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Heys guys! how are you!? ClemEverett here again! :D

I was just roaming the forums some time ago and it is very clear that Season 03 of TWD It's the MOST anticipated thing by all of us fans. therefore, I decided to bring a little story that I made together with my far far away colleague Dax (..and it was kept/forgotten here with us all this time, I don't know why. haha! )

..just a little something to "lean on" while S03 doesn't comes out. and HELL!! this waiting is painful!! :(((

I'll post the first 2 pages here, but I'll leave the link to my deviantart, because there are to many pages to post.



Obs: this contains SPOILERS from Season 02! so, do not read it yet if you haven't played it.

..aaand here's the Link:

Hope you like It! :D


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