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So I've seen some mixed opinions on Selina's unmasked model. I personally much prefer the season 1 version of her unmasked. Her face looks much more full in S1. Her new model makes her arms and face look too thin. However I think she looks great as Catwoman. I'm hoping Telltale edits her unmasked model between episodes so it can look more like her.

What's your opinion?


  • I like and prefer her new look.

  • I prefer this look a lot more, old one wasn't very Catwoman-ish, not as seductive as she should be, in this one she looks way more agile and "femme fatale"

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    I'll agree with the comments above -- I like Selina's new model. It caught me off-guard for a bit, but I got used to it. It wouldn't make sense for Telltale to change her model in-between episodes, unless it's a minor hairstyle change that may or may not alter some people's opinions.

  • I do like her new look, and prefer it over the previous model. Not only do I think it lends itself to the agile femme-fatale look suggested by Kaelthas, but also gives her more vulnerability in wounded states.

  • Her new look is way more better and it's more aesthetic, I'm glad they remodelled her, the new look really fits her as a beautiful cat and a deadly one, it literally makes me salivate (from my mouth u know... not something else XDD) on my keyboard when she is unmasked <3 .

  • I like her new model, she looks more exotic/Cat-like.

  • I like her new model, she looks more exotic/Cat-like.

  • At first I thought it looked odd. But after going back to season 1 and playing through that again, I really got to compare them both. Her new model is very fresh looking and it grew on me.

  • Well I don't like the new model, and I agree that Her face looks too thin, especially when You focus on the jawline and chin.

    Although, on the other hand, I have replayed the game today, I wanted to check one of the choices, in which I went pro-Selina before [I am trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, just in case]. And in this scene the lights were different and She didn't look so off... Still preferred the season 1 model though.

  • I just think its a weird change. This isnt like Kenny/Jane where the models were just completely shit and you could tell almost no effort was put into them. Selina's new model is good, but I just dont understand why they changed the consistency. Everyone in this game generally looks the same, I mean even Selina in the Catwoman model looks the same as season 1, which is probably what bothers me most, season 2 catwoman's face and head shape doesnt match Season 2 Selina's head. Again, it isnt a bad model at all, I just find the change to be super weird and considering no one else went through a big change, it just sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

  • I hate to say this but she looks more... white?

    I'm not a fan of the new model. She's practically unrecognisable. Her face shape, eyebrows, chin, and nose are all different. I can understand her hair being longer, but now it doesn't make sense with the hair that sticks out the front of her cap while in costume.

    A little while ago I said that they should change Snow White's model in TWAU Season 2 to resemble her comic appearance more, but I take that back now.

  • As others have mentioned, I prefer her new model too. This face makes her look pampered, looking like Bruce’s potential Sister. Her S1 model was definitely more ‘rough’ and really showed her life of crime.

    But overall, I’m not seeing differences in the thickness of her arms. Her new model definitely looks better and more agile. Seductive too. As Catwoman should be.

  • Oh God please don't say she looks like Bruce's sister LMAO. I ship them together!

    ScootyZ posted: »

    As others have mentioned, I prefer her new model too. This face makes her look pampered, looking like Bruce’s potential Sister. Her S1 model

  • Yeah I agree. Doubt I'll get used to the new model. I really miss her Season 1 look.

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    I hate to say this but she looks more... white? I'm not a fan of the new model. She's practically unrecognisable. Her face shape, eyebrow

  • Yeah I did not really like her new model it just doesn’t feel like Selina. Although I love her Catwoman model.

  • I think the new model is leagues above the old one tbh

  • I really like her new model. Her season 1 model was still pretty decent, but this one is definitely an improvement.

  • It is slightly jarring compared to the other character models. I have generally found all of the original characters recognizable and generally considered them an upgrade.

  • To me it feels like when they change actress in the movie!

  • I like her new model. Sure, if you look past the fact that her face shape has changed a bit, she isn't really that different.

  • I was kind of upset about the model change as well tbh. I'm hoping that I'll get used to it as the season continues. But i really did prefer her S1 model. She looks a little too different.

  • Still rather the old one. The new one is fine, but it feels too drastic. Bruce, Gordon, Montoya and them all look updated, meaning they still feel like their Season 1 models with more to it. Selina's is completely redone and feels almost nothing like her Season 1 model. The model I was extremely used to.

    It's the equivalent of changing a well known actress between seasons. It's gonna feel awkward.

  • I feel like all of the model changes have been drastic improvements. For example Alfred had a weird rat-like face in s1, but in s2 he looks exactly how he should. Same with Selina, her s1 model doesn't have much definition and looks baby-faced, while s2 she has angled features and looks much more like a beautiful woman.

  • "The only true Catwoman is Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt."

    I'm okay with it just because of the '66 Batman.
    Meanwhile, the designer and whomever rubber stamped it, is reading this, thinking, "yeah, that's totally why we did it!".

  • The problem I have is the body shape. To me, her body looks like a barbie doll. Otherwise I have no problem.

    And when I'm at it, I could praise telltale for the updated models for John and Bruce. As well as Alfred, who looked like a melting rat in Season 1, and Gordon for his godlike Stache.

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