What movie/series scene has left the hardest impact on you?

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For me, with no doubt Penguins death and funeral in Batman Returns. I wish I never saw that f ucking movie. :(



  • Bojack Horseman. The ending of season 3. Nuff said.

  • Actually, I saw Batman Returns during a period in my life when I was 16 and had no friends, the whole film makes you feel so small and meaningless waiting for death. It is like watching The Seventh Seal.

  • Fucking Pans Labyrinth :/

  • Temple of Doom's heart extraction sequence. Yeah I was way too young to watch that movie.

  • Hank's death from Breaking Bad, along with being very tragic, the entire scene was well acted by not only Dean Norris, but Bryan Cranston as well. Also, friendly reminder that the episode this appears is from was directed by the same guy who is directing and writing Star Wars Episode 8, Rian Johnson.

    Another one is from Avatar, when Katara is finally confronted with her mother's murderer after several years. Despite her anger and hatred towards this man, her moral resolve is what stops her from killing him. The episode puts you in her shoes, and I felt, and still do, that if I was in the same situation as Katara, I'm not sure I would have had the same strength that she did.

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    Ragnar Lothbrok and King Ecbert from Vikings. The flashbacks, music and acting made their death scenes very sad and emotional to me. Watching my two favorite characters dying was very unpleasant.

    Also Jon and Sansa reunion in GOT. I was very touched by this scene.

    And when Pablo sees Gustavo in Narcos.

  • Saving Private Ryan

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    Few clips that hit my feels

    1. First one definitely had to be this: Sasuke vs Itachi. It's really hard to forget this. Brothers against each other in a conflict Itachi cannot say the truth about... It was a great plot twist to actually learn that Itachi was actually a good guy in the later parts of the anime. It's just so emotional.

    2. This one is from a video game.
      "No, the Apple stays. I've seen enough for one life."

    3. Ciel turns into a demon. Ouch. I'm pretty sure no one expected that.

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    enter image description here

    Anyone else get completely grossed out by a dog getting diane pregnant then abortion arc

    Bojack Horseman. The ending of season 3. Nuff said.

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    Band of Brothers ending

    "Grandpa were you a hero in the war ?"
    "I said no... but I served in a company of heroes"

    "There's not a day that goes by that I do not think of the men I served with who never got to enjoy the world without war.

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    1. The Green Mile: 'You have to give the order', and when you see John Coffey's eyes when Tom Hanks gives him back the necklace.

    2. Unbreakable: This scene, elevated again by the amazing soundtrack.

    3. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it.

    5) The Elephant Man

    (Those are the only English speaking films that have made me teary eyed, from the top of my head).

  • The Green Mile: 'You have to give the order', and when you see John Coffey's eyes when Tom Hanks gives him back the necklace.

    Why, sir? Why did you have to bring back those memories?
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    * * The Green Mile: 'You have to give the order', and when you see John Coffey's eyes when Tom Hanks gives him back the necklace. * U

  • If a film can elicit that level of emotion from me, it needed to be shared.

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    The Green Mile: 'You have to give the order', and when you see John Coffey's eyes when Tom Hanks gives him back the necklace. Why, sir? Why did you have to bring back those memories?

  • Pretty generic answer from me, but Lee Everett's death.

    For as long as I'm in my right mind, the magnitude of unthinkable sadness that scene brought me will stick with me. A near half decade and it seems like only yesterday...I'll never forget it.

    enter image description here


  • I know its a bit of cliche to say this, but I absolutley love Citizen Kane, especially this scene in particular. It's the moment Charles Foster Kane and the audience both realize that no amount of wealth can mend broken relationships. Granted, it probably isn't nearly as powerful without the full context and build-up, but I fucking love it.

  • The ending to The Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy says her goodbyes and after she wakes up. Those parts with the music in the background always gets to me.

  • If you didn’t even shed a tear at this masterpiece of a movie you have no soul.

  • Littlefoot's mom. Yep. That's right. It beat Bambi's mom.

    I think I was around 4 or 5 when it(The Land Before Time) came out.

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    For movies it has to be Batman Begins ("Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up".), the ending of The Wrestler, the ending of The Truman Show, the ending of 12 years a slave, Memento (when you make the connection), multiple times in the Harry Potter movies and lastly Hercules (1997, loved it since I was a kid). Lord of the Rings as well actually, when Frodo goes to the Undying Lands.

    For TV shows there's a few scenes that have great impact, Hank's death, Walt helping Jesse escape and Walt at the very end. The season 3 ending of Misfits is pretty resonant but since that show isn't super popular, I'm not going to spoil it. The ending of the first season of True Detective took me by surprise considering the tone for most of the series, but it's really satisfying to see it end on a more optimistic note after finally capturing the real serial killer, "Yellow King".

    Game of Thrones has so many scenes that have tremendous impact. Ned's death hit me pretty hard, that is when I knew this show was not like other shows. Shireen's death was just... oh man. Hodor's death and the whole explanation behind his name... Oh, and Aemon - the only character to die of old age.

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    The Pianist. All of it. Specially the scene with the man in the wheelchair and the one where the jewish little boy was sneaking back into the ghetto with some food or something and he was like, passing through a whole in the wall, and you couldn't see his legs, but he was screaming and crying and begging because of what the germans were doing to him in the other side until he passed out from the pain. The protagonist dragged his body out of the whole and left it in the street.

    I still can't believe things like this happened, and that now it's all going to happen again.

    EDIT: And the ending of Die Welle.

    (i fucking swear i couldn't find a better scene the music and all the other shit they added ruined everything but I think one can imagine how impacting it was when I first watched it without this youtube bullshit. like come on man this is a serious matter)

    and of course:

  • American History X ending simply wrecked me. The whole movie is so powerful... Took me no less than a week to get over it.

  • There are a few to name.


    Kuroshitsuji II - Demon Ciel It was simply heartbreaking, when you realise Sebastian can no longer get Ciel's soul. The faustian contract became permanent. Whatever Ciel had been fighting for was lost - he had lost the one most important thing - his soul.

    Assassin's Creed 3 - Desmond's Death when you realised you're f**ked either way...

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Lucy's Death Being forced to murder your love interest was pretty heartbreaking.

    Naruto - Sasuke vs Itachi Brother against brother. A 400 episode long feud. Not only that, we get some plot points about Madara as well, that's a plus.

    Kimi No Na Wa - Taki and Mitsuha reunited Bittwersweet endings. Ahh...

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