he ‘s not breathing anymore, do you think he…?

    -Zayne: Let me see.

    Zayne felt Herman’s pulse, he made a worried face.

    -Zayne: He’s gone...i’m sorry.

    Zara took her gun and put it on Herman’s head.

    -Zara: I..i can’t do it...i can't

    What should Fiona and Ivan do?

    [Wake up Valerian]

    [Let him die]

    What should Zayne do?

    [Shoot Herman for Zara]

    [Let Zara shoot Herman]

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    [Wake up Valerian]

    [Shoot Herman for Zara]

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 8 [Take a rest] [Tell Herman she can't promise him anything] Anna -Jen: Actually thinking it

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    A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 9

    [Wake up Valerian]

    [Shoot Herman for Zara]


    -Zayne:I can do it for you.

    -Zara:Really ? Would you?

    -Zayne:Yes, just look away and it’ll be done in a moment.

    Zara looked away, Zayne put his gun on Herman’s head and shot. Zara started crying.

    -Zara:Herman oh my God.

    -Zayne:Yeah well i gotta go now.

    Zayne exited the tent and started walking towards the forest.


    Dave was resting on the infirmary, Travis was with him.

    -Travis: So the north side of their camp is the only weak point you found?

    -Dave:Yes, i’m sorry i couldn’t find any other but they attacked us before we could do anything.

    -Travis:Don’t worry Dave, you have served this community well.

    -Dave:Could you get me some water? I’m a little thirsty.

    -Travis:Yeah no problem.

    Travis went to get water for Dave at the other side of the room.When Travis turned back Dave had stood up and was pointing a gun at him.

    -Travis:Dave what are you doing?

    -Dave: Turn around and put your hands in your head?

    Dave tied Travis hands.

    -Dave:Let’s get moving.

    -Travis:Why are you doing this?

    -Dave:I said, let’s get moving.

    Dave took Travis to the forest.

    -Dave:Here we are.

    Suddenly various cannibals came out from the bushes with a girl.

    -Hank:I see you’re a man of word.

    -Dave:The tents on the west side are where the guards sleep, the guns are on the center.

    -Hanks:Here’s your daughter, it was a pleasure making business with you.

    -Travis:You sold us all!

    -Dave:I did it for my daughter, let’s face it Travis that surprise attack wasn’t gonna work.

    -Travis: We could have saved your daughter!

    -Dave:No,we were all gonna die in a foolish attempt to take down a group that outnumbers us by far.

    -Hank:Go away, the part is gonna start soon.

    -Dave:Come on Emily time to go.

    Dave left with Emily.

    -Hank:Ok the rest of you knows what to do! Kill the guards, take the people, burn the camp!


    -Ivan:sigh I know i’m gonna regret this.

    Ivan kicked Valerian in the side.

    -Ivan:Hey sleeping beauty time to get up.

    -Valerian:Uh? What happened?

    -Ivan:Fiona just kicked your ass, be thankful we woke you up before these walkers did.

    Valerian stood up.

    -Ivan:Let’s go! And don’t even think on following us Valerian! I don’t want to see you around here anytime soon.

    -Valerian: The little boy thinks he’s a tough guy uh?

    -Ivan:Shut up, be thankful we didn’t let you to die.

    -Fiona:Ivan they’re getting closer!

    -Ivan:Come on let’s get moving.

    -Valerian: I also wanna kill that guy as much as you do!

    -Ivan:Ok, you can come with us but once that fucker is killed you’r e gonna teak your own way

    They started running away from the walkers.


    -Jen:Anna go hide somewhere, i’ll take care of this

    Jenn opened the door

    -Jen: Go away now!

    -Warren:Hey don’t you know me? I’m Allan!, You know the guy that only wanted food for his family.

    -Jen:What do you want?

    -Warren: I was just looking for food, and i came to see if there was someone here! By the way, this dam is about to brake, it has been raining a lot for the last days and no one has drained it in quite a while.


    -Warren:Yeah you should get out of here, i can take you to my camp if you want.

    -Jen:No thank you, now please go.

    Jen wanted to close the door but Warren stopped her and took out his gun.
    -Warren: It’s not a choice.


    BANG Nicole woke up with the sound of shoots.She looked outside, it was a total chaos, cannibals were taking people out of their tents, guards were trying to defend the place and there were bullet flying everywhere

    -Nicole:Oh no...Shouna we gotta go.

    She took Shauna in her arms and went out of the tent.

    The cannibals took Zara out of his tent.

    -Zara:Please don’t kill me!

    Suddenly someone shot the cannibal taking Zara.

    -Zayne: You ok?

    -Zara:You came back!

    -Zayne:I heard the shots and figured out you would need my help, now let’s get moving.

    -Zara:Where’s Nicole?

    -Zayne:First things first, i’ll get you save and then i’ll go look for her.

    Zayne and Zara managed to get to the forest.

    -Zayne:Ok Stay here,I’ll go look for Nicole.


    Warren tied down Jen and Anna.

    -Jen:What are you gonna do to us?

    -Warren:Amazing things.

    -Ivan:I don’t think so!

    Ivan and Valerian were approaching him with their guns pointed at him.

    -Jen:Ivan! Valerian! Thanks God you’re here!

    -Anna:How did you find us?

    -Ivan:Well Valerian was right for once and said you would follow the stream of the river.

    -Warren:Don’t come a step closer or i’ll shoot them.

    -Valerian:Calm down, we’re here to negotiate!

    -Warren:Negotiate, well i will kill them quickly if you want!

    -Valerian:Why do you do this Warren?

    -Anna:Warren? Is that his real name?

    -Warren:Yeah, and why do i do this? Well my psychologist said it’s childhood issues and all that shit, but it’s more than that, i think it’s a form of art! When you see the sheer terror in their faces is when you really feel alive. And when i rape them, their screams are like a sweet melody in my ears and not to mention the smell of their gut...BANG

    Suddenly Fiona came out of nowhere and shot Warren.


    Valerian quickly ran towards him and pushed him against the dam’s railings and stabbed him in the chest.

    -Warren:Hahaha, what are you gonna do kill me?

    -Valerian: You can bet on it.

    Suddenly Warren shot Valerian on the stomach.Valerian pushed him and Warren fell off the dam.Valerian saw how his body hit the wall and could hear the crack of his bones.He saw the wall of the dam it was about to collapse.

    -Valerian: Heavy breathing It’s about to collapse, we gotta get out of here.

    -Ivan and Fiona untied Anna and Jen.

    -Anna:Where’s Jessica?

    -Fiona:Near the bushes, she isn’t feeling too well.

    -Ivan:Walkers they’re getting closer.

    -Valerian:Come on we gotta run.!

    They started running from the walkers and found a little cabin, the entered there.

    -Ivan:Ok, we gotta heal Valerian, and find some food for Jessica.

    The walkers started hitting the walls of the cabin.

    -Valerian:Go away!

    -Ivan:But you can’t run!

    -Valerian: That’s because i won’t you distract them, my time has come.


    -Valerian:Weren’t you the one who wanted me to go? I’m leaving now!.

    Ivan:But i didn’t want you to die! That’s why i didn’t let you to die back there.

    -Valerian:The things i have done are finally catching up with me.

    Valerian went to the front door.

    -Valerian: When i open this door, escape through the back door and run as fast as you can!, ok?

    -Jen:Ok...and Valerian...thanks!

    -Valerian: Don’t mention it, now run

    Valerian opened the door and started punching the walkers while they bit him.

    The rest of the group ran out of the cabin.

    -Jen:Who would have said, Valerian wasn’t such a bad guy after all.


    Zayne found Nicole.

    -Nicole:Zayne you returned.

    -Zayne:Yeah, come on we gotta move.

    -Nicole:Have you seen Zara?

    -Zayne:Yeah she’s safe.

    Zayne and Nicole went where Zayne had left Zara.

    -Zayne:Where is she?

    -Cannibal: Right here!

    The cannibal hit Zayne with his gun, he fell to the floor.

    -Cannibal:We’ll have a lot of fun.

    Nicole shot the cannibal with his gun.


    Zayne, Nicole and Zara started running .

    -Cannibal:Motherfuckers! Get here right now!

    The cannibal started running behind them.

    They got to the river.

    -Zayne:We gotta cross it come on.

    They started crossing the river. The other bank was higher so Zayne had to climb it.

    -Zayne:Here give me Shouna.

    Nicole gave Shouna to Zayne and proceed to climb but before Zara and her could do something the current grew stronger.


    The current took Zara and Nicole.

    -Zayne:Nicole, Zara! Grab a rock or something!

    Nicole managed to grab a rock and Zara grabbed a log that was stuck between two rocks

    -Zayne:Don’t worry i’ll save you!

    Zayne knew he might only have time to save one of them.

    What should Ivan do?

    [Tell Jen Valerian killed Jack]

    [Don't ruin the moment]

    What should Zayne do?

    [Save Nicole]

    [Save Zara]

  • [Tell Jen Valerian killed Jack]

    [Save Nicole]

    Awesome Chapter!!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 9 [Wake up Valerian] [Shoot Herman for Zara] Zayne -Zayne:I can do it for you. -Zara:Real

  • A New World

    Episode 2

    Chapter 10

    Zayne put Shouna on the ground and grabbed a branch from the floor.

    -Zayne:Nicole grab it, grab the branch!

    Nicole managed to grab the branch with one of her hands.

    -Zara:I can’t hold up for much longer!

    Zayne pulled Nicole as hard as he could and managed to pull her up.

    -Nicole: cough Get Zara cough

    -Zayne:Zara grab the branch.

    Zara grabbed the branch but the log she was holding broke making her release the branch, the current took her.


    -Zara:Zayne, help me please!

    Zayne ran along the river but the current was too strong,after a while he couldn’t see Zara anymore, he returned with Nicole.

    -Zayne:Are you ok?

    -Nicole:Where’s Zara?

    -Zayne:Sorry, i lost her.

    -Nicole:What? no! Not Zara, why didn’t you save her first? She was 57 for fuck’s sake.

    -Zayne:You have a daughter, you have more to live for,what did she have to live for eh? Herman is already dead and i didn’t want to explain Shouna that i left her mother die.

    Nicole remainder silent for a while

    Nicole:Let’s just get out of here.

    Nicole and Zayne started walking after a while they noticed an smell.

    -Nicole:Ugh, what is that?!

    -Zayne:It comes from there...ugh it smells terrible.

    They went in the direction of the smell and stood in front of an horrible vision, dozens of men, children and women were laying dead in the middle of the forest.

    -Nicole:Oh my God, i think i’m gonna puke!

    -Zayne:Who could have possibly done this?

    -?: Hank?....is that you?

    -Nicole:Someone is alive.

    -Zayne:Stay here.

    Zayne walked towards the voice, he found a man with his legs cut off, he was bleeding out.

    -Man:You’re … you are not Hank...run away.

    -Zayne:Run? Why?


    -Zayne:NICOLE RUN!

    Zayne hurried to escape the explosion, BOMB a huge explosion blew all the corpses to pieces, Nicole stood there shocked.Zayne barely made it out of the explosion.

    -Zayne:Nicole! Nicole! Do you hear me?!

    -Nicole:Uh? Yeah yeah.

    -Zayne:Come on, whoever did this might be close we better go away.

    They walked away, shocked at what they have just seen.


    They managed to outrun the walkers and got to a road.

    -Ivan: Jen, i’ve got something to tell you.

    -Jen:What is it Ivan?

    -Fiona:Is that a school? We should go there, maybe there’s some food for Jessica.

    -Ivan:Yeah in a sec Fiona i just have to tell something to Jen...Jen, Warren didn’t kill Jack, it was Valerian.

    -Jen: Wha...what? Valerian? How do you know?

    -Ivan:He told me, he just snapped and i think he wasn’t really thinking what he was saying.

    -Jen:I don’t know what to think, i mean Valerian was a bad guy but i never thought that…

    -Ivan:He’s gone now, we should move on.

    -Anna:Are we going to the school or what?

    -Jen:Yes, in a sec.

    Jen stood blankly thinking for a sec.

    -Jen:Come on, we gotta move…

    They got to the school, it was desert, there were flyers everywhere, Fiona grabbed one of them.

    -Fiona: “Father Jordan Monroe, you way to salvation”

    Fiona didn’t pay too much attention to it and dumped it.

    -Ivan:This looks like a nice place...we just need to make sure to defend it and we might be able to call it home.

    -Fiona: Bring Jessica! I found some food, there’s also water.

    Ivan smiled, he looked through the window, it was dawn, for a sec he felt relieved, suddenly he saw Valerian on the reflection of the window, he blinked...it was gone.

    -Jen:Ivan, are you ok? Come here.

    -Ivan:Uh? Yeah, i’m ok...



    Youa are a very good writer!

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    A New World Episode 2 Chapter 10 Zayne put Shouna on the ground and grabbed a branch from the floor. -Zayne:Nicole grab it, grab

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    A New World

    Episode 3

    Chapter 1

    16 months into the apocalypse.

    Crack! Zayne kicks a door open, he points his gun seeking for any threats.

    -Zayne:It’s clear! Come in.

    Nicole enters the house holding Shouna in her arms.

    -Nicole:See anything useful?

    -Zayne:No but these houses are full of hidden gems, you just have to look in the right places. Stay here, i’ll check upstairs.

    Zayne went upstairs, Nicole started to look for supplies in the kitchen.It was a mess and there wasn’t much left, she managed to find some chocolate bars and a bag of cereal, then she moved to the living room.After a while seh found a family photo, presumebly the people who used to live there, the parents, a boy and a baby.She smiled. Suddenly she heard gunshots upstairs, two bodies came rolling down the stairs.

    -Zayne:Phew, that was close.

    -Nicole:Found anything?

    -Zayne:Biters, oh and one of these baby carrying thingys, it might be useful for your, Shouna is getting heavy and it’s always better to have your hands free.

    -Nicole:And the baby?

    -Zayne: What?

    -Nicole:The baby that used to use that...did you find him?

    -Zayne: No, but i saw two graves in the backyard...i prefer not to think about that

    -Nicole: Yeah...I didn’t find much either, but i guess this will have to do it for now

    -Zayne:Will we stay here for the night?

    -Nicole:Yeah, i guess.


    Jen’s group had been living in the school they found for the last two months, they had tried to grow food but they didn't succeed.

    -Jen: Are they back yet?

    -Anna: No, they’re too long.

    -Jen:Don’t worry i’m sure they’ll come back soon.

    Fiona and Ivan were out looking for supplies, Anna was sitting on the stairs at the entrance of the school.

    -Jen: You should go play basketball with Jessica.

    -Anna:She always wins.

    -Jen: Well it’s because she’s older but with some practice you might be able to win.

    -Anna: Is there anything else i can do? I spend all the day sitting here, doing nothing.

    -Jen:Well you can help me with the garden if…

    -Anna: No i mean, something like going out with you, Ivan and Fiona.

    -Jen: Maybe another time, you’re still ...

    -Anna:Too young?

    -Jen: Just imagine if a walker fell over you, what would you do then?

    -Anna:Well i wouldn’t let that happen.

    -Jen:You never know.

    Anna stood up.

    -Jen:Where are you going?

    -Anna:I’m going to sleep.

    -Jen: Anna you’ve got to understand that…

    -Anna:I understand...I’ll just go to sleep.

    Anna entered the school, she walked through the hall, it was really cool, it has been raining nonstop for the last week. She entered one of the classrooms.She and Jessica slept there.

    -Anna:Hey Jessi…

    In front of her was a man holding Jessica, he was covering her mouth.


    -Man:She’s ok girl, just don’t shout please, i’ll go right now.

    -Anna:What are you doing to her?

    Jessica tried to talk but it was impossible.

    -Man:This is not what it looks like kid.

    Anna looked at Jessica’s gun next to her bed, maybe she could reach it.

    -Man:Ok this it what’ll do, i’ll walk to the back door, once there i’ll let her go, and you’ll never see me again, i promise. Is that ok for you?


    -Nicole: It’s beautiful isn’t it?

    Nicole and Zayne were sitting in the backyard of the house looking at the sunset, they buried the parents next to their sons.

    -Zayne: It’s ok i guess.

    -Nicole:You don’t have to act all though.

    -Zayne:It’s difficult to appreciate nature when hell is breaking loose outside

    -Nicole:Have you ever thought about their stories? The biters i mean.

    -Zayne:I try not to do that, humanizing biters is not a good idea.

    -Nicole: I can’t stop thinking what they were before all of this, how long they survived, the things they lived, the people they lost, and the people who lost them, they all have stories to tell, and maybe one day we’ll be one more story in the crowd.

    -Zayne:Be careful not to get too deep, or i won’t be able to get you out of the hole.

    -Nicole:It’s just what i think.

    Suddenly they heard a noise inside the house.


    Nicole ran inside the house.

    -Zayne:Wait …

    Zayne followed her inside, Nicole quickly went upstairs to check on Shouna, Zayne was going to follow her but he heard something breaking in the living room


    Zayne took out his gun.He slowly entered the living room, a man was picking up the pieces of the family photo.

    -Zayne:Stop right there! Don’t move!

    The man looked at the gun.

    -Man:No, no no, please don’t shoot me.

    He tripped over and fell to the floor.

    -Man:Please don’t.

    -Zayne:Who are you?

    -Man: My name is Adrian, Doctor Adrian Hernandez, i didn’t know there were people here please don’t kill me.

    -Zayne: Do you have a group?

    -Adrian: A group? No, no i don’t have anyone

    Adrian tried to reach inside his pocket

    -Zayne:What are you trying to do?!

    -Adrian: I... i...i…

    Suddenly Adrian took a grenade out of his pocket and threw it,he rolled over trying to reach his backpack, Zayne shot Adrian but only managed to hit his shoulder, some kind of smoke started coming out if the grenade.

    -Zayne:coughWhat the fuck is this cough thing.

    Adrian quickly reached inside his backpack and took out a gas mask, he put it on.


    Zayne fell unconscious to the floor.


    -Ivan: The door is locked but won’t hold up much longer.

    Fiona and Ivan were trapped in a building, they had managed to reach to roof.

    -Fiona:There’s an emergency ladder here!

    -Ivan: Seems like our only way out, are you ready? 1...2...3 NOW!

    Ivan let the door go and the walkers quickly broke it.

    -Fiona: Come on is not that high

    They started climbing down the ladder, first Fiona and then Ivan.

    The walkers got to the ledge and started falling off the building.

    -Ivan: Be careful don’t….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    A walker hit Ivan, he released the ladder and fell to the ground.


    Fiona sild down the ladder.

    -Fiona: Are you ok?

    -Ivan:ugh...yes, i think i hurt my leg a bit but i’m ok.

    -Fiona:Come on,i’ll help you, we gotta go it’s getting really late

    Ivan got up and started walking with the help of Fiona.

    -Ivan:I think i smashed the food with the fall.

    -Fiona: Don’t worry, i’ve got plenty.

    Suddenly they heard a scream.

    -Fiona:What’s that?

    They saw some people fighting against walkers, they were over a car and surrounded by walkers.

    -Man:I’M OUT OF AMMO!

    -Woman:Frank, do you have some.

    -Frank: I’m out too

    -Man: Fuck,what are we gonna do?

    -Ivan:Let’s go.

    -Fioa: What? we can’t leave them like that.

    -Ivan:They haven’t even noticed us i think we can.


    -Ivan:We’ve got enough people to worry about already.

    -Fiona:I’m not leaving them just like that

    What should Anna do?

    [Call Jen]

    [Follow the man's plans]

    [Try to reach the gun]

    What should Fiona and Ivan do?

    [Help the people]

    [Go away]

  • [Try to reach the gun]

    [Go away]

    Awesome part!

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    A New World Episode 3 Chapter 1 16 months into the apocalypse. Crack! Zayne kicks a door open, he points his gun seeking for any

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    A New World

    Episode 3

    Chapter 2

    [Try to reach the gun]

    [Go away]

    Fiona:I’m not leaving them just like that

    Ivan: Well it looks like you will have to

    Ivan started walking in the opposite direction.

    Fiona:You can’t be serious

    Ivan: We don’t need more people in our group, we don’t know who they are.

    Fiona:You didn’t know who i was when i joined you either.

    Ivan:That was different, you were being held captive by a maniac, we had to rescue you, but they can get out of that by themselves.Now let’s go.

    Fiona: sigh

    She looked back at them with regret and started walking along with Ivan.


    Man: We can all let this behind, just let me go

    Anna looked once more at Jessica’s gun.

    Anna: How do i know you’re saying the truth?

    Man:Look I swear i wasn’t looking for troubles.

    Anna quickly grabbed the gun. The man released Jessica and covered his face with his hands.Anna pointed the gun at him.

    Anna: On your knees! Now!

    The man obeyed.

    Anna: JEN COME HERE NOW! Jessica are you ok?

    Jessica:Yes, thanks for that.

    Jen came running with her rifle on her hands.

    Jen:What happened?! Who is he?!

    Anna : He was holding Jessica hostage!

    Jen:Did he hurt you?

    Jessica: No.

    Man: It’s not what it looks like

    Jen:Yeah? Then what is it?

    Man: I entered through one of the windows, it looked empty, i was just looking for food, for me and my daughter, i was checking all the rooms and she got scared when i entered, she was about to scream so i covered her mouth, that’s when the girl came in, it’s all a big mistake.

    Jen: What’s your name?

    Man: Dave, Dave is my name

    Jen: And where is your daughter?

    Dave:In a camp near here.

    Jen:Ok, this is what we’ll do Dave, you’ll stay here the night, tomorrow, we’ll got with you and check your story.

    Dave: I have to return with her, it’s late already and it’s dangerous out there, i promised i’d be back soon

    Jen: Sorry but we already found a man who claimed to have a daughter just like you.

    Dave: And what happened?

    Jen: He turned out to be a psychopath,we lost a lost several people because of him.

    Dave: I am not like him

    Jen: You’ll have to prove it.


    Zayne slowly opened his eyes.He was in the house’s backyard, he was lying on the ground.Shouna was playing with some toys next to him, as soon as he woke up he saw Nicole talking to him.

    Nicole: Zayne? Are you ok? Zayne

    Zayne: Ah, fuck what happened.

    Nicole: Oh my god you’re ok! That man threw some kind of smoke grenade, you fainted but i managed to bring you out.
    Zayne: Where is him?

    Nicole: He escaped, fortunately he didn’t see us up there.

    Zayne: Then it’s not safe to stay here, we have to go

    Nicole: Yeah i agree.

    Zayne: It’s very late already, we’ll leave tomorrow in the morning.

    Nicole: Oh, i also wanted to show you this.

    Nicole stood up and took one of Shouna’s toys.

    Nicole: Here Shouna, come with mommy.

    With difficulty Shouna stood up.Zayne smiled

    Nicole: Here Shouna!

    Shouna slowly walked towards her,she wobbled a lot but she was getting there.

    Nicole: I was worried that she wasn’t walking yet

    Zayne:You have nothing to worry about, she’s a very smart baby, i’m sure she’ll be talking in no time

    Nicole:I hope so.

    Zayne: To be honest i don’t think that guy is really a threat, he looked more like a cornered rat rather than a tiger, if you know what i mean.

    Nicole:Yeah, i heard the conversation, he sounded like he was scared, but better safe than sorry right?


    Suddenly they heard a bark.

    Nicole: A dog?

    Zayne: Wanna go see?

    Nicole: Yep

    Nicole took Shouna on her arms and went to the front of the house to see the dog, it was a big brown furred dog, it was barking to an squirrel in a tree.

    Zayne:Hey guy!

    Dog: Grrrrrrrrrr.

    Nicole: Don’t get too close, it think it’s hungry.

    Zayne: I’ll go get some food inside

    After a few minutes Zayne came back with some canned beans they found i the house.

    Zayne: Here boy.

    Without doubting eat the dog started eating the beans from Zayne’s hand.

    Nicole: You seem to be good with animals.

    Zayne: i found a dog after i separated from my brothers, i’d say i had a better relation with that dog that with any of my brothers, i’d be lying though, i loved them before this shit started, but things like the end of the world show you think you didn’t see before in people you thought you knew, anyway the dog died a few days later.His name was Star Catcher, i know silly name, it was the name of a story my mom used to tell me when i was a kid.

    Nicole: Do you think we should keep him?


    Fiona:Just a few steps more Ivan, you think you can make it?

    Ivan:My leg hurts like hell but don’t worry i’ll be ok.

    Fiona:Those people could have helped us you know?They had a car, or at least were on one

    Ivan:And what if they weren’t the good kind of people

    Fiona: Not everyone is like Warren, maybe you should trust people more.

    They arrived to the school.Anna was waiting for them.

    Anna: Jen, they’re here!

    Anna ran to hug them

    Anna: I thought something bad had happened to you

    Fiona: We were ok, Ivan only hurt his leg.

    Jen: About time, we need your help with something.

    Fiona:Help with what?

    Jen: We’ve got an unwanted visitor

    Jenn took them to a room where they were keeping Dave

    Jen: He claims his name is Dave, Anna found him covering Jessica’s mouth.

    Ivan: What were you trying to do with my sister you sick fuck!?

    Dave: I got scared, i thought she would alert everyone, i know it looked like it but i wasn’t trying to rape her.

    Jen:He says he has a daughter, i think we should go to his camp and confirm his story, we’re in another Warren situation here, last time we made the mistake of letting him go,this time that won’t happen until we know he’s telling the truth.

    Ivan: It’s risky, but it might be the best thing to do, unless we kill him, but i think that’s out of the discussion right?

    Fiona: We won’t kill him Ivan.

    Ivan: I wasn’t suggesting it, i was just saying it was an option.

    Fiona: A bad option

    Next day

    Fiona and Jen were out with Dave to confirm his story.Jessica and Anna were taking care of Ivan since he couldn’t walk because of his leg.

    Fiona: So are we close to that camp?

    Dave: Yes, almost there

    They stayed in silence for a while

    Dave: So…. if i am telling the truth, can we join your group?

    Jen: We’ll see that.

    Dave: I don’t mind to offend you, you seem to have everything under control but it looks like you need a man’s help, i mean you have that kid, but he’s just a teenager, a grown man could easily beat him when it comes to strength, i could help you, and my daughter, she could be friends with the other two girls you have

    Fiona: Just shut up and keep walking

    They finally arrived to the camp, it was a small camp.

    Dave: Emily!

    Emily came out of a tent.

    Emily: Dad!

    Dave: Emily!

    They ran and hugged each others.

    Emily:Who are they?

    Dave: They’re Fiona and Jen, we’ll join them on their group right?

    He looked back at them

    Fiona: Yes…

    Dave: Pack all your things Emily.

    Emily: There’s something i wanna show you before

    Emily opened another tent, in it was a man with his leg injured.

    Emily: He came at night, he didn’t see me and i managed to shoot him in the leg.

    Dave: Who are you?

    Man : Kill me please

    Dave: Why would you want that?

    Man: Father Jordan says walkers are demons, the devil created them to bring hell to earth, i was looking for good people, to kill them and send them to heaven, please kill me, and then kill yourselves, you’ll be saved!

    Fiona: This man is crazy let's just leave him

    Emily: Do you think he’s telling the truth dad?

    Dave: No Emily don’t worry

    What should Zayne and Nicole do?

    [Keep the dog]

    [Go without the dog]

    What should Fiona, Jen and Dave do?

    [Kill the man]


  • [Keep the dog]

    [Leave] Awesome chapter!

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    A New World Episode 3 Chapter 2 [Try to reach the gun] [Go away] Fiona:I’m not leaving them just like that Ivan: Well it l

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    Sorry for making you wait almost a month XD.

    A New World

    Episode 3

    Chapter 3

    [Keep the dog]


    -Man: Kill me please.

    -Dave: Don’t worry, i’m gonna fucking kill you!

    -Jen: Calm down Dave, we can’t kill this man just like that

    -Fiona: Who is Father Jordan?

    -Man: Our savior, God sent him to save us, kill me that’s what he wants

    -Jen:Sounds like a crazy guy to me.

    -Dave: He wants us to kill him

    -Jen: Dave, did we instantly killed you when we just found you?

    -Dave: This is different

    -Fiona:Let’s go, with that leg he’s not threat

    Fiona and Jen started walking back to the school

    -Dave: I don’t care what you think, i’ll kill him, he’s a danger for us

    -Jen: Ok the, kill a harmless man in front of your daughter

    Dave looked at the man on the floor, and then at Emily.

    -Dave: What did he tell you after you shot him?

    -Emily: He just told me to kill him, but i didn’t do it, i’m not a killer.

    -Dave: Come on darling, let’s go.

    -Man: Kill me, don’t let me here!

    -Dave: Don’t ever get close to us again, next time your wishes will become true.


    -Zayne:I think we should keep him, what do you think?

    -Nicole: What if Shouna is allergic?

    -Zayne: I don’t think so.

    -Nicole: Well my grandparent was allergic to dogs and…

    -Zayne: Come on Nicole.

    -Nicole: Ok, let’s keep him for a while, but if he bites us or it simply doesn’t work, we’ll have to leave him.

    -Zayne: Fair enough, now what will be your name boy?

    -Nicole: What about…

    -Man:Excuse me have you cough cough seen other people around here?

    A man with a bite in his neck was slowly walking towards them

    -Nicole: Don’t move! Who are you?!

    -Man: My… my name is Frank, i was with some other people, we ...we were surrounded, we got separated, please help me find them, i’m bitten and...i just wanna say goodbye to my girlfriend.

    -Nicole:What do you think Zayne?

    -Zayne:He’ll turn and bite our faces off any sec

    -Nicole: He’s dying.Less we can do is help him come on.

    -Zayne:Ok, get him in the house i will go look for something to tie him with

    Zayne walked towards the man.

    -Zayne: If you’re lying and this is some kind of trap, i’ll just let you know you’re fucking with the wrong people.


    -Anna: How’s your leg feeling Ivan

    -Ivan: It’s a bit swollen don’t worry, i’ll be fine in no time

    -Anna:Ok, something you want me to bring you?

    -Ivan:Nope, i’m fine

    Anna went back to her room

    -Jessica:How’s Ivan?

    -Anna:He says he’s fine

    -Jessica:He always said that when he was sick.

    -Anna:What are you doing

    -Jessica: I found some pencils and paper, so i'm drawing.

    -Anna: Oh you like drawing?

    -Jessica: Not really but i’m ok at it, my dad was an artist so he taught me a bit

    -Anna:Was he famous?

    -Jessica: Well it was more of a hobby, he was also a lawyer, my mom used to say that he was an unrecognized genius.

    Suddenly Ivan walked in the room, he limped.

    -Ivan:There’s someone outside, i saw him through the window.

    -Jessica:Van you shouldn’t

    -Ivan:Not now Jess, it wasn’t anyone from our group i’m sure.

    -Jessica: Ok, do you have your gun?

    -Ivan:Yes right here.

    -Anna: Jen said we should go hide in a case like this

    -Ivan:She’s not here now.

    -Jessica:We don’t know how much they are and your leg is injured i think we should hide

    -Ivan:Ok, let’s go

    Jessica and Anna started running, Ivan was trying to catch up with them.

    -Ivan:Don’t worry about me

    -Jessica: Here! the janitor’s room!

    Anna and Jessica quickly entered, Ivan followed them.They closed the door, it was pitch black in there.

    They heard someone slam the entrance open.

    -Man: Look everywhere for survivors!

    They heard footsteps coming closer, then getting farther.

    -Jessica: whispering Don’t worry, we’ll be ok

    They heard another door opening.

    -Woman:Someone has been living here recently, there’s bandages and food.


    -Anna:What was that?!

    A shootout started.They could hear bullets flying everywhere. A bullet went through the door but didn’t hit any of the kids.

    -Jessica: Oh my God that was close.

    After a while the shoots stopped

    -Jen:Anna?! Where are you?!

    -Fiona: Get out it’s safe!

    Anna opened the door.

    -Jen: Are you ok? Did they hurt you?

    -Anna: No, they didn’t know we were there

    -Dave: This place is not safe, we gotta get out of here.

    -Emily: Eh dad, there’s some men out

    Emily was watching through the window

    -Jen:Dave, Fiona take you weapons, kids stay here.

    Jen, Dave and Fiona came out of the school

    Standing in front of them was a blonde man with blue eyes.

    -Father Jordan: Good Morning, brothers, i see some of my men attacked you, but you sent them to heaven like the good people you are

    -Dave: What are you even talking about?

    -Jordan: I was sent by God to take good people like you to heaven.

    -Fiona: You mean killing us? No, thank you

    -Jordan: God, has chosen me, i am the one who shall guide humanity to heaven.Don’t you see it. This hellish creatures are clearly demons, earth has become hell literally.

    -Dave: Then why you just kill yourself and go to heaven?

    -Jordan: First i must spread the message.

    -Dave: Look, i’m damn sure that if something similar to a god actually exists, he wouldn’t send some random guy to kill all of his creation.

    -Jordan: But God works in mysterious ways.

    -Jen: Look, we don’t need you to kill us, the whole fucking world is trying to kill us right now. Just go away!

    The men accompanying Father Jordan pointed their guns.

    -Father Jordan: No my brothers, they are still not ready! We will go as you want, but i’m sure that God will touch your hearts.And show you what’s the right thing to do.Let’s go brothers.

    Father Jordan and his followers left.

    -Dave: That’s it, Emily and i are leaving, you can come with us if you want.

    Fiona looked at Jen

    -Fiona: He’s right.This is a good shelter but with people like those near, we’re better of in another place


    Nicole and Zayne tied Frank to a tree.

    -Zayne: Look we were planning to leave this place, we won’t be able to take care of you for too long.

    -Frank: No that’s perfect, my friends and i agreed to meet in a museum, at the north of the town. I can go with you, you just have to leave me there, you don’t have to wait for them to come. Please i just want to say goodbye to my girlfriend.

    -Nicole: We were actually planning to go south.

    -Frank: It’s a short trip. Please!

    -Zayne: We’ll think about it.We’re going to get ready to leave.

    -Frank: Do you have a paper and a pencil, i want to write a letter in case i don’t make it to the museum.

    -Nicole: Yes, i think i saw some inside the house. Be right back.

    Nicole and Zayne went inside the house.They went to the second floor. Nicole opened some drawers.

    -Nicole: There’s only crayons but this should do it.

    -Zayne: What do you think?Should we help him?

    The tree was visible through a window in the room.She look at Frank.

    -Nicole: He’s a dying man Zayne.

    -Zayne: Exactly, he won’t be around for too long. And chances are his friends didn’t make it either.

    -Nicole: I don’t know, if i was in a position like that. I’d like someone to help me...

    What should Nicole and Zayne do?

    [Help Frank]

    [Let him go alone]

    Also if you have any idea for the dog's name leave it here :D

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    [Let him go alone]

    The dog should be named Peter ;P

    ps3gamer095 posted: »

    Sorry for making you wait almost a month XD. A New World Episode 3 Chapter 3 [Keep the dog] [Leave] -Man: Kill me please.

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