I would give my left nut for Season 2

Tales from the Borderlands was by far my favorite telltale game. I loved game of thones but there just wasn't the same kind of amazing comedy that came in tales from the borderlands. Tellatle really needs to make a season 2 for tales from the borderlands. Like come on, what happened to our beautiful Rhys and Fiona???? Is the fact that I didn't completely destroy Jack going to affect me (amazing scene btw)? Am I gonna get to see more of that legendary loot inside the vault? Will our Bros always be Bros? Did Vaughn actually manage to forget Rhys staring at his genitals? I would honestly give my left nut to get a second season for tales from the borderlands and I think Rhys would too (although Sasha might be a bit dissapointed. Please telltale staff I beg you, make a season 2. Honestly, if you do, I would be so happy I might just kiss the sky.


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